Every Kid Should Run a Business5 min read

Child Development Nov 15, 2021
Every Kid Should Run a Business



Every Kid Should Run a Business5 min read

Most young people of Generation Z aspire to be entrepreneurs irrespective of delaying or skipping college to make their dream come true. So, if your child has those raw entrepreneur’s intelligence, too, then start helping them find their skills to be the best entrepreneur out there.

So, before proceeding with anything, ask yourself: do you like adventures, especially those which have a risk to your lives? You can call it a win or a dead situation. If you’re an adventurous person, trust me, this could help you in your business too. Because starting a business is all about a win or lose situation.
Don’t worry. You can ask your child this question or check for this skill in them.

As I mentioned Generation Z Entrepreneurs, you might be wondering what Generation Z or entrepreneurs are:

  • Generation Z or Gen Z is the newest generation born between 1997 and 2012; according to a U.S. report, they are current between 9 and 24 years old.
  • Entrepreneurs are the ones who make money by starting or running businesses, especially when this involves taking financial risks.

The Lesson of Business

We know that it’s simple to state that starting your own business teaches you a lot. But as simple as these statements sounds, in reality, it isn’t. Because chasing an interest, finding shorter ways always to target your aim, or making more money isn’t sufficient to start your business. You can say that these are not the only terms for business dictionaries.

Then, what does business teach us? Is launching a start-up promising you success after postponing your higher education, a heavy financial investment, or countless missed career possibilities?

The answer is that, yes, the trade-off is often worth it. First, however, it’s essential to have a proper perspective of just what you or your child are taking out from the business.

It’s not a world of fascination, although we believe fascination with facts is sometimes based on mentality like if this works out, this will be a success. But those who start and get familiar with reality soon start pushing back these kinds of mentality metaphors.

You don’t have to worry because this helps you train your child to be an entrepreneur.

It takes nothing for your child to run their own business if they have an interest or passion. Why? Because chasing an interest and working on them could build the best abilities. Let me tell you my business story as a kid. Before the pandemic, we used to get our long holidays like summer vacation. I relish baking cookies, and my mother suggested I run my own small business and earn something on my own from the part you like a lot and motivate yourself to take it far.

Therefore, I started using my vacations as my business tour, which helped me stay active for the entire year and enhanced my communicational skills. I contacted a few of my friends and asked them to suggest some recipes for cookies, cakes, etc. Then after every summer vacation, the order list got increased. And now, it has become a part of my life. Every parent looks forward to their child being the best person as well. Hence, my passion linked me with NGOs through which I can help the needy ones.

Isn’t it interesting to run a business and serve the best?

Let’s know about those 7 Excellent Reasons

Settling the time, choosing the interest I want my time to spend on is everyone’s favorite. And business can do this.


For extroverts, it is effortless to get in touch with anyone, and for introverts and ambiverts, it’s a tough call, but in this world, nothing is impossible. So, when you start spending time on your business, perfection and ideas will come accordingly, boosting your confidence to do your best.

To bring confidence, never compare yourself with others. Instead, evaluate the parameters you failed and succeeded upon so that you can balance it and move further.

Even when you start spreading your business, you start working on your next level of confidence, which improves lots of skills like communicational skills, which will be learning further.

Money Management Skills

Money is the most crucial part. It’s clueless if you don’t know how to handle the finances properly. But when I moved into the business, that brought responsibilities to me to handle my finances. Ultimately, this made me an excellent financial handler, and teenage is the best time to explore and learn that we are all aware of.

Communication Skills

I earlier mentioned these skills, which was kind of my weakness due to being an introvert. But anyhow, my business helped me to master this as the business is not a one-way thing. It entirely depends on customers, and my customers’ lists started from my neighbors and friends. So, you can even term this skill as Customer Service Skills, which helps a lot succeed in your business.

Persistence and Resilience

Running your business is challenging and risky. However, you can help your child discover to problem solve and develop persistence as they solve each obstacle that comes.
Resilience is vital to see the failure and does not give up on instead work on those failures.

Critical Thinking

The problems are the first and foremost fixed thing in any journey. So, your child’s business will have them, but you need not worry. It helps them to solve the problem on their own. Also, teach them to take quick and effective decisions or steps to solve the issue from all aspects and think out of the box.
It’s genuinely essential irrespective of what you end up in the profession as an adult.


Sometimes parents worry about the carelessness or irresponsibility of the child. Therefore, when they start making money, they on their own become responsible. However, because they must answer themselves as their boss, customers’ expectations are high, so customers will go somewhere else if they don’t have the self-discipline to serve.

Efficiency and Continual Learning

Yes, profit increment is what all business-minded ones look for. As I am inclined towards trending clothes, and I’d like to afford them on my own without asking for an allowance from my guardians, I keep my work on with best. I always make sure that I can keep up with my interests while being independent at least the minimal profit through which I could keep up with my interests. It helps me learn continuously with new terms and methods.


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