Meditation for Kids : The Cure of Every Problem7 min read

Child Development Aug 19, 2021
Benefits of Meditation for kids



Meditation for Kids : The Cure of Every Problem7 min read

You must have heard that meditation is a must for every adult. You must have heard about the various benefits of meditation. But do you know that it is also highly recommended for kids? Have you ever told your child to practice meditation? Meditation is the mental training where we get calmer, and our mind stays at peace. Children also require mental peace and harmony; therefore, the parents should motivate their children to perform meditation. Meditation not only provides mental stability but also increases concentration and develops stable minds.

Furthermore, there are endless benefits of meditation among kids. Today we will learn everything about why meditation is important for kids. So if you want your child to grow both mentally and physically, come along with us to read till the very end.

What is Meditation?

Meditation, in simple words, is a technique where we provide some peace and harmony to our minds. Children also perform meditation to built personality and their skill to focus better. By practicing regular meditation, our mind helps us get rid of any stress and relaxes our brain and mind and gives us solace. Children usually face anger and frustration problems as they cannot explain their problems adequately.

Therefore meditation is the best method to calm down their mind. Some key things about meditation which parents must know are: Meditation has been practiced since centuries now and has helped people to get out of incurable diseases- both physical and mental.

Hindus, Buddhists, Islam, Christians, and other famous religions recommend meditative practices to children who face anger issues.

Meditation is not solely performed due to spiritual beliefs rather it is an inner practice to bring relaxation to one’s mind and soul.
Currently, there are two main types of meditation- Concentrative Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation. Moreover, for a child, meditation means sitting and relaxing their mind in one place. Now you know everything about meditation so let us know about the benefits and ways how to perform meditation?

How can Kids Practice Meditation?

Practicing meditation does not have any specific way. However, kids can follow the following ways:

Quiet Spot

Firstly, the place for meditation must be free from distractions and loud sounds. Children usually get distracted by mobile phones and televisions. Therefore, parents should turn off every such distraction. You can also use quiet instrumental music to provide more peace to the mind of a child.

Time Limit

If your child is a beginner, you can set the timings as 3 to 5 minutes. Since children cannot sit at a place for too long so making them sit for more than 5 minutes will result in them being distracted. Therefore, you can increase the timings slowly and gradually.

Providing Comfort

The most important thing is sitting in a comfortable position. For example, a sitting position with a crossed leg on the floor is the best position for meditation. Thus, motivate your child to use this position when they sit down to meditate.


Now, the next thing is to tell your child to focus on breathing. Although we have been breathing since our birth during meditation, one must know the right way of breathing. Tell your child to take deep breaths and expand their belly. Exhaling the breath should be slow and silent. Moreover, youngsters need to pay attention to how every breath feels. This will help in taking complete benefit of the meditation.


Have you ever noticed that over a million thoughts cross our minds each day- so many of which are useless and give us stress for no reason. Meditation helps you to notice your thoughts and only keep the which help us grow as a person. We advise you to educate your child about the same. Ask your youngster to analyze every little thought that comes in their minds and whether they are useful. As a beginner you can help your child to use these methods to perform mediation. Now let us know of the various benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has endless benefits. Here are some of them:

Proper Breathing

As mentioned above, meditation helps your child to notice and feel their breath. Further, when a child practices meditation, it helps them to focus on technique to inhale and exhale. This helps in improving the overall functioning of the body. On the other hand, the child also learns the correct way of breathing, which impacts the whole body.

Enhances Self-Awareness

Science has proved that when children do meditation, they develop a strong understanding of themselves. This helps in growing their mind and soul. Moreover, meditation allows the children to spare time for themselves, which is utilized in analyzing every thought. For example, meditation help your child to develop a greater understanding of themselves and how can they relate to the people around them.

The idea of meditation is to construct self-awareness among children. In a recent study, it has been proved that children who perform meditation have reduced loneliness and have better social skills. Practicing meditation aims at giving problem-solving skills to your child.

Fighting Addictions

Children usually lack mental discipline, and easily get distracted. These distractions thereafter lead to heavy destructions. However, children who perform meditation don’t get influenced that easily and know what’s actually right for them. Meditation helps them to manage their emotions, and they do not get distracted easily. Furthermore, when a child sits at a particular place for a specific time, it helps them build their concentration. Thus, this helps them in focusing more on productive things in life.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress Level

Most children face anger and frustration issues. Parents complain about the agitated nature of their kids. Meditation is the best cure for the problem of stress and anxiety in children. It cools down their minds and helps them to focus more on a particular task. Therefore, children learn meditation; they develop better focusing power.

Additionally, meditation works on everything, whether it is mind, soul or body. When children practice meditation, they focus more on their minds, which helps them increase concentration, improve the immune system, and get better sleep. Moreover, when a child gets proper rest, it reduces stress and anxiety level. Thus, every parent should encourage their children to practice meditation for better physical and mental health.

Helps Manage Pain

Your child’s pain bearing power is related to your state of mind, and it can be improved in stressful conditions. In addition, some studies suggest that incorporating meditation into your child’s routine can be an advantageous for controlling pain. Meditation increases their pain bearing capacity, enhances their perspective towards life, and reduces signs of despair in children with persistent pain. Thus, every parent must inspire their child to practice meditation.

More Emotional Control

It has been proved in some studies that meditation results in more emotional control among children. Breathing techniques help the child in controlling negative and positive emotions. Children can also control their heartbeats and tension when they perform regular meditation. In addition, children who practice meditation are emotionally intense, happy and understanding. They develop themselves and can quickly adapt to changing surroundings. Moreover, regular meditation has many positive aspects on the emotional and decision-making skills of children. Thus, every parent must encourage their child to meditate.

These are the positive aspects of performing meditation. However, all in all, meditation has some neurological and physiological benefits too. Thus, parents should meditate on their children to maintain a happy and peaceful life.


The bottom line is meditation is the solution to your youngsters’ problems. Encourage them to practice meditative exercises if you do not want them to suffer. Children have better personalities and more skills when they start performing meditation regularly. The advantages such as no stress and no anger issues are cherry on the cake. So practicing meditation is an actual cure.



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