What Does a Homeschooled Teenager’s Schedule Look Like?4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
What Does a Homeschooled Teenager’s Schedule Look Like?



What Does a Homeschooled Teenager’s Schedule Look Like?4 min read

After making the decision about if you should homeschool or not and selecting a curriculum, you need to figure out how to create a homeschooling schedule becomes a tiring and crucial task. Since, most of the homeschooling parents did their schooling the conventional way, where there was not much of a need to make their own schedule because it was done by the schools. You had a properly laid down timetable in hand which you had to follow religiously. But it is evidently different when it comes to homeschooling teens. It has to be made by taking into account a lot of factors like the grade level, or if the core or major subjects of the kid are strong, and if special attention needs to be given to any of them. Also, if your child is a night owl or an early bird is also a huge determining factor.

So what should an ideal homeschool schedule look like? How to create one? The complete freedom and customizability of homeschooling can be both good and bad.

Divide and brainstorm

You need to lay down everything which you have on your plate and just do things step by step. Let us see how we can go about a yearly schedule.


The most primal thing is to determine the annual plan. Now, this can depend on your area too, the state laws for homeschooling. Some of them specify the number of homeschool days some may require a number of hours for home instruction and so on. Whereas, many others would just make no such conditions mandatory and make it a totally independent and self-governing scenario.

Usually, a 36-week model is considered to be standard. It has four 9-week quarters, 2 180 weeks semesters. Mostly the homeschool plan is laid out on the basis of this 36-week model.
Now some people may just plan it all out at once and some may take it to step by step.


To estimate the small print of your weekly schedule, select the framework for your yearly homeschool schedule. Take foreign factors corresponding to work schedules into consideration before designing your weekly schedule.

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that your weekly schedule doesn’t ought to be Monday through Friday. If one or each folk has an unconventional work week, you’ll modify your college days to maximize family time. For example, if a parent works Wednesday through Sunday, you can create that your school week, as well, with Monday and Tuesday being your family’s weekend.

A weekly homeschool schedule can even be adjusted to accommodate an irregular work schedule. If a parent works six days one week and 4 the next, the college can follow an equivalent schedule.

Some families do their regular school work four days every week reserving the fifth day for co-op, field trips, or different outside-the-home lessons and activities.


Two different planning choices are block schedules and loop schedules. A block schedule is one during which one or a lot of subjects are assigned an oversized span of time, say a handful of days per week rather than an hour approximately every day.

For example, you may schedule two hours for history on Mondays and Wednesdays and two hours for science on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Block scheduling permits students to totally specialize in a specific subject while not over-scheduling the college day. It allows time for activities like hand-on history projects and science labs.


A loop schedule is one during which there’s an inventory of activities to accomplish however there is no specific day to cover them. Instead, you and your students pay time on every as it turns up on the list.

For example, if you’d prefer to make some window in your homeschool schedule for art, cooking, or even dance or music, but you don’t have time to devote to them each day, add them to a loop schedule. Then, confirm what percentage days you would like to incorporate loop schedule subjects.

Perhaps, you select Wednesdays and Fridays. On Wednesday, you study art and Geography, Science, and on Friday, music. On a given Friday, you’ll run out of your time for music, therefore the following Wednesday, you’d like to cover that and art with geography and cooking on Friday.

Block planning and loop scheduling can go hand in hand.


Most of the time once individuals raise regarding homeschool schedules, they’re referring to the core daily schedules. Like yearly schedules, your state’s homeschool laws may dictate some aspects of your daily schedule. For example, some states’ homeschooling laws need a particular variety of hours of daily instruction.

New homeschooling oldsters usually think about how long a homeschool day ought to be. They worry that they aren’t doing enough as a result of it’s going to solely take 2 or 3 hours to induce through the day’s work, significantly if the scholars are young.


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