6 Tips for a Successful First Day of Homeschool3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Tips for a Successful First Day of Homeschool



6 Tips for a Successful First Day of Homeschool3 min read

A new school year is upon us. It can be a challenging transition to start a new school year. It’s that time of the year again when we start preparing for our 16th year of homeschooling. This year, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips for making the transition easier.

Few things to remember before the first day of Homeschooling

  • It’s time to get into the details of your child’s schedule. This year, take a few minutes to go over the year’s schedule and explain what each day will look like.
  • Learning to keep things structured helps kids get into a rhythm quickly. Having a routine helps them get used to it, and it will keep them from repeating.
  • Having a set of routines can help give structure to your day. There are many ways to start your day, such as reading a book, singing special songs, or going to recess. Having a school routine can also help ease the transition.
  • You might also want to hand out a schedule to remind your kids what they should be doing each day. For older kids, a schedule taped to their folders or binders might be enough to remind them what they should be doing.

6 Tips for a successful first day for homeschooling:

1. Set your calendar

Having a start date on your calendar is an important step in planning for the new year. It makes it official and it changes everything.

2. Go school shopping

Getting back to school means getting back to books, pencils, erasers, crayons, etc. Since the school supplies are very important, decide to splurge a little bit on some of these.

3. Do the planning

Having a plan in place is important for everyone. Some people prefer a set plan, while others prefer to work with a flexible schedule. Some people prefer to type their lessons in a lesson planning system, while others prefer to do the next thing in each subject.

4. Set up the workspace

Do you have a dedicated school room or a kitchen table for homeschooling? When we started homeschooling, we started in the basement. Eventually, we moved to a house with enough space to have a dedicated homeschool room. Regardless of where you work, make sure that your workspace is organized and ready to go. Make sure that all of your supplies are in one central location.

5. Start off the right way

Do you need to get up early to start the day off right? This will help prepare the kids for their first day back to school. Make sure they are in bed at a decent time before school starts. They can also set an alarm if they are older, or wake them gently once they return to school. It’s important to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast and warm oatmeal are better ways to start the day than a sugar crash.

6. Take it slow

Don’t dive into the books first. Instead, start slowly and make sure your kids are aware of their expectations. This year, start with a couple of subjects and gradually add the others as the kids get used to the new school year. No matter how big your plans are, there are always going to be obstacles. Some kids may not feel like they’re ready to start school yet. Others may be irritable and shy. Being flexible with your kids will help you in a great way.


You’ve finally made it through the first day of school. You’ve planned everything in advance, and now it’s time to start. You’ve got all the planning done. Now, it’s time to step up and start preparing for school. This will be the first time that you’ll be fully prepared for anything. The first day of school can be hard, but starting on the right foot can make it easier. We hope this article helped you with getting successful on the first day of homeschooling.


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