Resources for Interest led Learning5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


Resources for Interest led Learning5 min read


Apart from covering the whole of the full curriculum in a single go, you can plan to put up those topics which your child feels to be interesting. This way you can easily make plans for the upcoming year. You can find all such interesting plans here in this post–enjoy!

We know that you might have a lot of questions in your mind. Some common questions that we are probably going to answer in this post are as follows-

  1. Do we need to do all the corresponding syllabus assigned to us?
  2. Any particular order of evaluation to be followed?
  3. Is there any problem if we need to miss a day. Or in case our children are required to read more than the required number of pages?
  4. How to deal with the comprehension questions that are just downright boring?

We know that you have come a long way since then. You just need to understand that using resources in a way that fits your family is the most important thing. But take care. Don’t let a resource use you instead.

To make your work even simpler, we are here with a list of some essential resources that can be used often in your home and how you can make them work for you and your family.

1.Oak Meadow

This platform carries a range of creative, child-centered curriculum packages for children from PreK-12. This resource proves to be quite curriculum-focused. Especially on a holistic approach to education. You just need to be that person who supports a child’s natural development and adapts to a variety of learning styles. Every bunch of information available in the package has a syllabus that covers up to 36 weekly lessons for the entire year.

You’ll find various plans in this module ranging from basic introduction to detailed analysis of every concept whatsoever. What we personally like about Oak Meadow is that the holistic approach to Oak Meadow is quite amazing. Also, the fact that they energetically introduce academics slowly from time to time helps its users to understand the topics in a simpler manner. Just remember that head learning is only one part of a child’s development.

2. Life of Fred

This learning platform specializes in covering a unique math curriculum. It covers elementary math through Calculus. Their method of teaching is quite innovative as well as amazing. They deliver math through stories that talk about a boy named Fred. They have also mentioned how he learns to use math in his everyday life.

Life of Fred will actually leave a positive impact on your child’s life because of the story concept designed by the team. The way math is naturally integrated into Fred’s life is quite intriguing and shows the importance of maths in day-to-day living.

Even if your kid is not a huge fan of math workbooks and worksheets, this will really leave a spark in their lives. Talking about its appearance, the hardcover books are quite sturdy and well-made. You can even use them with multiple children.

The chapters are funny and your kid will definitely say “just one more.” Apart from this, every section ends with a series of questions related to the chapters. Further, it is followed by the answers.

We really recommend you answer all the questions in writing. Instead, you can do another thing. Just ask your child if he or she wishes to answer a particular question. If your kid says yes, then read it aloud and let them answer. Tell them that they can ask for help in case they need it.

3. Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide

This interest-led learning lesson comes from a Christian resource. And is beautifully carved by Sally and Clay Clarkson. It contains about 24 biblical traits designed for several families to learn in areas that may include values like generosity, service, faith, work, attitudes, and so on.

In this plan, you can teach your kids about various ways. Just make sure that you follow only one plan per week. Make a habit to repeat it together every morning. Your kids will definitely fall in love with the coloring pages that accompany each principle from the Bible.

4. Study through story

This is one of the best interest-led plans that you’ll ever encounter. One such method comes from the Charlotte Mason philosophy – the idea is to work slowly through your own way of delivering beautiful stories. In simpler terms, it is referred to as “Living books”

To help you work well with the explanation, just refer to the following sample information that we are sharing- The first slow march that you can follow is a little wooden canoe through the Great Lakes in the story Paddle to the Sea.

Try to cover just one chapter in a week. There are a lot of things that your child needs to learn which may include- the flora, fauna, geography, and history surrounding the corresponding chapter. Believe us, it will prove to be an incredible experience!


If you feel that homeschooling seems to be a boring subject and driven by a lot of curriculum to mug up, then you are probably wrong on this! With the advent of the latest generation of technology, you can easily bring all the essential stuff for your learning online.

As a result, what we really want to convey is that Homeschooling can be fun and you can easily personalize and make the curriculum engaging for your young ones. Now you might feel how can that be possible? Interest-led learning is the key!

Just know that every kid around has something that he or she is naturally interested in or curious about. As a parent, you must take note of all those topics and as a result, help your kid to learn about that interest in particular.

It’s the perfect time to integrate your children’s passions right into the comfort of your home school rhythm. Furthermore, if you are willing to support and expand their growing interests, then you must definitely go through the mentioned resources from time to time. Also, you need to remember that there are times when you really need to think out of the box. Do tell us if you have experience with any of the resources we’ve mentioned here. We’ll try to assemble more categories to help you out in the future!

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