How is homeschooling like remodeling?6 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
How is homeschooling like remodeling?



How is homeschooling like remodeling?6 min read


What if your child gets a chance to study in such a school where they get exposure to real life stuff, hands-on amazing math lessons and that too with personalized instruction. Furthermore, what’s really intriguing is that they can choose their own set of time frames to work upon their lessons. And as in traditional schools (or something even better!?) They ought to have consistent feedback from their respective teachers on how they are performing (both positive as well as negative feedback) Basically, here we are talking about their progress report and whether their grades are shooting through the roof or falling down!

Now, what if we tell you that you can enroll your kid in such a school that too at the comfort of your own house? Yes, you heard that right! Don’t worry, we understand that you might have your own version of what homeschooling is like, but we promise to give your thoughts a new perspective! This time, Homeschooling is back again with an even more relevant approach than ever before. So are you ready for it?

How can we refer to it as remodeling?

1. Homeschooling provides flexibility

You can act as a teacher, principal and superintendent and that too all at the same time! You’ll have all the freedom to create your own set of experiences for your little ones. You can choose your own preferred curriculum Along with this, you can also customize your child’s school schedule to best meet the needs of your family well. If you wish to add a long trip in the middle of the school year, then you surely can do that too! Just rearrange the regular schedule for some time. Or what else you can do is take their schoolwork with them!

2. Your homeschooling pace is customizable

Your kids will be able to learn at their own steady pace. And that’s completely normal! It is possible that they might fly through the math lesson on telling time. But on the other hand, they may need another week to understand the concept of fractions and their applications in real life.

It will totally be in your hand to either slow down or let them work ahead (sometimes you can even upgrade them to the next class if you feel like they are able to cope up with the present syllabus very well) even into the next grade level)

This is the main reason why almost 78% of homeschoolers score much higher on the standardized tests designed by the state authorities!

3. Homeschooling allows learning outside the classroom

It isn’t always mandatory to teach your kids at home. And you can’t imagine your homeschool to look like the ones we normally have (the traditional ones)

You have all the freedom to work outside on your own terms, plan field trips, and have traveling plans that are usually much beyond a regular classroom. This will also help you to save a lot! Like a really big amount! You’ll no longer have to spend on those transportation charges and on all the other miscellaneous charges. Your outings will probably turn into a range of unexpected lessons as soon as you start to think like a teacher!

4. Shiny new curriculum

This is certainly going to be a completely new co-op to try out. Just be ready with your freshly sharpened pencils and variant crayons on the table! It is a clear fact that the planning stage is ultimately fun and never ending. We assume that you might basically plan a possibility of how your school is going to be and what all subjects you’ll have in your curriculum. Isn’t it? Just like what happens in a regular school, the first few weeks will act as a remodeled schedule, which might probably start in the month of January (it can vary according to the state laws meant for homeschooling) What new you can do in is adopt an adventurous mindset. We’ll tell you how!

You can opt to cook in the living room just by using a regular griddle, toaster oven, microwave or any other kitchen appliance? It would surely be a lot of fun. What else you can do is walk up a flight of stairs and get straight to your backyard so that you can easily reach your garage in order to get things out of the fridge instantly! You can further add your own adventurous ideas to this list. Just make sure to try out everything around. Ain’t this plan a great initiative to get some extra steps in!

Once you make up your mind to do it, what you must really do is actually get to that point quickly and start making up with the process. Hence, you need to get started as soon as you can! If you feel like you’re pretty bad at it, then mind that you aren’t alone. This is usually what happens with most parents. Slowly, things get better. Also, you can’t expect your kids to be all okay, who isn’t even used to seeing you as a teacher. They may take their own time to adjust as well.


Homeschooling will definitely be your child’s best bet! It’s like starting with a quite rigid schedule, but slowly your kid becomes flexible with that schedule. It is going to be slow progress and you might probably wonder whether you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor or not. But what will actually happen is that as soon as you’ll be near the end, you’ll eventually see everything coming together.

We can bet that you’ll not even encounter a single day during the whole of this homeschooling process where you’ll wish to go back to the beginning, slow down, and turn things like they were before this present scenario.

We know that you know your child the most. And surely, you have got all the freedom to decide how to educate them.

But here, in the end, we have final advice for you as parents: Just focus on starting simple. Slowly, you’ll figure out how your student likes to learn and what other methodologies you can adopt to teach your kids in an even better way!

Just play around with your little ones (like you usually do) and just tweak things a bit if required. But what is most important is to enjoy the process, no matter whether you choose to send your kids to a traditional homeschool or enroll them in a homeschool. Education is extremely important. Along with that, it’s a wonderful journey that should not be taken for granted whatsoever.


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