How to Homeschool Science in Middle School and High School?5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
How to Homeschool Science in Middle School and High School



How to Homeschool Science in Middle School and High School?5 min read


Have you ever wondered what some of the most high-interest subjects with young kids are? Yes, you guessed that right- Science topics. It isn’t surprising to note that young children always desire to know why a certain thing happens in that way. They wish to know how and why things work.

Coming to one of the most intriguing unit studies that you’ll probably encounter is the study on the human body. If you ask them whether they would want to learn more about the Little kids, chances are less that they’ll deny. Further, they also enjoy topics such as– space and bugs and volcanoes and whatnot.

This is the main reason why books and shows are so popular. Some of the most notable names include such The Magic School Bus and The Magic Treehouse. The “Magic” is itself what we call science.

How Science Becomes Boring

Once most of the children get to their middle school and high school level, science becomes boring for them. Don’t think that the magic has changed. But the actual thing is that we have an inborn tendency of sucking all the fun out of it – especially when our children are at the high school level.

Many teens have an interest in high school biology – and we can bet that such children aren’t alone – but on the other side, there are many children who don’t find middle school and high school level science really amazing or worth it.

Well, what we can tell you is that in total, there are only three ways by which a person can manage to take an amazing topic like science and make it boring.

  1. Not indulging in captivating books and switching such books to dry textbooks
  2. Not interested in hands-on learning and relying on the soft copy material
  3. In this case, a person tries to squeeze teens into a college-bound box. But instead, they should allow interest-led exploration

Further, you’ll find endless ways to teach your middle school and high school science and that too without draining all the life out of otherwise fascinating topics.

Alternatives to Science Textbooks

In case you aren’t a science minded parent, it would be really difficult for you to teach this particular subject without taking the help of an alternative textbook. Nevertheless, this doesn’t indicate that you’ll have to rely on it completely. Instead, as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to use this alternative book as your spine.

Options for Hands-on Middle School and High School Science

If you choose to opt for some Hands-on science activities, then keep in mind that they can get more expensive – as well as dangerous – Once your kids reach their middle school and high school age.

But still what is observed is that science labs and experiments are a huge part of keeping the magic of science alive in the hearts of the people. Just try the ideas we have mentioned below. These ideas are particularly for continuing hands-on learning in middle school and high school.

1. Purchase the right supplies.

You’ll realize the fact that by the time your teens get into high school, you’ll not be able to complete your science projects with household supplies. But it becomes really important to determine what children really need and that they must invest in quality supplies when others can.

You’ll find various science supplies over the internet. For instance, you can even purchase beakers and test tubes from online websites easily. You can also look for other lab kits for executing science programs, such as Apologia, REAL Science Odyssey, Switched-on-School, BJU, etc.

2. Try a Co-op.

Having a Co-op is one of the best options that you’ll find while looking for alternatives for science lab classes. This is because such co-ops usually have all the pricey equipment in them (like electron microscopes, complex microscopes and Bunsen burners) You can even find a great discount on other such supplies. Here, you really don’t have to do a large co-op or something like that.

You can get in touch with other neighboring families or your friends’ families once a week for science labs. Get in touch with the students doing other similar work on their own at home. Believe it or not, but this will surely help you to stay accountable and share the cost of supplies.

3. Look for options online.

You’ll likely find a youtube video easily wherein you can get in touch with all those lab activities which can’t be performed at home without a lab environment. Apart from this, there are tons of virtual options available online, and believe us, this will prove to be the best interactive periodic table for your little one.

Alternatives to Traditional High School Science

In such a hectic schedule, it is alright to make minor problems. But try not to make a bigger one such as forcing your kids into a traditional mode once it’s time for them to consider high school credits. Nowadays, it isn’t mandatory to go for the usual traditional subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

You must take care of your kid’s interests while planning their high school science courses. The next step is to check for potential Colleges as well as renowned universities to see what other science courses if you are an incoming freshman.

Some alternate science courses to consider are

Did you ever hear about the alternative science options that can be opted for without any difficulty? You aren’t really restricted to choose from the following- physics, biology or chemistry in particular. Other popular options are,

  • Marine Biology
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Astronomy
  • Forensic Science
  • Animal Sciences
  • Meteorology
  • Horticulture
  • Geology

What you’ll observe is that most of the colleges will ask for at least three lab sciences, but more often there are chances to look out for interest-led learning within certain parameters.

In addition to this, your child’s credit scores may just help them to stand out in the crowd of the entire college applicants. This will help your kid to get a more engaging and personalized high school experience.


Choosing a science related curriculum is quite complicated. This is because most of the homeschooling parents aren’t really comfortable with the subject matter discussed and it is also observed that the consideration of the quality of hands-on activities adds complexity.


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