Ways to Introduce Music to Young Children7 min read

Music Aug 30, 2021
Ways to introduce music to young children



Ways to Introduce Music to Young Children7 min read

No human being on earth has not heard the music of some sort or the other. Whether it is through a song on the radio, playing an instrument, going to a concert, watching an ad on the television, or even listening to your mother sing a lullaby, everyone comes in contact with music at some point in their lives. Some people love it, and some don’t mind it, but everyone hears it.

As a parent, it is an excellent thought to introduce music to your children from a young age itself. Why? Because your kids are inevitably going to contact it at some point, wouldn’t you instead have been the one to introduce them to good music that they can continue to appreciate as they grow up?

Numerous genres of music exist, each with its unique characteristics and peculiarities. And your child will greatly benefit from being introduced to as many musical styles and genres as possible. This would include pop, jazz, country, rock, classical, and world music, to name a few. As your child is exposed to more styles and forms of music, you will gradually be able to gauge his liking and develop both his and your music tastes along the way.

Although as your kids grow, they will most probably be introduced to rhymes and other children’s music the most, they need to be acquainted with well-known genres like hip hop, jazz, and classical music. This is because music has a lot of essential benefits in an individual’s life.

What are the Benefits of Music in our Lives?

Multiple studies and research have discovered the relationship between music and the human mind and body. Music has several positive effects on a human being, and introducing it to your child at an early age will prove highly beneficial for them. Here are a few ways that music benefits us:


  • Improves Memory

Research has shown that music has tremendous effects on memory. People who are more involved with music tend to have a stronger memory. Young children will significantly benefit from a better memory in their school life and extra-curricular activities.


  • Enhances Creativity

Children who begin to play musical instruments or listen to classical music are seen to be more creative than those who don’t. Music helps an individual’s creative thinking skills to develop, among many others.


  • Helps to Lower Anxiety

Music tremendously helps to reduce anxiety in a person. You must have noticed that listening to music when you are anxious or stressed helps calm you down. Studies have also shown that when a person listens to music, their body releases less cortisol, the stress hormone.


  • Lifts your Mood

Many people will vouch for the fact that music is a fantastic mood-lifter. Switching on some music when you are not in the best of spirits will help to change your mood drastically.


  • Can Help to Treat Mental Illnesses

Several studies have shown how listening to music can trigger the release of various chemicals in the brain (like dopamine, oxytocin, serotine, etc.) that play essential roles in an individual’s mental health and brain function.


  • Helps to Learn New Languages

Music has impressive effects in terms of learning new languages. Singing songs help children to remember concepts much more effectively. People exposed to music from a young age tend to be better at picking up foreign languages.


  • Connects People

One of the most attractive characteristics of music is that it can bring people closer. Listening to music with a friend on the bus, jamming to songs at a house party, or going to a concert with thousands of people are all instances of how music can connect people in the best possible ways.

Now that we have seen how music can positively affect all parts of a human being’s life literally, we are sure that you cannot wait to begin introducing some good music to your kids. So, let us look at how you can go about it.

How to Introduce Music to Children?

It is essential to do a little background study on the music and songs you intend to introduce to your child. As a parent, you should be well aware of what you expose your child to.

A few ideas that you can adopt to introduce music to your children include:


  • Read and Recite Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are an excellent way to get young children excited about music. They have rhythm and rhymes to get your child to clap their hands and sing along. Many nursery rhymes also have specific lessons in their lyrics which your child will pick up as he learns and sings them. Reading nursery rhymes aloud while snapping your fingers or tapping your feet will help your child understand how rhythm works.


  • Introduce them to Instruments

Enrolling your child in music lessons will help to fuel his journey in music. As he learns a new instrument, he will not only pick up another skill but also grow to enjoy music. Encouraging your child to join a school band or attend music classes will prove beneficial in the long run.


  • Play Music in the Background

You must have noticed that it is easier and more fun to do specific jobs when music is added to the mix. Singing and dancing along to tunes will quickly get anyone through a monotonous task. Switching on some good music as you and your kids are on a family holiday or doing chores at home will help expose them to music and create good memories and bonds that will stay with them forever.


  • Watch Musical Movies as a Family

Although musicals are not everyone’s cup of tea, watching some good family musical movies will help your kids explore different aspects of music. Musicals have many songs and dances that will keep your child interested as they also pick up on various life skills and character strengths. There are several musical movies for you to watch and enjoy as a family, so go ahead and switch one on!


  • Go for a Performance

Taking your kids to local concerts or performances will be a great family outing while your kids also get to see and hear live music. You can look for bands whose songs are focused on a younger crowd and head out with your family for a fantastic musical time.


  • Teach Action Songs

Action songs are an excellent combination of song, movement, and dance. Teaching your kids’ action songs is a perfect way to open them up to experience the joys of music while also having tons of fun. Action songs are a mixed bag of laughter, catchy lyrics, coordinated movements, and fun to keep everyone entertained and create loads of good memories.

Some Tips to Make it Easier

As you immerse yourself in trying different methods to encourage your child into the world of music, keeping some of these essential tips in mind will make it easier and more fruitful for both your kids and you.


  • Be Patient

Remember to be patient with your kids on their journey of musical exploration. It is entirely okay if your child does not like the same music that you do. Being patient will help as you have discussions with your child about what he finds attractive and what he dislikes about certain music.

If you have enrolled your child in music lessons, remember that it is not easy to master a new skill overnight. Please encourage your child with his endeavors and give him positive reinforcement every time he requires it.


  • Have Realistic Expectations

When you make an effort to plan out numerous musical activities for your child, he may not necessarily find them interesting and want to participate in them at all. While this may be a little disheartening, don’t give up, and remember to be consistent in incorporating a little music every opportunity you get.


  • Don’t Micromanage

You need to be aware of this as a parent. Even though you make an effort to introduce your kids to music, it is a good idea not to micromanage how they explore it. Allow them their space and freedom to explore and experience music in their own and own way. Micromanaging them might lead to them pushing away music altogether, and you don’t want that!


We hope that these ideas and tips will assist you as you nurture and develop your child’s interest and love for music. Your child will appreciate good music when you try to expose him to different genres and styles in exciting ways. Remember to have fun with your child as you grow your music tastes.



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