Homeschooling High School On A Budget5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 14, 2021



Homeschooling High School On A Budget5 min read

High school studies are usually hard on the pocket for most people. Even the people who have homeschooled themselves start second guessing if to continue the same in high school. One of the biggest reasons is the cost. The study material involves curriculum, lab equipment, field trips, other books, and supplies. There are many ways to cut down on extravagant expenses and still properly educate children. These can be just a few life hacks or proper substitutes to high-end things.


Choosing the correct curriculum is very important because it is a matter of the long run. If one chooses a curriculum that is inappropriate or unfit for the kid, then changing from one to another may make a hole in the pocket, not to mention the already wasted money on the previous one.


Pooling the necessary resources with other homeschooling families becomes very helpful and proves to be very feasible. Partner with other families on resources that can be pooled like lab equipment and other electronic items. It is also a great way to socialize because children and works together and the cost is saved


Sites like Amazon, eBay sell used study materials for kids. Buying used material can obviously save your cost because most of these things are in good condition and are usable. You can also use teachers’ handbooks or supplements because we all know they are in the best condition.
Another way to get used materials is homeschool groups if you are a part of one of them.

Pro tip: Sell your old curricula because that will add a little more to your pocket as well as helping someone else so it is a win-win situation. Pro-pro tip: If you’re in the market for a desktop PC, consider the cost-effective option of purchasing a refurbished all-in-one computer.


Online educational sites are a blessing these days. Sites like Khan Academy provide so much in terms of syllabi and EasyPeasy provides free material for homeschool curriculum. Also, sites like or Ed-Helper also provide you with printable study material and worksheets to work with.


Apart from the primary and biggest use of the library, borrowing books, you can use it in many other ways because many libraries offer resources such as online classes or access to computer based courses. Your pocket is already funding the library so you would need to use all the facilities. You can borrow DVDs, audiobooks from there instead of buying them. Many libraries have resource rooms for local history or genealogy. All libraries now even have computers with internet access to help you.
Another notable advantage is that some libraries offer homeschool perks like free printing services.


One of the advantages of homeschooling is that different grades can be taught at the same time. Amalgamating two grade levels will not only save time but also reduce costs.


Buying school supplies in bulk are relatively cheaper than buying in small quantities. What normally costs you a dollar will be reduced down to 75% if you buy say 60 units of the same thing, if you think it is of no use to you you can split the cost with friends. So it is feasible to you and to them too.


Yes, a tablet is not a great idea when talking about budget but in the long run, a tablet is a multi-use commodity and it can help you do e-reading, visual learning using movies and pictures and also many e-books are available for free on them. Say if you have a subscription to any apps, audiobooks, or free books that are available as free perks.


Instead of spending money on everything, try doing a few things on your own like a lesson plan binder DIY is available online because mostly these cost a lot. Similarly, there are a lot of things where you can try these DIYs.


In this digital era, there are a lot of online homeschooling options available like

  • Khan academy
  • Crash Course
  • Easy Peasy
  • Ambleside Online

These are the sites known for amazing courses which you can avail online, some for free. With interactive and highly well-explained sessions, they are a deal breaker.


Multiple person tutoring sessions are a thing. Freelance teachers can offer you discounts if you have a number of people and they may even provide additional discounts for virtual teaching sessions since they are a lifesaver now.


Do check out community colleges online. Most of them have education courses for adults that would also be appropriate for high school children being homeschooled. Keep a check on local colleges too for any seminar or lectures that the community is asked to attend.

Since field trips are also a part of the homeschool system. Here are ways you can save money on field trips.


Homeschool discounts are outrightly mentioned and available at various platforms and places and if not you can just ask for them. They steal a deal and who doesn’t like to save over 50% on the cost.


It is a widely known fact that taking offseason trips saves a fortune. Due to seasonal demand, prices may hike time to time so try to check out off season options. It also avoids crowds.


Teamwork is dreamwork and this works everywhere. Consider being a part of a co-op. Joining a co-op can save you a lot of money. It has minimal fees and has amazing benefits, it offers various activities be it academic or social. So if you plan a group trip, a group discount is easily available in most places.

Hence, we can see that even though homeschooling high school is not a huge money saver but we all can find ways to save our money and not make a hole in our pockets be it prior checking of the curriculum or buying used study materials or taking the virtual or the online way of learning, above enlisted are the ways to handle high school homeschooling on a budget.


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