7 Revealing Signs You’ve Been Homeschooling Too Long5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
7 Revealing Signs You’ve Been Homeschooling Too Long



7 Revealing Signs You’ve Been Homeschooling Too Long5 min read

Homeschooling For Too Long?

Are your parents overprotective? Do you feel that you are not able to make good decisions like the kids from regular schools? Do you trust people very easily? These can be sure short the confirm signs that you are homeschooling too long.

Most parents believe that the school’s syllabus and approach to education were not in sync with their ideals. For example, there was a non-inclusive culture for parent-teacher interactions and no clarity on fundamental safety issues.

Thus, they homeschool their children. They also believe that their children will be safe from being bullied or getting under peer pressure. In addition, the student will have their own pace of learning, and parents will be able to spend more time with their children.

But every coin has a flip side, there are horrifying symptoms of getting dependent on homeschool custom, and it may also sometimes affect in the opposite direction.

There are many symptoms that you can observe from a student who is habitual of Homeschooling and is practicing it for too long

  1. A student enjoys their company at home and is very comfortable within the four walls. They don’t spend much time outside, and they don’t feel like doing so. It can not only affect their academics but also their mental, social, and physical health.
  2. Children become more sluggish and slow in actions and decisions; they are not coping with the pace of children studying from a public school. Moreover, when they get a home-like environment, their focus on studies or their work hinders easily. They are easily distracted.
  3. Children belonging to Homeschooling have a plus point that they are not under any peer pressure from academics. Still, they are being saved from habitual undertaking pressure or responsibilities that are healthy for their academic and physical goals. Parents believe that their children are safe at home, but if not managed efficiently, it may work the other side. Children don’t have the independence and the ability to make efficient decisions. They depend on their parents for this. Hence, it may have adverse effects on the mental abilities of the child.
  4. Parents believe that they would be able to make a better bond with their children in the homeschool system. And so, they can make a good connection with their ward. But with time, they become overprotective. Children don’t know how to get out of their comfort zone; become very productive at things; however, most of the time, they are away from their surroundings, and they don’t have much knowledge or information about the outside world. Thus, sitting at home for too long may make you too observative and may randomly point out things like a kid, which may seem weird and irritating at times. Therefore, they are most of the time spoon-fed rather than allowing them to come outside their comfort zone.
  5. Such children usually grow as introverts or socially awkward because they are not habitually of general conversation with people other than their family or neighborhood.

Thus, they cannot make good communication with a random person or with people in their room. Humans are social beings, and if not exposed to their surroundings, it may lead to several diseases.

They don’t have a good knowledge of the society around them. They find it difficult to find friends but are good at maintaining friendships because they can make other people comfortable in their presence. They give a homely and friendly environment to them, which people may like.

  1. Parents may sometimes seem dysfunctional to you because you are the whole sore responsibly of theirs, and you are not the only one; they have other responsibilities like at their job, home, or business. Thus, they may get under enormous pressure and yell at you for even small things because it becomes hard for them to handle such stressful responsibilities for too long.
  2. The very intuitive sign of over Homeschooling is that you become very kind-hearted and trust people very quickly. They don’t judge or evaluate other people before making any decision. In such scenarios, students may get threatened or get tricked. It is mainly because they are not exposed to the outside world and have good knowledge of the pros and cons of society. As said earlier, they can’t make good decisions based on facts and figures.
  3. These children are slow with students from regular school because they maintain their own pace in their studies. They don’t have much pressure on them for grades, but they may seriously need great motivation to study if they don’t like studies. Because they are not bound, like they have poor commitments to their daily routines, they are not serious with their studies. However, it depends on parents how they teach their children or how they behave with them. But such students are unable to outperform a competition because they were never habitual to undertaking stress or responsibility.

Not all symptoms are bad about Homeschooling; children become exceptionally productive and become very good with their relationships with others. Thus, they develop some skills that are genuinely needed in a domestic environment. But only this is not enough. One needs to discover many different aspects of one’s behavior, and that is not possible only by sitting at home most of the time. Undoubtedly,

Homeschooling makes studies more relaxing and self-paced, but a child may not know that they are lagging behind their curriculum until they interact with other students. Thus, from the above facts, we can say that Homeschooling is not an effective way to develop one’s personality and behavior.


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