5 Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe (and the Truth Behind Them)3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe (and the Truth Behind Them)



5 Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe (and the Truth Behind Them)3 min read

Believes of Homeschooling Mom

There are many myths we believe in, and sometimes we forget to go-in depth about the myths. The same might be with mothers who have been homeschooling, and they believe upon five lies and now let’s learn the truth behind them.

There’s a guilt that begins with being a homeschooling mom. It’s mom-guilt squared where we don’t care about our kids enough then, plus we go and make a selection to be their full-time teacher and only advocate too, but, somehow we forget that we are parents as well.

1: It would help if you had a teaching degree to be a successful homeschooling parent

Before educating our younger ones, we must ensure to have capabilities to teach them on home ground, so we must have the proper skill set. Therefore, a teaching degree is essential for understanding the basic principle and overall teaching process to have a good start. In my opinion, we should understand the lower ground what children need and the right skill set for them, so they don’t get homesick feelings before they become teenagers.

Homeschooling is parenting with books.

2: Your child’s struggles are the result of your decision to homeschool

Yes, right you take to own your decision but never impose on anyone who don’t know the fields you are in so must ensure not to make our baby struggle to find the path they want in life there is the most probable that when they grow their goals may differ what you want. Therefore, it becomes a struggle for life.

Your children will have to hustle in life irrespective of where they go to study.

If something, homeschooling has made my children’s hustles more endurable. We should be grateful to homeschooling for providing that expected flexibility and peace.

3: Your kids need to be enrolled in a co-op

Your kids must be enrolled in co-op with you to make homeschooling reliable that you must ensure to make overall development for bright future, so in future, they have different options to choose to grow carrier in life so from essential provides a holistic environment to ensure your child can become an excellent mature person in future.

4: Other homeschool moms have it all together

Seriously, Homeschooling looks a lot different than I thought it would. Kids never loved nature walks or begged for science experiments. I forced them to go on most of our field trips, and we stopped doing crafts when it got too stressful. Cultural activities are an essential part of growing and boosting their brain cells in all directions. In the future, they can face the all-mighty creature and understand what to choose because there may be a situation to face a stage or a meeting. Still, in the case of homeschooling, they found themself in trouble to face such challenges. Therefore, we must give them a holistic view of near-future life to face every situation.

Being a part of a homeschool co-op is a big responsibility, and it’s nice not having that on our shoulders as of now.

5: Other homeschool moms have it all together

It’s not like homeschooling moms run on batteries. After all, they are only human, and it’s pretty natural for them to get burned out; the problem here is that homeschooling moms feel a little ashamed to admit that they get tired of teaching their children. Well, homeschooling is about education. Moreover, it’s genuine 24/7 work quite essential to prioritize, but it’s also important to spare some time with you to sit back and relax; otherwise, you’ll end up being a pretty miserable homeschooling mom who goes every insane now and then. The only solution is to plan the entire thing ahead of time, add a block for homeschooling in your schedule and teach accordingly. That way, you’ll be able to manage your day-to-day job efficiently and teach your kids as well without going insane.


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