10 Lies People Believe About Homeschooling Families5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
10 Lies People Believe About Homeschooling Families



10 Lies People Believe About Homeschooling Families5 min read

While those who know what this life is all about may roll their eyes at these falsehoods, they can pose a real problem for those who are either considering homeschooling or who may have just started.
Failure to educate is not included in the state’s definition of neglect, meaning that California’s Child Protective Services does not intervene in homeschool settings unless abuse or other forms of neglect are also involved.

Given below is a list of 10 lies about homeschooling, one needs to ignore.

10 Lies About Homeschooling

Homeschoolers need to observe equal legal guidelines as a public school

We suppose this thinking commenced circulating due to the fact of the confusion between cyber education and homeschooling. Since cyber schoolers and, very often, cyber college applications refer to themselves as homeschoolers. This can be difficult for those who don’t apprehend that they are two exclusive things. Cyber schoolers are sure to have equal rules as public schools because they are- public faculty at home. Homeschooling, however, is accompanied by the aid of a unique set of laws. That’s one of the methods you can use to inform the distinction between the two.

Homeschooled youngsters can’t study or write

A widely spread homeschooling myth is that homeschool kids cannot read and write and we believe that it is so unfair that such a thing has been spread and people do actually think that way. It is very bad on the part of the ones who spread such lies because homeschooling is such a tough job and such kids excel in all fields and are reportedly more active than the non-homeschooling kids.

Homeschool parents don’t trouble to instruct their youngsters because they’re too busy ready for the rapture

Seriously. We don’t even desire to dignify this ridiculous assertion with an answer. But, don’t get me wrong. We believe this will appear someday, perhaps in my lifetime, possibly not; however, that doesn’t affect my duty to educate my children. We genuinely have no phrases for this one. Sigh.

Homeschooled youngsters don’t research right

Homeschooled youngsters do not study right. We are not aware of what that actually means. We are guessing it would possibly stem from the truth that most homeschoolers don’t research in a textbook/lecture/classroom setting. But even if that’s the case, don’t human beings understand how poorly that setup certainly works? Homeschoolers have the gain of studying in a way that fits them best. They aren’t pressured to suit in that cookie-cutter mold that solely virtually suits a pick few.

Homeschooled children are weird

While there are some exceeding homeschoolers, there are also some tremendously bizarre public students. Like, really. It’s not like homeschoolers have the market for weirdness. If you would go to the mall proper now, pick out the people you notion used to be the most “unique,” and ask them the place they went to school, odds are they’d supply you the title of a brick and mortar school- now not a homeschool. And to be honest, we say that if your children are weird, embody it. Homeschooling permits teenagers to be the people they virtually are. Without peer stress and societal expectations, homeschoolers sincerely have the advantage of being men and women rather than followers.

Homeschoolers don’t recognize how to engage with humans backyard their families

Do homeschoolers be aware of how to interact? This is some other one we, in reality, have to shake our heads at. This isn’t the 1980s. Homeschooling is widespread, so I’m positive most human beings recognize that homeschoolers aren’t locked up in their homes all day. Yet this lie perpetuates. In our society, I’ve found that humans are getting extra and more significant to the fact that they’ll parrot what others have stated except clearly wondering about it. It’s like you point out the phrase “homeschool,” and an alarm goes off in people’s heads:

They don’t know what they’re saying. It’s simply a computerized reaction, like when anyone sneezes and you say, “Bless you.”

Homeschoolers have neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. They have interaction with human beings at the grocery store, bank, and artwork class. And, not like a standard school setting, they get to speak to and dangle out with human beings of all ages, now not a lecture room full of children their very own age who they’re no longer even supposed to speak to.

Homeschoolers can’t go to school

This is the twenty-first century, so we’re again taken aback that this is nevertheless an issue.

Yes. Homeschoolers can get into college. Many schools are searching for them out because homeschoolers have been trained so that, truly put, they understand how to learn. So let’s put this one to rest. Pretty please.

In homeschool, parents should be hiding something

There is without a doubt a coalition of people who are attempting to make homeschooling legal guidelines extra strict. They cite situations of child abuse in homeschooling households.

Okay. I recognize some stressful instances involving homeschooled children; however, most baby abuse instances contain youngsters who go to public school.

Homeschool parents are lazy

A couple of years ago, I studied a remark somewhere that mentioned that the cause of homeschooling is that they’re too lazy to get up and get their youngsters on the bus.


Getting your youngsters on the bus is by some means more challenging than caring for your youngsters all day long? However, not solely that there’s the introduced mess, the more fantastic dishes, the daily bickering, and, oh yeah, the teaching!

Homeschooled youngsters don’t get to trip the actual world

Oh, proper gravy. How is sitting in a faculty construction for seven hours a day the actual world?? We will inform you. It’s not. It is a simulation of the actual world and a bad one at that. This is any other speaking factor that sounds off the homeschool alarm. Warning! Warning! Again, how is it now not apparent that when children can stay and interact in the neighborhood around them every day, they are the ones in the actual world!

These are the top 10 lies which we hear about homeschoolers.

Final Words

There’s no feasible way absolutely everyone may want to be out and about every day besides dealing with bad troubles each now and again. They run into trouble with them all the time. Unfortunately, it is aware of no borders. You discover it everywhere.


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