How to make Valentine’s Day Slime?2 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 22, 2021
How to make Valentine's Day Slime



How to make Valentine’s Day Slime?2 min read


Making slime on Valentine’s Day can be fun. But have you ever tried the Slime Recipe? If not, then let me help you to prepare one. It will not only help the kids to have a good day but also the parents. Children usually like to play with glitter slime, and if it is equipped at home, it increases the slime’s quality and time.


1. A Glass Bowl.
2. A Stick.
3. Glitter.
4. Soap
5. Lastly, Cornstarch


The slime which we are going to make is Borax-Free Slime. If a question arises in your mind, is borax safe? Then let me tell you, it is used to kill insects, but if a person has susceptible skin, you have to make the slime without borax. So to make it, first, we have to add ¾ of cornstarch into a bowl with glitter. The second step includes ½ cup of soap into the bowl. Then, start mixing the whole stuff properly. After that, the slime will begin to come out from the mixture. All you have to do is mash it with your hands to get an acceptable shape of the borax-free slime. If the slime is non-sticky, then you should know that your slime has been made. After the children play with the slime, the better option is to store it in a tight container; otherwise, it will dry out. The primary precaution you have to do is not to let the children have slime in their mouths.

Safety Measures

1. Only adults should be allowed to make the slime. Kids must make it in front of their parents. Slime is, however, dangerous as it is a chemical reaction.

2. If a person doesn’t know about the proper ingredients of slime, then it’s better not to try it, especially in front of your kids. Hence, it can be harmful.

3. Before making the slime, read the instructions carefully and check if you are taking the right ingredients.

4. Never try to eat the slime. If your kids love to make slimes, it’s good to share this recipe with them as it is safe, and kids can quickly learn it.

5. Tell your kids to wash their hands after they have played with slime.

Final Words

For an excellent Valentine’s, this is the best recipe for the kids to have. You can let them play with it all day, and the memorable part will be making slime for your kids. All you have to do is keep in mind the safety measures I have mentioned above, which will bring joy to your Valentine, and the kids will learn the recipe of the Valentine’s Slime.


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