Amusements with Homeschool Geography Curriculum5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Amusements with Homeschool Geography Curriculum



Amusements with Homeschool Geography Curriculum5 min read

Geography is an overwhelming subject I have ever discovered. However, learners, especially homeschoolers, can learn a multilevel homeschool geography curriculum for grades 3-12.

My favorite series is Friends. In the chapters of this series, a boy named Joey. His goofiness and impeccable child are so appealing. I like to extract Joey while talking to the child about school and say, ” Good job, little buddy!

Have you seen the episodes from where Chandler ventured to break up with Janice? In a rage, he confessed to her that he was shifting to Yemen. When he gets to know what exactly has been going on, Joey compliments Chandler on his over-smartness, saying, “And, Yemen? That sounds like a real country.”

It’s entertaining when it’s Joey, however not for real and live people.

We are considering the situation when the real and live people are your homeschooled kids. So, avoid Joey-Yemen moments; I chose to cover the world in-depth with kids. Because kids and adults need to know about the countries which constitute up and form a world in which we survive and live.

Okay! So, how do you roll your world? With an enjoyable and innovative homeschool geography curriculum!

Picking Homeschool Geography Curriculum

We can choose Trail Guide to World Geography to use to satisfy high school geography. I booked the High School World Geography GeoPack. Thus, we would have everything we demand to discover in world geography.

What Trail Guide to World Geography has?

This guide is a friendly, multi-level curriculum designed for grades 3-12 to study geography with trail labels (flora & fauna icon) instructed at three different class levels. It can be used for more than 1 academic school year and works well with several learning abilities.
Children spend 5-10 minutes with the atlas to establish, maintain, and map reading skills.
It’s worth every cent at that.

What High School World Geography GeoPack has?

GeoPack includes the Trail Guide to World Geography thirty-six weeks manual. In addition to this, the essential core materials students will use throughout their world geography study.

This pack includes materials for multiple students’ levels. Get the pack at a discount. It is one of the best deals they offer across the board!.

Choose the atlas based on the trial level of your child, which he follows. If you have more than 1 level of children, you can separately go for several atlases and continent maps.

The GeoPack includes

  • Trail Guide to World Geography
  • 3-Level World Geography Student Notebook digital download
  • Eat Your Way Around the World – a resource that covers procedures for complete meals for 30 different countries worldwide
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Geography Through Art
  • Grade-level appropriate student atlas

As an optional, you can opt for The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide, which is the requisite source with Trail Guide to World Geography.

One of my favorite things about Trail Guide to World Geography is that it’s designed to be used by students in grades 3-12, so the whole family can study geography together. Yeah, I know I’m only using it with my high school junior right now, but I know how practical multi-level teaching can be.

This guide is divided into three levels: primary, intermediate, and secondary. All the activities in the book have been marked with a symbol symbolizing which level they come under. World GeoPack has every level you look for. The difference is the atlas that students will use based on their levels. Just order the appropriate atlas according to the level of your child.

Trail Guide to World Geography

Trail Guide to World Geography is a manual for teachers, which contains 36 weeks of lesson plans. Each lesson plan section begins with Geography trails, geography daily list practices for each level. Then, students can use their atlas to find the answers. The activity is strenuous of 5 minutes, so it doesn’t take much time of yours.

Teachers have answers to all three sections, i.e., primary, intermediate, and secondary, to review. If she gets confused with any questions based on what she knows, she can use her atlas as a reference to get herself clear.

After drills sections, the Points of Interest Section is there, which is categorized into four to five sections each week,

  • Mapping
  • Trail Blazing
  • Geography Notebook
  • Illustrated Geography Dictionary
  • Geography Through Art

The mapping section contains outline maps to label the areas they studied and their vital geographic features.

The trailblazing section includes a wide variety of activities options open for students to explore and learn. In one go, students won’t like to complete them. In spite, they can choose that interests them, work with the teaching methods style.

The Geography Notebook and Illustrated Geography Dictionary sections include the activities for students to create their geography notebook and dictionary. Plus, the geography through art section lists optional related art activities. I review the activity to mark specific ones so that students can do it.

Teaching High School Geography

We know that it is a teacher manual, but students who are used to it can work independently.

If you can, ask your teachers for their manual once a week to review your assignments. Then, you can give yourself daily drills to your child.

As I said, if your child knows the information or is just handy with it, they can do it independently. So, instead of teaching them at every point, just let your child go through a few on their own. Because sometimes you might take something for granted, but your child can understand in another method.

Once they are done, you can go through the activity sections. Then, if anything specific you need your child to do, just number it, mark it or add it to their assignment chart. Because if you do not do this, they only go for the activities they are more accurate or proficient with instead of exploring. Just let them know to choose at least one activity from each section so that it will be plenty of variety each week to work upon,

Geography is a beautiful subject for loop scheduling because you can’t get to it every day in your child’s homeschool.

Trail Guide to World Geography makes pedagogy world geography easy and fun for fundamental through high school students. Because, in reality, no one needs a Friends episode to learn that Yemen is an actual country.


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