The Unexpected Gift of Homeschooling4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 14, 2021
The Unexpected gift of Homeschooling


The Unexpected Gift of Homeschooling4 min read

Homeschooling is an option for parents who want their kids to have a more intimate learning experience. Home-schooled children learned what they needed to know in their own homes. With homeschooling, parents can get a better understanding of their kids’ abilities and develop them into individuals who can confidently learn and excel in various subjects. This benefit is also beneficial for children with special needs. It has been proven that students benefit from having a smaller student-teacher ratio. This is also true for homeschooling.

What is homeschooling?

A home-schooled student typically receives instruction in a general education program or a secondary education program at the parent’s home. A parent or person who is in control of a student may sometimes contract with an outside source to provide additional instruction. While it’s possible to find a variety of sources for helping kids learn at home, this process does not involve the parents’ involvement in determining the overall success of their child. There are many different types of homeschooling, but the goal is the same for all parents.

Why should you choose to homeschool?

When parents were asked about their reasons for homeschooling, they answered that many of them cited various reasons such as keeping their kids busy and involved in education. Contrary to popular belief, religious beliefs are not the deciding factor for new parents when it comes to choosing a home-school. When asked why they home-schooled their child, the most common reason they cited was due to the environment of other schools. Concerns about the environment were the most common reason why parents choose home-school. Twenty-four percent of home-schooled students said they were dissatisfied with the academic instruction at another school. Hence you should try homeschooling.

Gifts of Homeschooling

While it’s possible to live comfortably in your home life as a homeschooling parent, it is also important to consider the responsibilities involved in running a home-based school. This includes organizing field trips and coordinating lessons with other parents. While there are many free resources for homeschooling, many of these items can cost money. There are also ways to reduce the financial costs of homeschooling. If you are a single parent, the time commitment involved in homeschooling may be more challenging if you are a single parent.
Since your child will still be in school, your family’s lifestyle will also change. You’ll also need to schedule your regular activities in order to accommodate your homeschooling schedule.

Here are some hidden gifts of homeschooling

1. Zero peer pressure

Over eighty percent of parents stated that they wanted to home-school so they could avoid negative peer pressure. This is a huge step in the right direction, and it can help minimize the risk of negative peer pressure. Peer pressure is more common in high school students, but it can also start in toddlerhood. This is because the effects of peer pressure are real and can have profound effects on a child’s behavior and attitudes.

2. No drugs

One of the top reasons parents choose home-school is to avoid the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. This is a common issue that many parents face when it comes to raising kids. Home-schooled teenagers were significantly more likely to disapprove of their peers who drank alcohol and tried or regularly used marijuana. Compared to non-home-schooled students, home-schooled teens were less likely to report using illicit drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes. Home-schooled adolescents were less likely to report being approached by someone who tried to sell drugs or had easier access to illicit substances.

3. No violence

The top reason why parents choose to home-school their kids was due to safety concerns. It’s no secret that schools have become more violent over the years. Since the start of the 20th century, more people have died and been injured in school shootings in the US than in the entire previous century. There is no risk of a student getting shot up in school if they are not in an active school environment. Studies also show that homeschooled students have a lower rate of child abuse than public school students.

4. Better academic success

Parents who were home-schooled cited dissatisfaction with their academic instruction as the most important reason for choosing home-school. This belief is linked to higher academic success and career development. Homeschooled students have a higher rate of finishing their four-year college degrees than public school students. A study revealed that the test scores of home-schooled kids were generally high. Twenty-five percent of home-schooled students are enrolled more than their age-level peers.

5. Successful and well-adjusted adult life

As a child, being home-schooled is associated with a successful and well-adjusted adult life. This is in contrast to the typical upbringing of most adults. Volunteer or attend community service. (source) Have higher chances of succeeding in higher education. Compared to traditionally schooled adults, they score higher on the various sub-scales of the Self-Esteem Index for children. Have lower rates of clinical anxiety. Students who attend home study tend to have better relationships than those who are away from home.


Homeschooling is a great model for raising children. This article will support parents who are choosing to homeschool. There are so many great reasons to home-school. One of these is the freedom to travel and explore with your child. So enjoy homeschooling today!

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