How to Create a Fun Home School Workspace for Your Children3 min read

Homeschooling Jan 18, 2023
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How to Create a Fun Home School Workspace for Your Children3 min read

Homeschooling hit new heights during the Covid pandemic when schools closed, and kids had to stay home for weeks at a time. Most people recognized it as a necessary precaution, but it did make life difficult for many families. Since then, schools have reopened and are back to normal, but there are still families that choose to homeschool their children. 

Schooling kids at home can work really well, especially for children that struggle in mainstream schools or have other special needs. But it’s important to have a suitable area set aside for their lessons, so they have space to do their work in peace and it doesn’t impact the rest of the family. 

Create a Dedicated Space for Working

You might not have a room you can allocate to home school, but they will need a table and chair. The table should be large enough for all their work. For younger children, it needs to be suitable for craft and art activities, as well as written work. A large dining room table is ideal, such as a square dining table for 6, as it serves a dual purpose: home school in the day and family meals at night. 

Older children might prefer a homeschool workstation in their bedroom but be wary of allowing this. The problem with letting kids work in their bedrooms is that there is no guarantee they’ll actually work. 

Have a Study Wall

At school, the walls have all kinds of educational posters, displays of work, and fun things to look at. Home school can be the same if you allow one wall in the work area to be used for their artwork, posters, maps, and anything else that’s relevant to the work they are doing. This will make it feel more like school and less like home. 

Supervise Your Kids

Home school only works if you have the time to supervise your kids. Just like in regular school, it is likely that your children will have questions about the work they are doing or need your input. You may even be in charge of creating lesson plans and setting work for them to do. Either way, you can’t just leave them all day unsupervised. 

Set up a homeschool area in a place that makes sense for you, too. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, let the kids use a table there, so they are nearby if they have questions or need help. If you work from home, you may need to work in an office, so you can take work calls, but make sure your children are close by so you can see what they are up to. 

Leaving older kids to work in their bedrooms means they might be tempted to sit and surf social media or play games all day. That’s not exactly conducive to hitting educational targets. 

Homeschooling can be successful. Follow the tips above to ensure it works for your family. 


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