Music Theory Online – What Should You Know?5 min read

Music Sep 24, 2021
Music Theory Online



Music Theory Online – What Should You Know?5 min read

Are you planning to get back to music? Then this is the right time to do it. The best way is taking an online course on the basic theory of Music and creating your signature in the Music Industry! This is the right time. Now if you are new to a MUSIC THEORY course, here is everything you need to know about it.

Music theory lessons are great for musicians who want to improve their skills and knowledge of sheet music. Getting into music theory can greatly affect your appreciation for music and help you become a better part of the music industry. It is also helpful for anyone who wants to work in the music industry, as it will give them greater control over their music. But the Pandemic hit us so badly that our lives had a drastic change. Thus came the Online platform as a blessing in disguise.

Today, there are a variety of online music theory courses that will help you get the most out of them. These courses will teach you in an incredibly unique way. There are many advantages to having music theory lessons online. Are these online courses better than going to a traditional school for music theory? Here is your perfect guide to everything you need to know about an online Music Theory session if you are planning to explore and make use of every second this Pandemic provides.

Before getting there, Let’s get to know about Music Theory a bit:

Music theory is a broad study of the various aspects of music. It focuses on describing how musicians make music, as well as various other topics. Music theory is a practical discipline that draws on the various concepts and methods utilized by musicians in creating music too. It can help you understand how music is arranged and notated. Music theory helps musicians communicate with each other. So that’s why you should learn Music Theory.

Why study Music Theory?

Music theory is a broad and complex subject. By learning Music Theory, you will be able to sing and play simple chords and key signatures. Learning basic music theory will help you develop a deeper understanding of music. Most students start with understanding the basics of music before exploring advanced concepts. This will also help you break through creative blocks and make informed composition decisions. Wow! Isn’t that mind-blowing?

Learning it Physically

Some students prefer the structure and personal interaction of a traditional classroom. They benefit from having the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their ideas with other students.
Aside from being able to improve one’s skills, music schools also have facilities that cater to musicians. Full-featured recording studios and production stages. Full audio and video recording capabilities in the Concert Hall. Access to multiple performance and recording studios. Now that the possibilities are low, why not move to the virtual platform and grasp all the basics and move on with your dreams??

Learning it Virtually

Online learning for music theory is becoming more popular nowadays. The ability to study from home or in a variety of different formats is what attracts people to learn Music Theory Online.

How can a Virtual space aid a budding Musician in learning Music Theory?

  • With online lessons, students can watch their lessons, pause them, or start them over the next day.
  • Another advantage of this method is that it allows students to set their own pace.
  • Getting music lessons can be expensive. The base price includes everything that’s needed for a 30-minute lesson, as well as sheet music and music theory. Some lessons are also billed on a schedule. All of that is gone when you take online lessons. Most of the time, the price covers all of the materials that are used in the lessons.
  • Being able to teach in a comfortable environment is very important for kids. Being able to do so in the comfort of home is also beneficial for parents.
  • There are many websites that offer music theory online. Music theory lessons can be found on YouTube.
  • Instead of being presented in a textbook, these videos and websites are presented in an eye-catching manner. This means students may not feel like they’re learning anything.

The world is inculcating change and hence such amazing opportunities are born. So why not make use of it and get the maximum of it? There are vast possibilities today that in a way make it difficult to choose a relevant and authentic Online Music Theory Course.

A relevant Online Music Theory course should provide

Online learning should be as comprehensive as face-to-face training. Students should not be taken away from their comfort zone and should be provided with the most accurate and up-to-date resources.
A basic music theory guide shows students how to use fundamental concepts to understand and create music such as:

  1. Basic overview of music theory
  2. Scales, keys, and intervals
  3. Rhythm and meter
  4. Chords, triads, and harmony

In short, musical theory should not be a set of rules or guidelines you must follow. It’s only a tool to help you understand and explain how music works. It should introduce the various elements of music theory, including the various types of notes and their partials, the difference between chord and harmony, and more. Students should also learn how to create major and minor scales using the diatonic set and gradually enable you to create any desired music.

Before we conclude, although online music lessons are not for everyone, they can be a great option for students who are too busy or live far away from a good instructor. Online lessons are also more effective than traditional ones due to their ability to improve student motivation. This is because they give the student complete control over their learning style and actions.
Now you can dive into the internet and find the most relevant course and benefit from it.


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