The 10 Commandments of Homeschooling4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
The 10 Commandments of Homeschooling



The 10 Commandments of Homeschooling4 min read

Homeschooling can be better if you have it while keeping 10 commandments in your mind. Homeschooling is fun when you are doing it with complete dedication and happiness. It will surely lead you to success if you are happy while doing it. But if you start looking at it while having many other things in your head, you can find it very difficult. So in today’s topic, I will tell you about 10 commandments to keep in your psyche to have healthy homeschooling. So let’s start.

Never Compare Your Homeschooling With Anyone Else: Yes! You read it right. What usually happens is even if we are having a good time with our homeschooling and our kids are also trying their best. Everything is going well. But then there are you who think that my friend’s homeschooling is far better than mine. This can be very dangerous for your mental health. It will steal away your happiness, and all you will get in the end is only regret. So never try to compare your homeschooling with anyone.

Never kill the pleasure of learning: If the kids want to learn about topics not scheduled on the timetable. Let them learn about the topics which will bring them peace of mind. It will increase the interest of the kids, and they will be able to study correctly.

Never become a slave to your curriculum: Don’t pressure your kids by setting up a strict curriculum. If it’s not working, then you have all the right to change it or leave it for some time. And work according to what suits you the most.

Don’t give importance to shiny objects: By shiny objects, I mean the technology that has advanced a lot. And it can identically distract you if you did give it the significance which it doesn’t need. All you have to do is to keep the goals in your mind and work for them. If the homeschool is working correctly, then there is no need to change it.

Never destroy your relationship due to academics: You need to remember that your kid is also your child first. It would help if you talked to him very frankly and maintained a positive relationship with your child. Never try to hurt them or start being rude to them due to being a homeschooler. Your kids will learn more if you have an optimistic approach towards them.

Educate yourself about your state’s homeschooling laws: You should first know about the restrictions that the law of your state has put on homeschooling. If you follow those, it will affect others too. If it becomes difficult for you to know the laws, you can use google or can go to the nearby homeschool local group, which will guide you.

Never get affected by a non-homeschooler: I know it can be hard when someone criticizes you, but you don’t have to worry about that. It’s you who is working; they can never understand you. Maybe your friends or relatives will criticize you, but all you have to do is move forward in life, and it all will fade away one day.

Surround yourself with decent books: You should keep in mind that you are a homeschooler and need to get books for kids or yourself. Get more books, and you will get the knowledge that you can forward to other people and your kids. It will give you peace. And this is what you need.

Go for good counseling: You must always prefer good counseling for homeschooling. You can get a good amount of information from the families who themselves are homeschoolers. You can share information, and they will share theirs. It can be a lot of fun. It will ease all your difficulties, and you can become a fair homeschooler.

Only spread Grace: There can be days when you are struggling. But all you need at that time is grace. Maybe everything will not work out. There can be times when you will face difficulty as a homeschooler. However, it will help you have immense joy and happiness and move forward in life with a healthy mindset.

Final Words

We hope that you will read the commandments properly, and you will become a better version of yourself by keeping these commandments in your mind. A good homeschooler, and what else will you need?


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