An Easy and Interesting Bird Study for your Homeschool3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021



An Easy and Interesting Bird Study for your Homeschool3 min read

Are your kids’ nature lovers? Do you want to encourage them into the world of birds and insects and other creatures?

You could try this super easy and fun bird study!

If you homeschool during the summer, this study is perfect for you! You could also try these activities during the fall.

Irrespective of when you choose to do a bird study, these activities are super fun and most of them are hands-on too!

An easy and interesting bird study for your homeschool could include the following activities:

1. Books

Bird books are one of the best ways to help your children learn more about their feathery friends outside the house. You could hang up some easy-to-make DIY birdfeeders in places that are easily viewable from your windows. Get your kids to grab a bird field guide and try to identify different species.
Or your kids could pick a bird of their choice and you could do a little bit of research to educate them about that particular bird.

Some interesting books that you could try out include Birds, Nests, and Eggs (Take-Along Guides), Natural World: A Visual Compendium of Wonder from Nature, and The Burgess Bird Book for Children.

2. Games

Does your family love games? Then why don’t you help your kids to explore various birds with games! There are games like Wingspan and Bird Bingo that are available to enhance any bird unit study.
Games are easily one of the best ways to help a child learn.

3. Art

If your kids are budding artists, involving art projects in their bird study is the best thing to do! You don’t even have to do much; you could simply grab a few drawing sheets and crayons, color pencils, paints or chalk pastels and try to recreate the birds that you’ve seen in your locality. It’ll be pretty impressive to see how many birds you have actually spotted together as a family!

4. Documentaries

If your kids are really interested in a certain species of birds, why not look for some educational videos and documentaries on them! Documentaries can get a little boring for young minds but hey, if your children are really passionate about something they will definitely enjoy every moment of any bird documentary you switch on!

5. Dissect some owl-pellets

Yes! And why not? Your children will learn so much about what that owl’s previous meal consisted of. It’s frankly quite fascinating and cool to discover tiny bones of some poor creature that was made into an owl’s dinner.

6. Visit zoos and bird sanctuaries

Taking your kids to zoos and bird sanctuaries is a great way to help them learn more about birds and even watch them in their habitats. Your kids can jot down the names of some of the birds they see and do more detailed research when they’re back home.

7. Go on a nature hike

Nature hikes are super fun and you learn a lot. Your kids will get to see a wide variety of birds and even hear them! Carry your binoculars and a pocket microscope to try and identify more birds than what you spot in your backyard.

8. Make DIY bird feeders

Bird Feeders are actually quite helpful to birds. They help to provide them with a stable source of food and water. There are a variety of bird feeders that you can make at home, even with very elementary materials. Help your kids to make their own DIY bird feeders and fill them with lots of bird food. Now all you have to do is hang them up and wait for the birds to visit!

Your bird study should be fun!

No matter what activities you and your kids engage yourselves in, just remember that learning about birds doesn’t have to be complex. As long as your kids are interested and curious, they will find ways to learn more about birds. Sometimes, it’s as simple as looking out your window and watching a bird pick on a worm!


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