Things to consider when you start learning piano5 min read

Music Aug 14, 2021
Piano for beginners



Things to consider when you start learning piano5 min read

Ever wondered about something which has keys and you can listen to the beauty it unlocks? Yes, it’s a piano! Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just play all the songs that you love. Want to learn piano but don’t know where to start? it may seem difficult, but it’s so much more simpler than you think it is. The most important thing you need to learn is the names of the lines and spaces on the musical keys, understand note values, and then discover how to synchronize symbols on the keyboard. Then, all you need is just practice.

It is just a matter of interest whether you want to casually play the piano at a party or tickle the key like a professional in a family function, developing your synchrony with the ever-musical-piano is the first step.

Piano for beginners

As a beginner, it is strongly advised to have a proper set of instructions as well as proper guidance of the piano lessons. Learning how to start as a beginner simply means learning what the symbols on the page are telling your hands to do. This includes knowing the names of the piano keys, the notes on the musical staff, and different musical symbols. But before you dive into the actual situation of playing piano, you’ll want to make sure how to get your hands on the piano chords as well as lessons.

Common mistakes to take care of

Making mistakes is the opportunity to begin again with greater concentration and passion. Whether you believe it or not, you’re going to make mistakes while you learn. A lot of them! But always remember that mistakes can turn out to be the best alternative to learn from your wrong doings. Ever heard a famous pianist, musician or a famous person talk about learning from their mistakes? They all talk about the mistakes they made but then end the sentence with “and I learnt my lesson from the mistakes and never made the same mistake again.” Listening to them, you get the impression that making mistakes is never a crime but not taking a lesson from them, is certainly one.
Be aware of your biases! One of the main reasons that we make repeated mistakes is that we subconsciously don’t focus on correcting them. But if we try to focus on them, nothing seems impossible !

A few pointers to ponder before getting into the real thing are as mentioned:

Your take-away from the piano lessons

From a more effective understanding than usual, you need to ask yourself as to what you really expect to get from the lessons? Is it something that you want to take forward with you in a professional direction, or is it something you want to incorporate as a hobby? Whatever your heart answers, will definitely give you a more clearer picture.

Patience and level of determination you exhibit

Learning a new skill isn’t that easy. Your determination and patience level are the factors which decide your fate. Ask yourself repeatedly- do the musical keys excite you? If your answer is yes, then no doubt with proper guidance and patience, you’ll ace the platform! But if your answer isn’t yes, you probably shouldn’t waste your time, effort as well as your money. Piano is a magical and intriguing instrument. It triggers a variety of emotional drives inside you. The keys really drive your passion and inspire you to nail the stage, in that case getting your hands on the board can prove to be beneficial as well as worth experimenting!

Motivation to drive you crazy!

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Every morning you have two choices- Either continue to sleep with your dreams or get up and chase them. As with everything that takes time and energy, there needs to be motivation. Based on your interest, consider whether learning piano is a solution to your challenge and what level of expertise you would consider successful.

Fix your time to devote on a regular basis

This is the biggest reason people don’t really take on the challenge of learning. They want to learn, they know how to do as well, but they procrastinate. The first question to ask yourself is if your time is being spent in line with your priorities. Then you need to determine if you are making the most of that time or not.

Gather as much knowledge about the lessons and chords as possible

Firstly, you should know what the chord actually is. A chord refers to any two notes played simultaneously. The most common type of chord used in piano is a triad. As from the name, it suggests that this is a three-note piano chord. Piano is all about alphabets, but here the alphabets don’t range from A-Z. Instead alphabets start from A-B-C-D-E-F-G. To build the triad, for many beginners, using more than one finger at a time in each hand is a thing to worry about. But with regular practice and concentration, eventually you’ll learn to tackle the chord. When you gather the basic range of chords, it’s time to have fun! You’ll get a solid understanding of the functions. So just learn plenty by simply sitting at the piano and get ready to make your own discoveries. Above all, have fun!

Now that you have the vision, trace out a plan for yourself. Think of all the possible perspectives as well as resources you have. How much time should you spend on learning. Revising what you are taught requires even more focus as well as time. Because at the end, it’s you who will incorporate all the perceived set of knowledge. With each lesson, your knowledge of the piano will grow and your synchrony with the board will develop automatically.



Once you have a good command on the chords and its lessons, the playing possibilities are endless! With enough time, patience, dedication and practice, you can develop into a well-skilled piano player. Obtaining a stable foundation on your notes and the keys will make your journey toward becoming a fine pianist an even more exciting and fun adventure.


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