How to homeschool your own heart this year?5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
How to homeschool your own heart this year?



How to homeschool your own heart this year?5 min read


Are you ready to dig deeper and get started with the homeschooling thing? If that’s the case then this article is probably for you! No matter whatever your reason be, we are here as your personal guide to homeschooling. But wait minute! Before homeschooling your thoughts and emotions, you really need to better home school your own heart first :>

Sounds confusing? Read on and you’ll get answers to almost all your queries. Do you know what the truth is? It says that every single day, we are free to choose our opportunities and to turn them into productive and at the same time lucrative. But always remember that all this is possible when you adhere to your regular routines and tedious tasks sincerely. Time to turn all your changes into a bunch of freedom, purpose, and joy.

We hope that you’ll follow this thing this year: JUST take your task of homeschooling quite seriously and then follow your own heart. Just feed your soul with all the happiness that it deserves. In terms of cognitive changes, challenge your mental space and your mindset. All we are telling you to do is cultivate your inner person. Follow what your heart says and meanwhile you also need to pay enough attention to your emotional health.

In this article, you’ll observe how to bind your kids with the routine of homeschool and accept it with all their hearts. Not to forget that we have several ways to do that.

We understand that you might be having tons of questions and thoughts but just follow the plans along. As parents, you might not know the laws or how to homeschool when you start exploring the option.

We have a simple yet effective mantra for that- YOU CAN DO IT!

This article will get you started and it will also teach how to homeschool your kids. In the meantime, it may also prove to be effective if you are a parent who is looking to supplement what your children are doing in public or private school.

5 Amazing steps to consider before setting up your own Homeschool

We understand that most of you might be worried about your child’s schooling during the Coronavirus pandemic. And if we guessed that right and if you too have got concerns, then you must definitely read this article on to Homeschool your own heart this ‘particular’ year.

1. Figure out the homeschooling laws in your state.

You might be aware of some of the public school norms. In the same manner, homeschools have their own set of rules and laws for each state.

But wait! Always remember that every state has different laws so make sure to read up on them very well. For more help, we suggest that you view the homeschooling laws in your state on How to Homeschool.

Now here’s something you might not have heard of. The majority of the states will allow you to homeschool your kid without any hustle and bustle. But on the other side, states like California require parents to register as private schools. Whereas other states like Pennsylvania mandate that homeschooled children must take a standardized test once they reach third, fifth and eighth grades certainly.

2. Plan out your “why” theory

Herein we expect you to write out your“WHY” with all the passion and determination that you have at the beginning. This will make sure that whenever a bad day comes, you can pull out those “golden nugget” things and let your own words refresh and restore your vision.

Thereafter, once you are done with your“why” theory, we expect you to move on to the “how” theory. I will accomplish that. This “how” theory will signify how well you can teach your children in a home school.

This doesn’t mean that you are bound to follow one style or method exactly. This is because you are free to choose so many different types of homeschooling styles.

Just select those ideas and suggestions that fit your family and your lifestyle’s aspirations.

And guess what, eventually you’ll end up with a method all on your own as you start with your child’s homeschooling.

3. Find a homeschool curriculum that will work for your child

You are free to choose either a complete homeschool curriculum package or refer to a variety of different resources from renowned publishers online. All of this will depend upon your child’s needs. Apart from this, you can also look for other curriculum options in your State’s curriculum Directory as well.

4. Make Accommodations for Working While Homeschooling

As a single working parent or even if both of you have a full-time job, we understand that you may want your homeschool method to be custom-tailored and that too, according to your family dynamic. Don’t worry! Because you can do that. It is possible enough to get your plans tailored, so need not be discouraged.

It’s a universal fact that being a parent isn’t easy. It takes a lot of creativity and juggling, but the positive thing in all of this is that you can still opt for a homeschool if you feel that’s what is right for your family.

5. Be patient.

Know that this journey isn’t going to be a short one. It will probably take you a year to understand the math of the homeschooling process. If you want us to summarise all of this in a few points then we’ll say that it will take practice, trial and error, and patience. Understand that if it’s new for you, then it’s certainly new for your child too.

Take it slow enough and take time to switch from the traditional school version to this new curriculum. Meanwhile, go on trying out different philosophies of education as well as different homeschool curriculum with your kid.


Read this article aloud if you are looking for more help getting started as a new homeschooling parent. You may also reach out to us for more information. You’ll encounter various homeschooling settlers who have even more than 20 years of experience in this field and it seems like just yesterday that they started.

It is obvious to understand that this corona pandemic has left us all speechless and in panic. But just try to understand that once you homeschool your kid’s year, all your complexity, frustration and tension will go away!


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