Household Chores for Kids4 min read

Activities for Kids Aug 25, 2021
household chores for kids



Household Chores for Kids4 min read

Worried that your kid spends most of his/her time on their laptops or phones then we might have a solution for you. Involving children in domestic chores not only helps them to be responsible but also promotes a healthy temperament in kids.

Believe it or not but when you will insist your kids to indulge in doing some chores themselves, kids will know that they are not just loved, they are needed too.

Why Chores for Kids?

Many researches have proved that children learn so many essential life lessons while helping their parents in household chores-responsibility, self-reliance, empathy and what not. It certainly gives them dignity in work and the joy of labor.

How to Begin?

How to start giving chores to kids can be half the challenge. Undoubtedly no parent wants to discourage their child by giving them a chore that’s beyond their capabilities. Speculating which chores for kids are age-appropriate? If you’re really looking for such chores, no need to search elsewhere.

These small tasks as responsibilities would hopefully make children feel a little bit more grown-up as well as trusted. Let’s find out and get started!

Chores for Preschoolers (Age 4-5)

The most amazing thing about kids being in kindergarten is that they have the same cute and innocent desire to help out. During this age, there are many chores your kids can do without any type of eagle type supervision.

You may go through the below mentioned list for better understanding.

  • Let them make their bed without guidance
  • Water flowers
  • Dust off dirt from furniture and appliances
  • Carry light groceries with them
  • Wash light utensils under supervision

Chores for Primary Children (Age 6-9)

At this age, children can naturally handle comparatively more responsibilities with less supervision. Nevertheless if your children start rebelling against the idea of chores. Don’t get upset or scold them. Their reluctance is quite natural and child-like. Just look out for some other amazing alternatives.

You may go through the below mentioned list for better understanding.

  • Sweep the floors occasionally
  • Take the dog for a walk outside, under supervision
  • Fold the clothes
  • Clean their bedrooms and make their bed with little or no supervision
  • Take the trash out of the kitchen and dispose them to the bins, under supervision

Chores for Middle Schoolers (Age 10-13)

By this stage, your child gradually can do many tasks independently without any of your major support. But always remember not to burden them with tons of unexpected work. Or get ready for consequences. These consequences may not be observed right after. But with passage of time, it may turn into regression, frustration and anger. Let them be flexible enough with their responsibilities.

You may go through the below mentioned list for better understanding.

  • Help to wash the car
  • Clean their own bathroom
  • Wash their own dishes without any assistance
  • Prepare easy meals without much help
  • Babysit younger kids in the house, if any

Chores for Teenagers (Age 14-18)

By this age, almost all teenagers are capable of doing nearly any household task you ask them to do. Congratulations! Enjoy this time with your kid. One thing to consider here is the child’s restricted schedule. Nowadays not only parents, but along with them children are also facing daily life problems and stress at their own level. You should try to make an appropriate balance between the two. Ask them about their daily routine and questions like- how was your day? What did you do today? Anything special that happened ? These questions will make them feel better and also much wanted.

You may go through the below mentioned list for better understanding.

  • Wash windows and clean furniture
  • Iron clothes all alone
  • Accomplish tiny shopping trips alone
  • Helping mother/guardian with cleaning the house
  • Empty the fridge and clean it periodically

If you want to turn these chores into regular healthy habits, give them rewards. Now you might be wondering- how to come up with rewards daily? No, you don’t need to worry. Reward them with appreciation, sometimes chocolates or any other thing close to their heart.

Wondering if it’s too late?

Don’t worry if you’ve missed those golden toddler or preschool years to get your kids started, you can still get your kiddos started on the chore train!

Keeping in mind

Besides all of the points mentioned above, keep in mind that housework that may seem easy for you, may not necessarily be so straight-forward for the young ones. They will definitely need your guidance as well as direction when beginning to take up responsibilities.


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