5 Simple Ways to Make Homeschool Curriculum Work for You4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
5 Simple Ways to Make Homeschool Curriculum Work for You



5 Simple Ways to Make Homeschool Curriculum Work for You4 min read

Holidays are so excited to learn and a chance to change for new. But it has also burned us out in a manner that seems worthless sometimes because of sticking to a curriculum that isn’t working or not fruitful enough according to the way you have been looking forward.

You can easily be trapped into the web of the same non-working homeschool curriculum. Change your schedule in mid-year, especially for the ongoing curriculum which is not working for you, and why you don’t try a change when something is wasting your precious time.

Despite the availability of thousands of curriculum varieties to opt for, there is no perfect curriculum that fulfills the needs of every homeschooling family. Therefore, do not seek the perfect course; choose the ones which make more sense, best, and make it work for you.

Knowing the tips given here can help to make the homeschool curriculum sculpturing for you

1: Use What Works and Toss What Doesn’t

History Odyssey is suitable for high school history. I savored the way texts were designed out, but analysis and writing projects were confounding for her dyslexic mind.

We often choose the part of our curriculum that worked for us and leave the rest which doesn’t work.
Furthermore, this conceded us to focus on the text’s assertions without letting them become a cause of impediment. Therefore, the assignments you’re likely to skip mostly writing assignments; you can do it using IEW, i.e., Institute for Excellence in Writing.

2: Use Curriculum as a Director

There could be a possibility that we need supervision in a particular subject. Like, we know what to cover, how, and when (kind of pre-planned list); however, this might be affected with the details of the curriculum lesson’s plans you introduced. No anxieties! If you think information goes for you, you can still use the curriculum as your guide by changing the teaching approach to the family.

For instance, you’re teaching physics to your child, plus you don’t want him to practice it, write it 10 times or chant it like an orison to learn it that day itself. However, you want him to understand its basics and logic; moreover, learn it with consistency; remember it for last. Henceforth, you can teach in the way of songs or the way your family is suitable with and understand the method you’re trying to change. Then, you can choose the curriculum given in the physics book to teach effectively. So, you want him to know the logic behind gravity; you can quickly go with a practical approach.

3: Don’t Do Each Section of Every Assignment

Do not forget you’re not only a teacher; you’re parents as well. So please don’t make it like you need to write the tables 10 times on each page. It is neither practical nor a working method.
I remember a part of my home-schooling curriculum; I solved a math question in a burden way. I never liked those questions. That’s why I mostly have time to skip it or procrastinate. I thanked God that it didn’t stay long with me.

Solving a tremendous number of questions brings clarity to you, but solving the problems of the same concept makes it dull if it’s not an exciting concept or a new concept to the kids. If they were struggling, I would go over the other half of the problems as extra practice.

4: Transform the Curriculum to Engage Your Child’s Learning Needs

Well, just in case you have a curriculum with a lot of written work, it overwhelms your child. Then, you can do a few assignments orally with the kids. If the materials in the book aren’t enough for your kid, you can avail him with a supplement of the book. Furthermore, you may opt for research-based projects that help your kids learn how and why?

Often, the curriculum goes according to the basic needs, so all you need is to fit it with an appealing
twist; make sure that twist fits your family. With experiment only, you can
evaluate the graph of the approach you noted for and create your unique
curriculum. Hustling, then check out the website of simple modifications to deliver your curriculum into the work that satisfies the needs.

5: Address It More Interactive

It isn’t messy to add activities to most homeschool curriculum. We can:

  • Add in a plan.
  • Make an edible model.
  • Develop a model.
  • Present in a puppet show.
  • Convene a presentation for Dad
  • Write the solutions to the math worksheet on a sheet of paper.
  • Divide the paper with the answers on the page with problems into squares, then ask your child to match the following.
  • Transform the assignment into a bingo or board game.

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