20 Fantastic Ice Cream Stick Craft Activities for Creative Engagement6 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021
Ice Cream Stick Craft Activities



20 Fantastic Ice Cream Stick Craft Activities for Creative Engagement6 min read

Are you on the lookout for some cool and creative craft activities to keep your child engaged this summer? We have a list of 20 amazing ice-cream craft activities to keep your child busy as well as help you recycle old ice-cream sticks in the house. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!


Handmade decorations have a special charm of their own. Make a star decoration out of popsicle sticks for your Christmas tree, greeting cards, or just to hang on your bedroom door. Paint it, add sparkles, cover it in washi tapes, stick colored paper – design your star any way you want to!

Race cars

You can make cute little race cars out of your ice cream sticks that can be used as room décor for the kids’ room or as artwork that you can stick on cards and paper. This activity is great for you and your child to work on together and have lots of fun.


You can make bookmarks out of pretty much anything! Ice-cream sticks make the perfect bookmarks; you can paint them, color them, doodle on them, stick colored paper, make them sparkly, we could go on. You can even quenelle some cute flowers and stick them onto your ice-cream sticks and there you have it – your own personalized homemade bookmark is ready!

Photo frame

Stick some ice cream sticks together and make a cute photo frame. You can stick some seashells on it, cover it in glitter and even tie a thread to hang it on the wall. Sit down with your child and pick the perfect photo to stick on your photo frame.


Coasters are really useful especially in houses with kids. You never know when someone can spill a drink. Teach your child some good manners by making artsy coasters together and encouraging her to use them. Your child will be more enthusiastic to use something when she has made it herself.

Pen Stand

Are pens and pencils always lying around on the ground and on tables? Help your child to organize her stationery better by making an easy DIY pen stand together. Encourage her to use her favorite colors to paint it. Decorate it and make it dazzle with glitter. Your child will be much keener on keeping her pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners in her own personal pen stand.

Christmas Tree

You can make a mini Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks! And decorate it with glitter and paint and little beads and designs. You can even stick a piece of thread or rope and hang your little Christmas tree on your real Christmas tree or anywhere around the house.


Christmas wreaths are the prettiest. You can make your very own wreath at home with ice-cream sticks and paint it in bright shades of green. You can decorate it with glitter and make it shiny. You could even consider putting up your ice cream stick wreath on your front door for Christmas!

Simple Airplane

This is a super fun craft activity that you can do with your kid. Sit together and join your ice-cream sticks to make cute little airplanes that your child can play with. You not only save money playing with handmade toys but also help your child to learn to make his own toys from scratch.


Popsicle sticks make the perfect puppets! You can make puppets of all sizes, colors, designs and into any character that you want! You could make angry bird puppets, a clown puppet, animal puppets, or puppets from your kid’s favorite movie or TV series. The list is endless and your creativity knows no bounds, so go for it.

Earring Stand

Make your very own earring stand with your child where you can hang up your earrings. This is a fun activity and you get to decorate your stand as you want to. This way you don’t lose any more earrings in the future!

Popsicle Stick Basket

Popsicle stick baskets are super cute. You can decorate them with real or artificial flowers and leaves. Don’t forget to make a handle for your basket so you can carry it around more conveniently. Your child will absolutely love making this and storing her toffees and candies in it.

Rainbow Craft

This is super easy and yet so fun. Paint your ice-cream sticks the colors of the rainbow and stick them onto a cut out of a cloud. You can add a face and some googly eyes to your cloud to make it look cuter and come to life.

Snowflake Ornament

Making your own Christmas tree ornaments is always the best thing ever! Glue your ice-cream sticks together to form a pretty little snowflake that you can then paint and decorate with sequence. Don’t forget to stick it to a thread that you can use to then hang on your Christmas tree.

Spider Web with Yarn

Make a spider’s web with some ice-cream sticks and cover them with colorful yarn to make them look real! These cute webs can be kept as room décor. Your child will enjoy making these and scaring his siblings with them!

Cute Bee Craft

Bumblebees are just adorable so why wouldn’t you make a cute bee craft! Get your yellow and black paints out and make your bee. You can stick googly eyes to make your bumblebee look cuter and don’t forget to give it wings!

Bird Feeder

Did you know that you can make a bird feeder with seemingly old ice-cream sticks? Simply stack ‘em and glue ‘em. Paint or color your sticks with bright colors and don’t stick too much decoration because you don’t want birds pecking off on inedible items! After you’re done, fill it with some grain and keep it out in wait for those pretty birds to come by!


Does your child want to create his very own weapon for mass destruction? Well, this is it! All you’ll need is a few popsicle sticks and some rubber bands to make this really awesome catapult that your kid will enjoy playing with. It might hardly take 10 to 15 minutes to make but your child will definitely have a blast with it!

Ice-cream Stick Keepsake Box

As your kids collect tons of little treasures this summer, they’ll definitely need a box to store them! Make a cute little keepsake box with them that’s super easy and fun. The simplicity of this box is what makes it more charming.


Make a simple fence with your ice-cream sticks that your child can use when he plays with his animal toys. Encourage your child to paint or color the fence in some wonderful colors. This is a very easy activity and a fun craft too.






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