The enemy of Homeschool : Guilt6 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
The enemy of Homeschool: Guilt



The enemy of Homeschool : Guilt6 min read


If you are a homeschool parent who has been at this for more than 15 minutes, then you might know that home education is totally different from a traditional school setting. In simple words, homeschooling refers to the way of living one’s life.

But the interesting thing to note is that the regular standards and old rules are still deeply engraved inside the same. You can think of Learning as a kid with a pencil, this is valid even if that kid is perched in a tree.

Undoubtedly, we all had that experience at least once. It’s possible that you might be chatting with your in-laws currently who might not really think that homeschooling must be adopted or not. The other case could be that you’re chatting with another homeschooling child’s mama who always tells you “have it together”. Apart from this particular question, you may also get questioned as to how your homeschooling process is going on. Don’t you think that it is an Innocent question? Haha. But the reality is that such a question will sink your day even faster than the Titanic. What you can probably do is reply to them by saying “Fine” or even “ ya, we absolutely love it” in case you are brave enough to say that. Are you hoping that they don’t ask for details? Read on to know your answer.


This can prove to be one of the hardest parts for you, but never forget that this part is extremely important. All you need to do is find out where you are. Just completed your phonics curriculum until now? No problem, we’ll help you out! But before that, just know where you currently are (as we already said)

Just give yourself some time, it’s of no use to find out how much of your curriculum you didn’t do till now. Introspect yourself and focus on the non-book ways that you’ve both grown (as parents)

No matter how old your kid is. He is learning new life skills every day. Here we aren’t counting“homeschooling” but we are certainly considering it as an essential life skill that your kid has learned during his homeschooling process. Has your kid learned how to manage his/her own room, wash the dishes or cook something? Such things count as well 🙂

Get Some Perspective

If you also went to a public school like the majority of us did, you already know that there wasn’t even a single year where we completed all the lectures in a line by line manner. Most of the teachers jump around, skip some of the parts. Meanwhile, the class needed to work through their behavior issues, or something else.

As a homeschooling parent, you must try to do the same thing but with your own plans. Understand that sometimes it is okay to not study continuously, take a break or play nice with your other child as well. Believe it or not, but it is completely worth it and better than practicing those multiplication tables or class lessons. It’s okay, teachers in traditional schools also do it sometimes.

On the other hand, if your child has already completed his syllabus and there’s still a few weeks of lessons left then don’t sweat it. What you can do is let them review the current syllabus in the first few months of the next grade’s books.

Just Let Go

If your child comes and tells you that s/he lied because of something. Then instead of being rude or scolding them, sometimes you can tell them that it’s okay, we are happy that at least you accepted your false behavior or act. This is the hardest part for them as well. Appreciate them when it’s needed. If your neighbor’s kids learned four languages this year, then that’s lovely! But remember that not all kids are the same. You can’t expect your kid to compete with others just for the sake of societal pressure.

Keep in mind that everybody has a purpose in life. Everything that happens with us and around us, happens because it is meant to be. Similarly, homeschooling came to your mind because God already planned it that way! You must always try to strive to be the best parents that you can be. Yes, we know that being perfect is just not possible. But the least you can do is at least try.

Signs of Guilt: 2 Factors that Cause Guilt

1. A Wrongful Action

Psychology says that one of the most common reasons to experience guilt is when a person has done something wrong, maybe physically or by emotionally harming others. In such a situation, we often feel guilty thinking about the adverse consequences that one may have to deal with. This also happens when a person crosses his or her boundaries. No matter what type of boundary they cross, the consequence is almost the same. It also occurs when a person goes against his or her ethics and morals, such as lying.

2. Guilty Thoughts

This is another sign of guilt that is quite common amongst today’s generation. It is absolutely okay to go think about bad thoughts from time to time. Sometimes it happens that we don’t even wish to think about it, but the thought keeps on revolving around.

And as a result, such negative thoughts can lead to guilt. You may even feel guilty for thinking these bad thoughts but you lose control to act on it.

On the other hand, even your thought of doing something that may result in violating your ethical code, such as dishonesty, disloyal, or illegal, can cause a guilty conscience inside you.


Before planning your next move, always remember that only if you have the power to change your self-thoughts, then only you’ll get the power to change your emotions.

The moment when you realize that you didn’t see yourself accurately, things will automatically start to get better. Thereafter, you’ll be able to re-adjust your own attitude and analyze the ongoing thoughts accordingly to avoid experiencing guilty feelings.

After all this, if you realize that you still didn’t get your answer and you’re struggling with getting over your guilt, then it is always advisable to talk to a professional education therapist. We hope that you find all your answers here itself, but if you still feel uncomfortable then the alternative is already given to you. The therapist will help you to overcome your stress and move forward the right way.

If you don’t have enough time to go travel to see a therapist in person then referring to an online therapy course is probably the best alternative.


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