Don’t Be Engulfed by Homeschooling5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 14, 2021



Don’t Be Engulfed by Homeschooling5 min read

Taking this bold decision is a feat that requires immense courage and dedication to make sure that your child’s path leads to the correct destination and the journey is as smooth as possible.

One may be overwhelmed by the various options that might be possible to achieve the goal of successful homeschooling. Some options may feel appealing, while some may be monotonous but may work the best. Therefore, instead of feeling like a kid in a candy shop, one should employ a practical approach and consider the selection and combination of what may yield the best results.

Avoiding something without discerning the aspects from all perspectives could be detrimental. But, on the flip side, if we are not avoiding something that puts us in trouble could be disastrous to our minds.

You might be wondering that if homeschooling is powerful, then why do we need to avoid it?

There’s a reason behind everything, and here is the case of excesses and repetition, which could be a hassle for children. So, let’s try to understand this and figure out the points through an example of a boy who is an epicure. Though he is a food-lover, he hates healthy food like broccoli. He always denies healthy foods and looks out for junk, which leads to food poisoning and other diseases. Despite the fact he is suffering from diseases, he continues to prefer junk and unhealthy food. It became the reason for serious concern for his family because, on the other hand, he is stubborn too for food.

As same as excesses of activities could be dangerous for a homeschooled child. How exactly? Trying to understand with an example, the children who have been homeschooled, despite likenesses of those activities, their parents are continuously adding the activities to schedules, which could hamper the mental abilities. As a result, children can be in deep thought of hating pieces of stuff.

How to avoid homeschooling overwhelm?

Overweighing of Improper Listed Activities

The addition of activities is listed according to the capabilities of a child can be considered and altered based on the child’s interest. However, if a child’s interest is not accounted for while planning the homeschooling projects, it could devastate their learning process. This usually happens when the schedule is planned by a parent who is not a professional and fails to analyze the child’s needs. Moreover, it hampers the activities that have been put into action after thorough deliberation, not being given to a child by a professional trainer. Eventually, it lacks consistency in interests.
So, we should be aware that if we do not organize things according to one’s interest and put a load with no proper training, results worse. Hence, we need to ensure that overweighing of subjects should be avoided and organized based on one’s interests and capabilities after proper research. It can either be achieved through a professional or a parent if you share a good bond with your child only when you favor homeschooling because mostly the one who has been homeschooled has no feeling of authority, for example, the dread of uncertainty while heading into the unknown.

Technique to deal with the vast array of possibilities and give your child the best of both worlds

Do not panic and be practical enough in your approach when you feel bombarded by multiple opinions. Because each ward may have a different need, make sure you understand them and keep that in mind when selecting learning tools and experiences to help enhance the memories that your child may have with you. It is an important step, as it may significantly impact whether the strategy is deemed worthy enough to be implemented later on.

Never be hesitant to approach a professional when deciding what’s best for your child when in a fix. Sometimes simple decisions are not enough. One must spend more time with the student to take specific feedback into account, to make the process interactive and adaptive as the child grows out of it. Like any ordinary clothing, the ward may grow out of the strategy quickly and will be left yearning for something new. Never be afraid to give new things a try, and a simple question, “How would you do it?” always goes a long way to make sure mutual understanding is maintained.

Taking an off from the tiring process of constantly having to plan out things is a much-needed routine. It is often seen that even creative minds like artists can see an episode of stale ideologies and plans when burnt out from overdoing it. Be sure to use that time to unwind and catch up with your family and child because, during this time, the child speaks with no prejudice and answers honestly hence helping you decide if the methodologies have benefited in the learning process. It is equally necessary for the child to relax, as they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, be sure to give the child a well-deserved rest as well.

Use this opportunity to go on mini-vacations to help interactively learn the heritage of many historical places and appreciate the natural beauty of the scenic locations around you.
As they grow up, they can comprehend the strategies and will begin suggesting more methods that work for them. Be sure to take that into account whenever possible so that the process stays true to its interactive and personalized roots.

Lastly, I would like to end this topic with an example of what you may have experienced while at a Baskin Robins or a Subway as you are presented with an opportunity to customize your order. Just because you are presented with an opportunity to select from a wide range of possibilities does not mean that you put it all in. Some combinations may deteriorate the experience, and some may enhance it, so be mindful of what you choose and if it is the correct order to introduce something at any given time. Never be afraid to take your time to decide in terms of something as significant as your child’s future.


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