Facts About Homeschooling Kids With OCD5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Facts About Homeschooling Kids With OCD



Facts About Homeschooling Kids With OCD5 min read

Like any human, even children are susceptible to all kinds of mental illness and habits that could prove to be harmful either physically or make someone less productive. One of the many such cases that prevail is Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD). Unfortunately, OCD is among the many mental illnesses that get wrongly diagnosed and mislabeled as laziness or simply lacking attention and determination.

What is OCD?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health dysfunction. Obsessions can take multiple forms, such as intrusive thoughts triggered by a sensory cue and compel the individual to try to relieve those intrusive thoughts.

For example, many who face the issue live in constant fear of contamination by bacteria and viruses, which may have taken a more robust root in their minds during the pandemic, thus justifying their actions and giving it an unhealthy encouragement. Hence, constant use of sanitizer and disinfectant may have relieved the fear and distracted the affected from the task on hand.

The typical age where this compulsive behavior gets introduced during the teenage when the human mind is receptive to picking up all kinds of habits that may or may not be a good thing, such as being influenced by the compulsive behavior of the person or star like the most.

How is teaching a child with OCD different than usual?

Having to help your child deal with this is stressful, and that gets multiplied when the responsibility of homeschooling the child with special needs comes onto you. Parents with experience describe it as a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from calm days to losing hope and being on the verge of a breakdown.

Like all children with special needs and mental illnesses, even the OCD afflicted children need more time to grasp a concept and comprehend it for application. Hence they require special and undivided attention as concepts are being taught to them.

Although one may eventually lose hope and think of giving it to public schooling, what will happen to the ward where his special needs may not be looked after in the crowd, and somehow, instead of the problems subsiding, it may end up growing? Worse than before, thus complicating the condition further for the child.

Like all children with illnesses, they need special care and patience to be dealt with and walked through these troublesome times. You are their haven, and they look to you when things don’t go smoothly, so it is essential for you to always be there for them.

You will end up feeling alone in the co-op group or among family friends while discussing your child’s condition, but that is not true. Many parents worldwide face a similar problem and always look to discuss it with like-minded people to perfect their methods. Plus, take suggestions from the best.

Taking Care of Yourself

This journey can be pretty exhausting as a parent, and one must take some time out and rest from the demanding needs of your unique child. Make sure you engross yourself in some destressing activity such as yoga and therapy for your anxiety.

Homeschooling is not the culprit

As opposed to the common belief that homeschooling is the main reason that encourages OCD in an individual where the habits grow unchecked and cause further complications, homeschooling provides both parties the much-needed flexibility and pace required to cope with the situation.

Falling prey to the statement that homeschooling is the root cause of many problems about a family’s misfortune can be fatal for the progress you have been working for since the very beginning and will put all your efforts and child’s hard work in vain.

Do not let a couple of stray comments be a reason for self-doubt, and keep fighting like the brave soldier you are.

What are the differences you and your child will see?

You may get to hear from your peers and circles as to how effortless their progress may have been, which could throw you into a state of introspection as you question your qualifications and worthiness to continue teaching your child. I repeat this, “Do not give in!” There may be some days when you may feel that the progress has been stagnant and unsatisfactory. Remember that progress need not be constant everyone has a different phase, and you will conquer it soon.

Embrace for the rollercoaster ride

As mentioned earlier, there will be primes when you test your patience, and you will find giving up easier than holding on to the idea and faith that you can make it to the end. You must know when to give up and when not to. Some families do give up homeschooling after making an informed decision that is best for the whole family, and there’s no shame in that. Because at the tip of the day, we all do what’s best for our children. But make sure that this comes as an informed and well-thought decision instead of an impulsive one.

Find like-minded supporters

One may end up consulting a professional when things seem stagnant for long periods or when you feel that you need to rework your strategy that suits your growing child better. Be sure that you consult a professional who shares your views on homeschooling, encourages you to continue instead of outright discouragement, and forces you to quit in the name of the child’s betterment. They should be determined to push you further in terms of creativity and solving situations like this in an instant, thus making you a better mentor with each visit. It may not be an immediate process, rather a gradual one.

Last of all, you will also need the support of your friends and peers who share the same ideals and help you come up with solutions that will let you overcome the situations with and at the same time, they will always be determined to help you relax and keep your wellbeing in check for you.


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