How to Keep Your Kids Interested in Music?5 min read

Music Sep 12, 2021
How to keep your kids interested in music?



How to Keep Your Kids Interested in Music?5 min read

If you invest your kid’s passion, then one day, it will pay the best interest. And music is such a skill that requires passion, dedication, and talent. As parents, it becomes our responsibility to ponder that skill and turn it into a sounding direction. As the child grows, they tend to explore the world and their interests. Undoubtedly, music becomes a part of their lives in some way or another. Therefore, learning music should never be dull!

You can help your child see music differently and with a better perspective. It’s a privilege and an opportunity that isn’t rendered to everybody. Only some people are designated to get this blessing and cultivate it to share with others.

Getting Your Kids Involved in Learning

Finding out whether your kid’s area of interest is music or not seems to be pretty tricky. But in reality, it only requires some observational analysis and points to find out. To solve this problem completely, we have a list of tips and suggestions that you can follow to help you motivate your child to practice!

Understand your child’s musical aptitude

Every child is musical in their way. Even infants are seen responding to melodic patterns before they can speak or read. They also tend to produce sounds and voices in either blabbering or murmuring. Such observations can help you to know your child’s musical expression. Therefore it is advised to go ahead and let your children sing out clear and loud!

Finding the right teacher

Thorough practicing and revising are very important to excel in the art of music. Indeed, if your child connects with their teacher well, then there are higher chances of them getting successful in the future. Making or breaking the whole experience depends upon your teacher. Furthermore, if your child isn’t able to connect with the current teacher, don’t be afraid to try a new teacher. The best teachers are the ones who know how to be good friends and mentor your kid before teaching them the concept of music.

Play along to music

Playing instruments and your kid’s favorite song can prove to be a great way of experiencing and exploring the dynamics of music. Let them be comfortable with the musical instrument in whichever way they like- if they enjoy playing it quietly, let them do that and vice versa. This way, you can make them feel comfortable and confident at the same time. Not only this, but you can also play along with them by rephrasing whatever they sing. Please help them to explore their hidden talent!

Celebrate every victory- no matter small or big

You’ll feel proud when you watch your child’s performance. And hence it’s essential to celebrate the little victories along the way- no matter big or small. This will let them remain motivated and energetic throughout the journey. It isn’t essential to throw a party every time or reward your kid for every win, but you can also praise them verbally and let them know that you are proud of them! You can also maintain a journal of your child’s accomplishments if possible. This can help you remember every single achievement of theirs. Worry not if you aren’t into writing much. You can look for other creative alternatives to solve this issue, like- maintaining a checklist of their winning events or framing their certificates and hanging them on the walls!

Praising them for such victories will eventually help your kid always to have a positive attitude whenever they are struggling in life.

Treat music like a different subject

Since old times, children have been taught to follow a fixed academic routine. For a moment, place yourself in your child’s position. Knowing about a set daily routine with subjects like Math, English, Science, etc., can be pretty hectic, especially for younger children. Not to miss the amount of homework given after school- piles of endless work to do!

With such a busy schedule, adding time to practice music can burden your kid. That’s exactly when your child may need your support.

For a clearer view, create a boundary between music and other subjects so that your child sees music as a stress-relieving ailment and a fun thing to do. Switching to an instrument that your child likes can help you out. If your child sees music as a forced discipline like any other academic subject, then things can be pretty complex for you and them.

How Do Children Express Themselves Through Music?

Everybody can express themselves through music. Even infants are seen singing songs in their versions without being self-conscious or without the fear of getting judged. They sing to themselves when they play. Coming to the story of school-going children, it is not surprising to ponder that most of them are excellent bathroom singers. Many kids are also interested in singing shows or musical instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, harmonium, or flute. If your kid also expresses themselves through any of these mentioned ways or other similar activities, you can take it as a green signal.


If you wish to see your kids succeed, the main aim should be to make learning a fun thing to do and not an obligation. Always remember that consistency is the key! As parents and guardians, we need to foster a growing curiosity and even excitement about music. Let your child know that you are their biggest well-wisher and supporter, especially when they feel discouraged or demotivated. Your child will most probably love practicing once s/he feel connected to it. Appropriate goals will make practicing fun and rewarding. Let this journey of learning be as enjoyable as possible!


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