Homeschooling with Chronic Illness5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Homeschooling with Chronic Illness



Homeschooling with Chronic Illness5 min read

As the definition goes, chronic diseases are illnesses that last for one year or longer. Anyone can experience chronic illness. The fact that chronic illnesses can slow down your daily activities and reduce your productivity cannot be ignored. The study is another aspect that can suffer a lot when someone is going through a chronic illness. A person suffering from heart or lung disease might involve regular check-ups and sometimes flare-ups would even cause you to stay in bed for days. In such cases where someone is suffering from a chronic illness, it is best to opt for homeschooling. Both teaching and studying become easy when the child is being homeschooled.

There are several reasons why someone with chronic illness would want to be homeschooled.

Homeschooling is flexible: As mentioned above, diseases that last for more than a year might require the patient to go for regular check-ups. At times of flare-ups, the patient might also require continuous medical help. In such a case the education might end up taking a back seat and the patient might not be able to work with full potential in physical schooling. When someone is diagnosed with a serious and chronic illness then it becomes necessary to make a schedule that is flexible and complies with the student’s medical routine as well. Homeschooling thus would make up as one of the best options for the student as the timings are flexible and can be managed at the student’s ease. So if a student or even a teacher who is suffering from a chronic illness has not slept properly last night due to a flare-up then they can adjust the school timings according to their comfort and study with ease.

Allows you to take a break and relax: Honestly, battling a chronic illness can be exhausting. It requires not just time but energy, money, and other resources as well. Thus, it becomes important for the student to take regular breaks or time away from study whenever they want. Homeschooling allows the student to take breaks as it does not follow a strict curriculum when compared to regular schooling. Homeschooling focuses on a child’s development and allows the child and the teacher to modify his/her calendar according to their convenience. A child need not study year-round and a teacher can also make a workable plan for the child according to his/her convenience. Thus, homeschooling turns out as a more liberal and better option for both the teacher and the student who is suffering from a chronic illness.

Helps to make health a priority: Chronic illnesses are not easy to manage. Each illness comes with a lot of medical responsibility. Dealing with a chronic illness requires the person to be consistent with the medical requirements and follow the instructions properly. Medical check-ups at regular intervals are important. When being homeschooled the child is given education at home itself. This attribute of homeschooling allows the parents or guardians to monitor the health of the child regularly. The blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, and much more can be taken care of with ease. Thus, homeschooling gives the parents and the child an advantage over the regular schooling and allows the child to study along with keeping their body requirements on the top of the list.

Homeschooling pays more attention to the child: Whether you agree or not but the chronic illness can make a child more introverted and conscious about their appearance and their health. Regular schooling might put them in a place where they would be hesitant to go and take education. Regular schooling would also be a tedious task for a student who is suffering from a chronic illness as the teacher’s attention would be divided. The teacher would not be dealing with a single child but a whole class which would at times make the student feel uncomfortable and left behind. Homeschooling on the other hand would be a better option for the student as it would focus on the child and move at a pace suiting the child’s mental and physical capabilities. The child would be able to open up more to new experiences more safely and suitably.

Dos and Don’ts of homeschooled children

  1. Breathe and relax: Do not beat yourself and relax. Homeschooling might seem easy but do not forget to take a break and be patient with yourself. Remember that what matters the most is how we talk to ourselves. Remember to set achievable goals and understand that it is okay to have bad days.
  2. Develop and grow: Homeschooling can allow the child to grow and learn life lessons like perseverance and patience. Thus, whenever you face difficulty then think of it not as a hurdle but as an opportunity to grow and learn.
  3. Read and discuss: Books are a human’s best friends. So whenever you plan to enhance your knowledge and gain exposure then there could be no better option than reading a book. Reading a book broadens the perspective and gives you the required education to express yourself better. Reading, absorbing, and discussing it will not only enhance the rational capabilities but will also make the child calmer and improve his/her sensibility,


Chronic illnesses can be tiresome. Regular visits to the doctor, maintaining the right diet, and finding the right routine, and balancing studies can be hectic. In such a situation, homeschooling comes to the rescue and helps to educate the child in the most flexible and comfortable way possible. Homeschooling follows a more comfortable design of education and ensures that a child is getting knowledge while keeping their health as a priority. Homeschooling helps the guardians and the teachers as well. Not just the child but even the teacher who is going through a chronic illness will find it better to homeschool the students as it will allow her/him the time and flexibility to teach at his/her own pace.


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