How to Make a Book Page Garland?3 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



How to Make a Book Page Garland?3 min read

Do you have a few old torn and tattered books that are no good for reading anymore but they’re too precious to throw away?

Are you interested in reusing these books creatively?

Or do you just need a nice little fun project for a gloomy day?

Whatever your reason for reusing old books is, we have just the thing for you! This easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a book page garland is perfect if you’ve been looking to reuse old books or even decorate your mini house parties with something cute and handmade.

This is a super simple, inexpensive and interesting way to repurpose old books!

Make a Book Page Garland

If you are a booklover who could never bear to tear up a book to pieces for an art and craft project, don’t worry! We’re not asking you to do that!

But if you do have books and magazines lying around that have already been shredded either by your pet or your kids, you don’t have to feel guilty doing this activity.

This is a fun project that you could do with your kids when they complain about being bored. It’s something different and it will help to be a great bonding session for your kids and you.

What materials do you require to make a book page garland?

The materials that you require for this project are both easily available and affordable.

You will need the following supplies to make your book page garland

  • An old and worn-out book that you wouldn’t mind cutting up
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Decorative materials (if you want to make it pretty)

(Note that your garland will vary in size and appearance based on the size of your book)

And that’s about it! Not much, huh?

Let’s start making our book page garland!

How to make a book page garland?

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to make a book page garland:

Step 1: Start by pulling the cover and binding off your book.

Step 2: Now you will have to crumple all the pages of the book. This will help to give it that rusty, rumpled look when it is finished. You could also decorate your pages with stamps, glitter and anything else if you like.

Step 3: Next, fold each page in half. Try to make sure you’re not folding all the pages the same and don’t worry about them being perfect. In fact, the less perfect they are the better!

Step 4: Now use your hole punch to punch holes in your pages (about an inch from the folds).

Step 5: Cut a piece of twine to the length that you want your garland to be. Next, tie a knot at one end and leave about 12 inches for hanging.

Step 6: String your pages onto the piece of twine.

Step 7: Now that all your pieces are hanging on the twine, go ahead and give them some turns here and there. You can fluff them out a bit so they all don’t look like they’re perfectly in line.

Step 8: Now tie a big knot at the end of the twine leaving 12 inches on the end to use for hanging.

Step 9: Just pick a spot to drape your pretty garland and let everyone admire it!
That was actually pretty easy, wasn’t it?


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