Using Mini – Offices in Your Home School5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Using Mini - Offices in Your Home School



Using Mini – Offices in Your Home School5 min read

Mini offices can be a great addition when homeschooling your kids. They are compact and make up an excellent way of learning for your children. It is strange that many parents and teachers do not yet know about this magical and unique way of studying and making your child’s subjects more interesting. These offices are quite helpful for a child who is being homeschooled or is studying over a dining table with other siblings. These mini offices make the study more personal and help the child avoid distractions as well. Mini offices have been in vogue for a long while now and here is everything you need to know about these lapbooks and how to create them.

What are Mini – Offices?

Mini Offices are just like an application of a flap book which can be made keeping in mind the curriculum that is being taught. A mini office is so much more than just a lapbook. It is a study resource that can help to make information handier for the children. Mini offices or lapbooks may include maps, pictures, information, notes, reference charts, resources and helpful tips that can be used when a child studies. They carry a lot of information and make it easy for the child to remember and recall it. So if you are not too old school and want to try innovative ways to help your kid with his/her studies then there could be no better way than making a mini-office. The best thing is that they are not just functional and easy to use but easy to make as well.

How to create a Mini – Office?

Mini – Offices can be created with ease. Your child can create a Mini – Office on their own without any hassle.

These are the materials required to create a Mini – Office:

  • Two or more files and folders
  • Scissors
  • Glue/ tape/ stapler
  • Printables

Steps you can follow to create an excellent Mini-Office

  1. Take the two folders and place them in such a way that the right side of the first folder lies just above the left side of the second folder. This step will create three different sections for the user to paste their study material.
  2. You can paste the folders with the help of a stapler or tape. This step will keep them intact in their places.
  3. Once they are solid in their places then you can trim the extra edges and tabs from the area where the two folders are overlapping each other. This step will make the edges clean and equal and it will also help the Mini – Office to close flat and plain.
  4. When you have prepared the base for the Mini – Office then add pictures, notes, reference charts, resources and information for a particular subject. You can create several Mini – Offices for different subjects with just a few steps.

You can make language mini-offices, Math Mini – Offices and much more with the same steps. Each subject can have a mini-office of its own. For example, if you’re making a math mini-office for your kid then you can add tables, number charts, multiplication and addition tables, months, days, time charts and much more. For a language mini – office you can use classification charts, colors, words, definitions, word meanings and much more. For older kids, the charts can be more complex like a math chart would include area and perimeter formulas, mathematical operations and much more. And a language chart might include information about the books, resources, more complex definitions, word meanings and so on.

There are several online websites from where you can get great material for your mini-offices. You can also use Google images to find the best printable materials for the offices of various subjects. Your child can prepare his/her own office and use the study material that they find important. It is easy to create the mini – office and in no time you can get quite an informative mini – office for your reference with ease.

Mini-offices can work as excellent study material for your child who is being homeschooled. There are several types of mini – offices and they can work to improve your child’s interest in studies and remove his/her distractions as well. So, if you’re looking for an innovative way to make your kids’ study more intriguing then there could be no better way than a mini-office. You can easily make it on your own or buy it as well. There are several websites that offer resources for making mini – offices so quit waiting and make your own mini-office now!


Mini-offices are like lap books that carry information and have specific study material for your children. The mini offices are like charts which have different sections and can store information, have pictures, maps, resources and much more. A kid who is being homeschooled benefits a lot from the mini-offices as they make up an excellent source for relevant knowledge and help the student avoid distractions as well. Homeschooling without mini-offices is incomplete and thus they are highly recommended when you plan to homeschool your child. Mini offices can be easily made at the home itself. They are compact and easy to make and a child can create his/her own mini-office for different subjects with just a few easy steps. All you need is a few folders, a pair of scissors and glue and you are good to go. You and your child can both create a mini-office for various subjects with a few easy steps. Mini – offices can indeed be a great addition to your child’s study. They are easy to create and can carry a lot of information. This knowledge can come in handy whenever your child wants to study a particular subject. So try this amazing and unique thing of study and make your child’s learning easy in no time.


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