What You Need to Know About Multiple Literacies and Homeschooling?3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
What You Need to Know About Multiple Literacies and Homeschooling



What You Need to Know About Multiple Literacies and Homeschooling?3 min read


Let us first understand what multiple literacies are. The simple definition is that it is a concept where an individual learns about the different modes of media through which he/she gains a specific understanding.

There are 4 types of literacies

● Textual Literacy
● Visual Literacy
● Digital Literacy
● Technological Literacy

We all know that a person must be very effective in reading and writing but the multiple literacies are of the view that there are also different media which can help children to gain more information and they should know each one of them and it must be included in their home-schooling curriculum.

First of all, let us talk about the types of literacy we have and what we need to know about them.

1. Textual Literacy

It is a kind of literacy that helps a person to communicate in a written form that is most appropriate. Examples of textual literacy must be books and magazines. Now the technology has advanced, and it can also be done through several websites and documents. It’s not only restricted to reading and writing has an essential factor that is to transfer the information correctly and the other person must be able to understand it.

2. Visual Literacy

It is a kind of literacy that allows a person to communicate through various images, photographs, videos, and symbols. It helps the kids to learn about PowerPoint presentations.

3. Digital Literacy

As I said that the technology has advanced, and it is a kind of literacy that helps a person to learn about the information gained through the Internet and smartphones.

4. Technological Literacy

It is a kind of literacy that refers to someone’s capacity to use social media websites safely and with responsibility.

The need for these literacies in our homeschools

Well! We might have seen families which already are doing great at textual and visual literacies but are a little bit uncomfortable with sharing the digital and technological literacies with their kids as they think giving phones to their kids can destroy their academic timetable as social media have both pros and cons. But you know what technology has advanced and we need to move with it otherwise there are high chances that we may stay behind. The kids need to get both digital and technological literacies to move forward in this new world. This generation is born in an age that demands them to know more about digital as compared to the textual part. So parents need to relax and let the kids learn about the vast technology.

Now the question is, How are we going to merge the literacies in homeschool?

It has become compulsory for every parent to teach their kids how to use technology so that they can never lose an opportunity in their lives. They should be educated about how to use it safely and responsibly. Now let’s move forward and let me give you some tips which are going to help you to install the literacies in homeschool.

● Give the child a project which will be for a few months or a year. Guide the kid to do online research on it. It will help the child to gain more knowledge about the digital and technology literacies.
● Allow the kid to have his/her own YouTube channel. It’s so trendy nowadays and surely the future also lies on this platform.
● Podcasts are the most interesting part of this new generation. Let your kid listen to it every day or during the morning walk.
● Make accounts of your kid on social media. For Example, Facebook or Instagram keep the terms and conditions in mind.
● Allow the kid to play games. For Example, Playstations.


It will help the kids to learn about these two literacies. The parents can also assign the task to check if the kids are learning everything properly or not. For Example, by asking them to make presentations or asking them to prepare a report regarding the knowledge that they acquired from the same.


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