Art: Captivating Activity For Homeschool Mom5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 14, 2021



Art: Captivating Activity For Homeschool Mom5 min read

A child’s mind is full of ideas ready to run wild and manifest as revolutionary solutions to the most complex problems that not even trained minds can think of. This exceptional thinking out of the box is what helps develop this fabled problem-solving ability. But you may have noticed that along the way down the years; this out-of-the-box thinking slowly fades into the monotonous and limited perspective approach to any problems in life. It happens due to the repeated exposure to systematic problems and the forced imposition of the limited ideology to solve them. So, how do we mitigate that and keep that imaginative thinking alive?

Art is one of the best subjects that unlocks this inner potential and lets the creativity run free like a prize horse running unchained into the meadows. Art helps a child understand more profound concepts, so the child deems best and finds the most appealing. Art also helps the child and the teacher connect and understand the inner workings and potential of the child’s inner mind. It helps the child connect to and comprehend the emotions while channeling them to a better cause.

This artistic adventure serves as a coping mechanism for many stressed from the daily monotonicity and looks to dive into another world where nothing must abide by any rules.

Art can vary from a splatter of paint to a symphony of tunes; the domains included in the art are extensive and never-ending. Sometimes special tools find no use when the creativity is uncontained, and the eager mind will convert the trash into treasure, hence developing a hardwired strategy to attack a problem from all possible perspectives and the ability to see what no one else can.

One Can Turn Beautiful

Music can help soothe one’s mind and ears from melodious tunes, while colors can help people express innermost feelings without words. Sculpting can turn the shapeless clay into statues you never hay even though could have been possible from that pile of mud. While observing this, not only can you sit back and enjoy the wonders being shelled out by your kids effortlessly as they join you, which not only proves to be that much-needed break from the hectic home-schooling schedule that a mother has and planning but grants you a new perspective and encourages you to keep the inner child alive by thinking out of the box and making the impossible happen.

Not only does this provide some simulation to your brain but the body as well, and a metaphorical and sometimes literal getting your hands dirty does the trick of jogging the mind. Sometimes mixing tunes or colors can yield something beautiful; this encourages the children to explore new wonders. Nevertheless, how hopeless, and painful the journey may look like, the element of surprise gets the best out of them.

As lucrative as it may seem, the option of leaving your child to it as you relax for a while, one must try and engross themselves in the activity along with the child. Having a mother as a partner on their magical journey helps enhance the experience, and you will end up seeing through the child’s eyes. Not only that, but you could also use this time to develop bonds or strengthen the pre-existing ones.

Many may be intimidated by this nontraditional method of learning that gives both the parties a break from monotonous books, text due to getting hands dirty and having to worry about the clean-up. However, the value of the experience and knowledge they take with you while relaxing at the same time after exploring outweighs the inconvenience caused by an immeasurable degree.

Relaxing Activity

The child also perfects hand-eye coordination and gets a deeper understanding of the term ‘abstract’ as the child tries to spot the patterns in your colors and understands you through them. The hypnotizing spectacle of swirling colors and emotions can while away time as both of you get engrossed in appreciating its beauty and entropy. However, the combination of colors or tunes can change the course of your emotions and energy. The wrong combination could also lead to the environment being frustrating and filled with anger. So how do we make sure that this relaxing activity does not take a turn for the worse?

  • Ensure that this begins as a leisure activity with the proper setup; the snacks sure make an excellent edition to keep you away from any recursive habits that may disrupt the flow.
    Do not spend much time and effort setting things up as it should not feel like a burden later while cleaning up.
  • While both you and your child don’t need to be inclined towards the same activity, interests can differ to do not force them or yourselves to stick to the same thing. Each of you can set out for a different path and reach the same destination. It is the journey that matters which pushes the child to push the bounds of creativity.
  • Use this time to build new memories with the child, as this holds a lot of importance in the child’s mind due to excluding the tiring text-based schedule.
  • Turn that trash into art and décor using the ninja craft skills and show the world that the child in you can do more than what everyone else deems possible and at the same time help give to the environment by reducing and recycling waste.
  • Do give the children the right tools to express the art, or your walls may end up being paintings for the unspoken and unappreciated art, and that would be a stressful activity to clean up later.

Also, be appreciative of whatever your child makes and try asking what the thought behind this was, as even a random line can contain a mesmerizing story that not even the greatest minds could have thought.


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