Challenges for Homeschooled Teen to Land on First Job6 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Interview: The Most Challenging for Homeschooled Teen to Land on First Job



Challenges for Homeschooled Teen to Land on First Job6 min read

The first job always adds a new experience to your skillset irrespective of your perfection percentage. In addition to this, the first interview is, for most people is not the final first interview. To get the first job, you might need to pass several first interviews if you start correcting your mistakes.

When it comes to teens, it’s challenging to handle the pressure. When I commenced my first job as a teen, I applied for more than 10 companies. I was interviewed 10 times and then got selected. At first, I was unsure about the application answers. In addition to this, when the interviewer asked me questions, based on my resume. I answered them with an uncertain tone, even though I excel in those skills. It was a deplorable time for me because of not answering them correctly about the skills I mastered. It seemed pointless for me to learn all those. But I was not aware that it usually happens in your first interview or even after the first interview unless you join your first job.

We know that everything has its ends, so obviously, my first job searching journey ended when I joined my first job. However, the way it haunted me, I encouraged myself to help teens prepare for a more beneficial job-hunting adventure.

Look for Their First Job

To land a job, you must have to start by finding open positions. But, first, you can check the places where you shop, eat, and library. Few places do not advertise the openings, so you can get in touch with the manager or ask your social circle to inform you in case they know.

Moreover, you can check the official websites of those places where you would like to work. For example, most corporate employees mention job opportunities for job-hunters, and you can find the link near the bottom of the main page or in the job opportunities section.

You might be engaged with your daily routines. So, you can go for seasonal work, which even adds work experience to a teen resume. Here, you even have the chance to leave in mid of the tenure, without any negative impression at the end. And, if you love it, this employment could offer you regular or part-time work.

Filling Out a Job Application

In the era of technology and the online process, most companies prefer online applications. Most of the stores have applications kiosks and refuse to accept paper applications. Therefore, you need to ensure that teens know how to fill out a job application, either paper or online, but more importantly, it must be errorless.

As simple as filling the first name as first name and last name as last name, likewise the entire form. You can make them handy with a sample application form at home. It ensures them that they have filled the pieces of information based on the requirement of the application appropriately. It would be good if they asked for more than one form or two to use another if an error is made while filling it out, which is entirely normal as humans are prone to make them nervous.

Applications have the option of two or three personal or professional references. Teen needs a few basic details of every reference they will mention in the form, and those are

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number

Teens can consider references from

  • Family-friends
  • Youth
  • Instructors
  • A family member who worked in that place
  • Neighbors
  • Co-op

The company has a security check. So, you need to ensure that the social details should be secure on the site who have been filling up the form. Consequently, if the company shows interest in you and they give a background check, they won’t find something inappropriate.

Your social security is not in requirement until further in the acquisition process as I have not come across this yet. But I advise that you find a trusted website such as an official website with HTTPS and the guarded lock in the browser window. Then consider it safe to enter your details for online applications. So, in case if they’re unsure, they either contact your references like your dad or you directly.


It is the most awaited and challenging situation of job-hunting. Train your teen for the first impression with the mentioned tips,


Irrespective of the job, your first impression comes with your way of dressing up for the interview. Formals are beautiful, though your dress should be in a neat and clear appearance. You can go for a paring of khaki pants or nice jeans (no cuts) with a polo shirt or button-down. Teens should brush their hair, their teeth and ensure their nails are clean and trimmed. Being neat and clean even brings positivity and confidence in me. So, I suggest you maintain the hygiene as potential employers always look at it while considering employees’ health.

I wouldn’t say this yet; few people are gifted with a charm from the day they were born. However, this doesn’t intend that you can bring that to yourself. If I talk about me, I wasn’t born with it, but yes, I worked on making myself convincing. Furthermore, now it’s a positive part about me and grants me a sense of confidence before I go for an interview.
Sometimes company notifies on their own for the dress they allow in the culture. So do give a check on company’s profile and ask the reference about the culture they have.


Be punctual on the interview day; you can reach 10-15 minutes early but not more than this. Parents, it’s for you; do not follow your child to the interview room or wait in the car or in whatever you drive him to the place. Make your child a mature independent job candidate. Anyhow, being dependable doesn’t mean that you don’t ask for help and do things on your own and commit a mistake. Suggest the teens make eye contact, greet the interviewer with a polite and calm smile. Be calm, have a firm handshake, and speak clearly.

Help them using common interview questions ( So that they can be confident in front of the interviewer while answering them. Keep the updated information of your reference through which you came.
Do not take a cell phone in your interview room.

Getting done with your interview

Instantly, as a parent, you must help them to open a savings account for their salary. Not only a bank account but even such documents that every company asks for, especially when it comes to teen proofs. Moreover, make them aware as well.

Eventually, it’s a time to understand them because once they get selected, they’re not only a teen but a responsible teen. Good luck!


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