How To Make A Paper Collage?4 min read

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How To Make A Paper Collage?4 min read

When we talk about the most fun activities in art and craft, one cannot miss paper collage. Paper collage is not just easy, but it looks extravagant. However, making a paper collage is simple as there are no rules or any specifications. Moreover, kids also love to make their paper collage due to their straightforwardness. The materials required for making paper collage are also available in our house as most of us have piles of paper stock which is a waste. So get ready to make your kid indulge in a fun and productive activity again. This time, the best part is this is the most fun and probably the most accessible craft activity that your child will love. You do not need to cut paper in any shape and size. You can cut it into any size and even ask your child to make fun designs. Let us begin to know how we can make a paper collage so ask your child to assist you in this productive activity and see how their skills grow.

Drawing Guide

Grab a stack of paper scraps, a pad of coordinating paper, or something you hand. Pull out 3-8 sheets of distinct paper designs. It can be solid, patterned, or I like the double-sided paper’s okay because it is notably effortless to see them coordinate with each other.

The key to a suitable collage is making your designs sense blissful together. That’s going to be a point of view all your own. Everyone likes distinct shades and one-of-a-kind looks, so what you love is uniquely your own. Go with it.

Materials You Need

  • A Variety of paper: Different designs of paper will make the collage overall beautiful. Also, kids might find it more accessible as they don’t need to find any specific paper to perform this activity. Thus, using any paper will be a compelling idea.
  • Glue (use warm glue): Although you can use any glue, it is pasting the paper. However, using hot glue will be better as it gives us better results and passes the paper in a better way.
  • Scissors (optional): Scissors are optional as paper can be torn with hands as well. However, scissors give a better finishing which adds more beauty to the collage. So using scissors is up to you and your kid’s comfort.

How to Draw?

  1. First, to create your paper collage, you want a location or something to put it on. Then, get a canvas board or, even simpler, a sheet of wood.
  2. You cannot create a paper collage besides having something to make. Pick any photo or picture that you like and base it off on that. It ought to be whatever (an animal, nature, etc.)
  3. To switch your picture to your canvas/board, the fantastic method is the grid method. You draw a grid on each photograph and canvas using your ruler and pen/pencil/marker.
  4. Now that your grid is on each of your photos and canvas, it is time for you to switch that photo onto your canvas. Again, using your pencil, reproduce something that is in a positive container on the grid of your photograph into the identical field on the grid on your canvas. This offers the image on the canvas a nearly identical switch from the unique picture.
  5. Now that your photo is on your canvas use paint, coloring pencils, or virtually write the title of the hues in their preferred areas. This makes it less challenging to organize the colorations with the paper later on.
  6. You now want to get some paper (preferably journal paper). Find pages out of magazines that fit the colorations you are using and tear them up into small pieces. (This is where the scissors are non-obligatory, relying on how you desire your collage to come out. The scissors might also make a cleaner reduction; however, you may additionally decide upon the difficulty of tearing the paper via hand.)
  7. Using a paintbrush, gently unfold layers of glue on your canvas. This is the only way your portions of paper will stick to your canvas.
  8. When your canvas is nonetheless wet with glue, vicinity the portions of paper in their preferred locations (by dimension and through color). Then, continue to unfold glue on your canvas and location portions of paper in their favored locations (steps 7 & 8).
  9. When completed setting your paper on your canvas and you have gotten your favored look, unfold one closing layer onto your piece. This flattens any bumpy or rising portions of paper and makes it seem smoother. Then, please wait for it to dry, cling to your masterpiece.

So these were some of the easy steps that you need to follow if you want to make a paper collage. Making a paper collage is simple and effective.

Final Words

Most collage craft activities teach kids how to make an easy paper collage. However, do you know making a paper collage helps your kid to grow in many ways? Firstly, their creativity amplifies, and they work better in other craft activities also. Next, kids usually grow their motor skills by indulging in these craft activities. Overall, there is an overall growth of a kid that assists them in their whole life. Therefore help your child to make paper collages and also spend quality time with them.


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