Pros and Cons of Homeschooling : A Homeschool Dad’s Perspective6 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Pros and Cons of Homeschooling: A Homeschool Dad’s Perspective



Pros and Cons of Homeschooling : A Homeschool Dad’s Perspective6 min read

Homeschooling can be quite a challenge because it takes a lot of time, commitment, and effort of both parents/ guardians as well as the childrens’. Mostly, men aren’t involved in teaching the kids but there are some teaching husbands who have a different take on homeschooling as a whole. Fathers who have been really active in their children’s lives have a hard time managing their work alongside the kids’ education. Here, are some opinions on the same:


1. Safety

The first and foremost concern for fathers when it comes to their children specifically, their daughters is safety. They want to make sure their children are safe and sound and get premium quality care and education. However, even the safest places aren’t secure when it comes to girls’ well-being and protection. Parents have to be extremely careful and cautious when choosing a school for their daughters. However, with homeschooling, this problem gets eliminated. Since the children are under the intensive care of their parents, they are really safe and need no supervision as such.

2. Abundant time can be used to delve into other fields and explore other interests

As a parent you want your child to be adept in a lot of things or at least have the knowledge of different subjects. With the restricted schedule of the conventional school system, it becomes difficult to keep up with the studies and do co-curricular simultaneously Homeschool children though, don’t have to face this problem since they have plenty of time in between classes or even their commutation time gets cut down, and thus, the parents can help their children to explore different fields and see which one fits best for them. For instance- taking your child to ballet dancing won’t just be a great parent bonding experience but also, will help the child to discover whether her interests lie there or not. Therefore, trying out different activities so early in life will help them to find their niche and develop it further.

3. Help in avoiding bullying and peer pressure

One of the primary arguments in favor of homeschooling is how children especially, young kids have such a hard time fitting in school because of bullying and peer pressure, it honestly, takes such a toll on kids’ minds and drives them towards bad mental health. As a parent, it is extremely disheartening to see one’s child going through something like this thus, homeschooling is a viable option when it comes to protecting kids from all the cruelty. Generally, dads don’t show their emotions and feelings to kids but by being there both emotionally and physically, they are setting an example as well.

4. Minimal covid-19 restrictions

Keeping children at home minimizes their chances of contracting COVID-19. This was a source of concern for many families early in the pandemic. Some people have unvaccinated family members or people in their household who are at a higher risk of serious illness. Even as schools reopen, some parents are hesitant to send their children back until vaccination is available for children of all ages. Everyone’s degree of comfort is different, and for some, going slowly is the best option.

5. Healthy interpersonal relationships

A strong bond with the kids and other family members is the foundation of a loving, caring and affectionate relationship. The more time one spends with their children, the more chances one has to bond with them. If you and your family have always desired more hours in the day, homeschooling could be the answer. Positive experiences such as exciting field trips, learning a-ha moments, and “recess” at the park can all help to strengthen parent-child and sibling relationships. If work schedules normally limit time together on weekends or holidays, homeschooling’s flexible schedule may allow for more time with both parents.


1. Missing out on opportunities

Despite its vast flexibility, homeschooling can limit your child’s chances in several ways. A homeschool program, for example, may not be able to give the same variety of electives as a major public school for high school students. (After all, most of us don’t have a backyard metal shop. If your child wants to pursue courses that are difficult to teach at home, you’ll need to be proactive in looking for alternatives. The same is true in terms of social opportunities. It is your responsibility as a homeschooler to provide social connections that your child will not receive via school dances, assemblies, or regular classroom pair work.

2. Inability to form individual relationships

The most important argument in favor of the conventional schools is that the children get to form their own friendships, decide what’s right and wrong for them and form individualistic opinions about issues and matters. Young, impressionable kids are exposed to lots of people from different walks of life under the supervision of the teachers of course, but they get to decide for themselves and explore further about what kind of person they want to grow up to be.

3. Facing societal judgments

Homeschooling does not always have a reputation for being modern and contemporary. Unfortunately, there are a lot of prejudices and stereotypes about homeschooling and the people who choose it. If one opts to educate your children at home, they may face criticism from family members (or even strangers) who believe that it’s odd and the children won’t learn anything.

4. Less availability of time in context to the parents

Homeschooling’s workload—and having your children at home all day—is bound to leave you with less time for yourself. Some homeschooling parents claim they don’t have time to shower, let alone exercise or look after themselves. Furthermore, the extra time available with your partner will also be cut short, exacerbating the situation. This aspect of homeschooling can be a huge adjustment for parents who are used to a calm, kid-free environment throughout the day.

5. Increase in spending time with one’s family may also create mayhem and cause chaos

While many families find that homeschooling brings siblings and parents closer together, there is such a thing as too much togetherness. It’s critical to take pauses when working, both for yourself and your children. Alternatively, depending on your local resources, you could attempt a homeschooling co-op or enrichment program one day a week to provide your children with interaction outside of the family.

Therefore, as with everything, even homeschooling has the flip side of the coin but it’s paramount to extract the positives and see what works for your family. It gets really hard to juggle between work and giving the best possible education to your children, especially being a dad because of the patriarchal society we live in, there may be some reverse sexism played out on the father but in the end, it’s important to not lose sight of the vision and focus on your family and the kids.


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