7 secrets to slaying the Teacher-Mom Balance in Homeschooling5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
7 secrets to slaying the Teacher-Mom Balance in Homeschooling



7 secrets to slaying the Teacher-Mom Balance in Homeschooling5 min read


As a homeschool parent, how many hats do you believe you wear at one time? Here we have discussed six tips for finding a good teacher/mom balance when homeschooling your children. One of the most difficult aspects of homeschooling has been finding a comfortable teacher/mom balance. We know that you might have tried for years to juggle the two hats, but it is quite obvious to note that they’re impossible to separate.

Do you too have trouble with this? Try these six tips for slaying the teacher/mom balance in your homeschool that we’ve discovered.

1. Be a parent, first and foremost.

Homeschooling isn’t just a job for you; it’s a big part of who you are as a parent. We aim to educate parents on one rule of thumb when it comes to the teacher/mom balance in homeschooling: you are your child’s mother first and foremost. We simply choose a parenting approach for you that includes teaching children at home.

Take a step back and focus on activities that aren’t related to education when the job becomes difficult for the teacher. It’s far more important to be a safe haven for your children when they need it than it is to obsess over whatever curriculum is the best fit.

Just don’t feel bad if you take off your instructor hat and call off work for the day. All you need to do is take a day off without feeling guilty.

2. Accept that you have homeschooled your kids.

It may appear to be pointless counsel for a homeschooling parent, but it is correct. You need to remind yourself from time to time that your children have never attended public school and have no experience with the daily grind.

Many of the advantages of homeschooling are also the source of many of our annoyances. We’ve learned a few home-schooling truths: Some children lack self-motivation.

  • Despite the fact that homeschooling provides flexibility, many children require structure.
  • Even if they get to do it in their underpants, not all youngsters enjoy school.
  • Accept that education will probably not be what you expected when you signed up for this job, and you will be less frustrated as a result.

3. It’s a family affair!

Take it from us: if everyone doesn’t pitch in and play a part, you’ll burn out as a homeschooling parent.

Don’t put all of the responsibility for homeschooling, housework, and family management on your own shoulders. Make your family aware that you require assistance. Then actually allow them to assist you! Delegate, delegate, and delegate some more.

4. Lighten your load.

Do you need some suggestions for locating time that will help you to lessen your burden while teaching?

  • Outsource one or two subjects. Choose a subject that interests you the most. Assume math is your favourite subject, and you know how to do it well. You can now teach your child this subject (in this case arithmetic) far better than anybody else.

If, on the other hand, your husband or wife likes the topic XYZ, then allow your partner to teach your child that subject. Your children will benefit much from online lessons since they will be able to collaborate with other adults and be held accountable to deadlines and expectations.

  • Make time for yourself to take vacations. Any employment that comes with a nice stipend is a win-win situation.

5. Get away from “the office.”

When your kid follows a homeschooling schedule, the house can become a trap because everything takes place there: education, food, and family time. Now you might wonder what if somebody spends most of his or her time at home? For most of the part, that’s amazing and lovely, but there are moments when you need to get out! Take your schoolwork with you and spend the day at a café or library. A change of scenery is good for everyone, but especially for you!

6. Remember you’re more than a homeschool mom.

You are not defined by your homeschooling. It’s easy to lose track of yourself on this road. You might spend much time as homeschooling parents defending your decision to teach your children at home or telling others how much you enjoy it.

However, it is a demanding job, and you may suffer fatigue and worry about how to make your child do his algebra lessons well on time without a struggle the next day.

Homeschooling tends to envelop your family in a bubble. Don’t get us wrong: that bubble is most likely your favourite hangout spot. It’s also vital to enjoying yourself when you’re not homeschooling!

7. Do what makes you feel good

As a responsible parent, you might be used to taking care of everyone else but not yourself. But ever wondered- What is the need to put yourself at last always? We’ll explain that to you but before that know that it’s the right time for you to put an end to it! You must love and look after yourself. Remember that you must be emotionally and physically well in order to be able to care for others. That’s why it’s critical that one must learn to incorporate “Me Time” into his or her schedule. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

“Me Time” can be as easy as taking a 30-minute bubble bath with no distractions. It could also be an after-school workout class. Perhaps your guilty pleasure is watching your favourite Netflix programme for an hour at night. Make time for it, whatever it is!


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