Top 6 Study Tips for Middle School and High School Students4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Top 6 Study Tips for Middle School and High School Students:



Top 6 Study Tips for Middle School and High School Students4 min read


The middle school and high school phases can sometimes be very stressful for the kids. One of the greatest challenges that the students of these age groups face is the development of study skills and how to utilize them to the maximum to live a happy independent life. When the child reaches middle school, he realizes the importance of cultivating sharp study skills or let us say good learning skills.

You may start by finding a good study place for your children. It generally happens with children that they are more comfortable studying at any specific place in the house like a distinct room or any other such similar spot. Help your kids find their favorite spot so that they can learn and grow more in the field of aptitude learning. Have you ever tried studying in the garden? According to me, it can be a very good option to proceed with. Suggest your children the same and let them try this too.

The Three Characteristics Of A Good Study Spot

  1. Lighting should be in ample amounts.
  2. The kid should have ample space to do their work comfortably.
  3. The desk and the chair should be comfortable for the kid to sit and study. Also, the desk should have all the mandatory stationery items that will be required by the student for studying purposes. For Example, a pen and a notebook.

How to be smart in school without studying?

Kids can start by playing brain games or become smarter than others by effectively managing and utilizing time. If the kids want to score good marks they need to learn and revise the topics daily. They also need to get a proper diet and should do some physical exercises on a daily basis. These physical activities keep the body as well as the brain active. The kids should try attending all the classes regularly which helps in clearing their basic concepts.

Steps and strategies of studying lessons in preparation for a quiz

The kids should develop a habit of giving a test only when they have practiced the subject well. They should start their preparation by making study notes and marking out all the important topics and revising them repeatedly. The students should cut every possible distraction they face and try staying as focused as possible. Also, the students should never ignore the easy topics because, in the end, these are what we see the most in our question paper.

Go forward with helping the kids in setting up the mood for the children. You can suggest to them to listen to good music. It helps kids in refreshing up. Students should also realize the importance of time management and how effectively they can perform with good time management skills.

6 Study Tips For Study And Homework For Middle School students

  • The most important part is when the kid is studying, you must ask them to focus on the topics they are currently learning. You can ask them to keep their phones away and take them back once they are finished with their chapter.
  • Keep the study area neat and tidy. If the area of study is clean the kids will love to study, and it can also be called healthy exploring. Working or studying in untidy places ruins the productivity of kids.
  • Checklists enable the child to cover the topics and study effectively and in a systematic way. This way they can keep a track of the syllabus covered in a week. Hence all they need to do is to have a planner and they can come and report to you every 10 days about the topics they covered and learned.
  • You can practice regular sittings with the child to keep a regular check on how he or she is proceeding with different subjects. Parents can check their kid’s work and ask them to revise the study material of yesterday and teach or guide their kids on what they need to study for tomorrow.
  • You can talk to your friends about the assignments and other common subjects to get an idea about how they are thinking to work on them. This will help in enhancing their skills further and getting a better idea about any subject. Homeschooling can be fun when your friends are also doing the same thing.
  • The last point I would love to mention is that never wait until the last minute as it can be very tough for you and your kids too. If you have assigned them a topic let them finish it first, you can take your kids to grandpa after that. Don’t keep in mind that they can do it later cause that time will never come, and it can disturb the whole timetable.


I hope these tips will be very beneficial for you as well as your child for improving their learning skills. And, in future, they can utilize these learned tricks to enhance their efficiency, maybe during their college days.


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