Interesting Piano Games for Children5 min read

Music Sep 17, 2021
Piano Games for homeschoolers



Interesting Piano Games for Children5 min read

Learning how to play the piano is pretty similar to learning a new video game. Think for a second as you are the main character, and the journey begins with limited skills and resources. Your character is not agile, and it does not know a lot of possibilities in the world. The situation is pretty similar when you play the piano. With limited notes and limited keys, you need to play unlimited sounds. The more you practice, and the more you discover and learn. Therefore, piano games are exciting and it needs more and more skills. Today we will know multiple piano games and what the skills which you develop while playing them are. So get ready to learn about numerous piano games that will boost your child’s abilities.

What are Piano Games?

You must be thinking, what is a piano game and is it even enjoyable? Most parents used piano games to encourage their kids to learn multiple songs and develop a keen interest in piano. A piano game is a healthy approach that facilitates music in the minds of kids. Kids usually love playing games, and when they get exposure to musical games, they become happier and learn multiple skills. Currently, there are infinite offline and online piano games which are both challenging and fun. The games are specially designed for kids to enjoy as well as learn music.

So let us find out about these digital and homeschooling games.

Fun Tech Piano Games

Functional Ear Trainer

Today’s great technology has assisted kids in learning multiple things. Our education system has also shifted to online mode, and everything is running smoothly today due to the development of our technology. Digital technology also assists kids in learning music, and the simplicity of these piano games generates more interest in kids’ minds.

This game is available as a phone application. Furthermore, the phone application has opened the doors for many music lovers to play their favourite piano game. Functional ear trainer is also a similar game that helps people to build their ear training skills. The app allows the kids to get better listening skills, and they can get the difference between various pictures and notes of the piano. The game is highly beneficial and builds a lot of skills in youngsters. Overall the game also encourages the kids to learn a piano.


You might have heard about Synesthesia before. Even if you haven’t, then let me tell you. Synesthesia is a fantastic piano game that gives an experience of watching particular colours associated with different piano sounds. The makers of this game allow regular people to participate in composing their new songs. The game is a trendy video game and gives piano practice in a fun and interactive way. Simultaneously children can also get the benefit of learning a piano. Therefore one can say this game is both beneficial and full of fun for kids. So you can tell your child to play this game, and automatically, they will develop a love for the piano.

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome music lab is openly accessible and free for everyone. Anyone can try their hand at these 14 different games designed in a creative way for music lovers. The game helps you compose progression and melodies; you can learn to identify different kinds of rhythms and also understand other sound waves. Overall, Chrome music lab is a place for music lovers to examine different oscillators on this website. Sounds like fun to you? Please encourage your child to play this game and watch them generating interest in piano.

So these were all the online music games that can help your child learn and explore various piano notes.

Piano Games At Home

Now let us know multiple piano games which can be played at your home.

Play the Name Game

You can play this game at your home with your family and children. There are seven letters in a musical alphabet in this game, and you need to ask your child to spell them. You and your family members can spend a few minutes writing down different words that involve seven letters. Now you ask your child to practice these spellings and notes on the keyboard keys of the piano. In the beginning, your kid will feel that it is monotonous, but once they get the basic idea of playing, they will love this game. It is also a great idea to practice different spellings of the game. Once you feel comfortable with multiple spellings and other words, you can make sentences to make a story—this is a fantastic game that can assist your kid in forming different piano lessons. Furthermore, the game does not limit your and your kid’s imagination.

Train Ears With the Radio

You do not need any expensive device if you want to wish to train your child. You can use your radio and your favourite radio station to play along. Start from the beginning and tell your child to listen carefully. Multiple radio stations will play various songs, and you can pick out introductory notes and ask your little one to play them on your piano.

The notes of the piano are primarily recognizable in pop songs so that you can use them. Once your kid gets professional in the introductory notes, you can try to move to the chords. This will be full of fun and entertainment when you play this game with your kid. Overall, kids will get highly excited about this game.

So these were all the piano games which you can play and enjoy with your kids. Games are highly unique and allow your child to develop a keen interest in piano.

The Bottom Lines

Learning piano is not an arduous task. You require constant practice and knowledge of music. If you want your child to be a pro at playing the piano, then you must involve them in these small and compelling games. Both digital and at home games have their benefits and facilitates interest in music among kids. Therefore every parent has to encourage their kids to engage in music. Overall, music helps kids in developing multiple abilities.


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