Homeschool Mom’s Night Out Ideas5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Homeschool Mom’s Night Out Ideas



Homeschool Mom’s Night Out Ideas5 min read

Homeschooling can sometimes be a little lonely even when you’re surrounded by your family and children. Not only does it require more effort to be put into it but also it hogs up most of your time if you’re the teaching parent. It becomes paramount to take out time for yourself so that you don’t end up losing yourself in the process. Therefore, it is important to go out once in a while, break the cycle and escape the monotony of everyday life in order to keep yourself sane. This can either be going out by yourself on a drive or with someone.

Usually, going out with company is better than being alone since there are moments when you just need a lending ear or a shoulder to lean on. Consequently, going out with homeschooling moms/ guardians is one of your best options because they understand your struggle entirely since they are either facing it or have faced it at some point in their lives. Here are a few ideas for the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and need your girls by your side:

1. Wine and dine

This is one of the most common yet most effective ideas making certain that you’ll have a good time with your friends. Pick a few restaurants and then vote where everyone wants to go and eat. Sometimes, it can be a casual dining place and to stir up things a little bit, you can also go for fancy and expensive restaurants. Gradually trying out new cuisines and restaurants together might become one of your go-to things, because someone rightly said, “friends who eat together, stay together.” When choosing a restaurant just keep a few things in mind,

  • Make sure that the restaurant you ultimately choose isn’t very crowded or isn’t having a discount special since it’ll attract a lot of people. Thus, spoiling your plans if you wanted to have a nice quiet time with your friends.
  • Try out different places each time and don’t stick to one particular one. This will introduce you to various new cuisines and places.
  • Tip your servers a decent amount. If you are taking up the majority of the place then it’s only fair to tip them enough in order to make up for all the customers they lost because of the same.

2. Clubbing

Dance is the best therapy when you are feeling uncharacteristically low. There is nothing that can be more fun than dressing up, putting on your favorite Red lipstick, drinking and dancing your heart out. You can even play a shots game, “mom version”. This won’t only remind you of your carefree, exciting college days but will keep your inner child alive.

3. Concert

Grooving to your favorite music, vibing with your friends and listening to your dearest artist playing your favorite song is nothing less than heaven. It will help you to let loose, unwind, reduce stress and worry and simply enjoy. When at a concert, you are not thinking about the next study plan that you have to curate or the next activity that you have to plan but you are living in the moment and shouting lyrics to the top of your lungs. Moreover, the shared experience of the concert also makes it more appealing. Music is a group activity, it has always been created more for others than for oneself and it deeply connects the artist to the audience and you to your friends.

4. Book Club

If you are looking for something peaceful, tranquil and quiet then a reading spree is the answer for you. Call all of your friends somewhere and then go to a library or one of those book cafes. A cup of hot cocoa, your favorite book, comfort characters and your homeschool mom support group, sounds too good to be true? Well if your idea of fun is relaxing and calming then reading, analyzing and dissecting all the theories and major storylines is the go to option for you.

5. Pot-luck dinner

Tired of cooking everything by yourself? Don’t worry, your friends got you. Pot luck dinners are the easiest way to mingle with people and are one of the best ways to break the ice if you are new in a community. Going to someone’s house, having amazing food, talking and getting to know them better can be your ideal night out if you are worried about spending too much. This is also a great way to make friends with more homeschooling parents helping you in your long-term goal as well.

6. Wine tasting

Wine tasting in recent years has gained a lot of popularity and if you also wish to know more about the same you can always take up a wine tasting class with your friends. Wine tasting is an act of awareness and respect and an essential part of understanding one’s food. After the class, you will not only be well versed in wine and pairings but you will also learn how to smell, swirl and sip.

7. Comedy club

Life can be full of stress and worry and the only instant remedy can be to go watch a stand-up comedy. They are a lot of fun and probably a great opportunity to see someone live before they make big and become overnight famous.

8. Theatre

Do you enjoy movies and you often find yourself analyzing, criticizing and discussing a few scenes? Then theatre is the one for you. Go to a performance and see someone acting out your favorite scenes from Shakespeare or a relatively new play and enjoy.

9. Movie night

Movies are really fun to watch especially if you have a ton of people with you. The right group of people can make something as simple as an idea like this worth trying out. Do a marathon of your favorite show with your girlfriends.

10. Karaoke Bar

Everyone loves karaoke singing at the top of their lungs and embarrassing themselves in front of everyone (occasionally). Hit your nearest karaoke bar with your friends this Friday and have the time of your life.

Having fun and going out with your friends even after becoming a mom is very important to keep yourself mentally sane and happy. These activities will surely add excitement to your life so the next time you are going out, just refer to them.


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