10 Ways to Help a Sick Homeschooling Family4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
10 Ways to Help a Sick Homeschooling Family



10 Ways to Help a Sick Homeschooling Family4 min read

One of the most known cons of having a homeschool life is that when there is an illness in the family, particularly the long-term ones or chronic illnesses, it can be challenging to keep the homeschool on time for everyone else. Of course, there is much to be learned through such life happenings, but it can still be stressful knowing that academics are taking a back seat.

It’s nice when other homeschooling families can come alongside and help the homeschool kid in practical ways. For example, they can try these ways to help a sick homeschooling family if you know of experiencing sickness or a hospital stay.

What are 10 Ways to Help A Sick Homeschooling Family?

  • Help with carpooling

For a sick homeschool parent or even the one who is spending a lot of their time at the hospital with a sick family member, getting everyone else where they need to be can be difficult, if not impossible. In such a scenario, kids can be kind and give just the right help. The parent can ask for work from the children.

  • A meal they’d love

When your kids feel sick or drained, getting a meal on the table can be even trickier than usual. When you are sick, it then probably means too much take-out. And, if you are at the hospital with a sick child or spouse, it almost always means take-out or, even worse, cafeteria food. So a home-cooked light meal probably tops the list of deeply appreciated practical help ideas for a sick homeschooling family.

  • Help with their child’s academics

It can be much more comfortable for one homeschooling family to gather in a few other kids than for a non-homeschooling comparable to help restore the daily homeschool schedule. Even if the other kids don’t use the same elements, a family conventional to the daily habit of homeschooling may be better provided to make the arrangements than anyone else. You could even offer everyone a break from their regular school work in support of a fun unit study to get everyone involved.

  • Inviting the kids on field trips and exciting playdates

We know of someone who needed to spend some time in the hospital with a sick child. So one of the friends’ picked their other child up for a day at the local children’s museum and the park. The child had a blast, and the mom was so thankful that he could get out and play and have fun while she spent some one-on-one time with her sick child so that neither of them got away from what they were supposed to be doing at the point in time.

  • Help with childcare

Suppose you are someone who knows of a kid’s family member who is sick, and you can’t help with their school or even a fun outing. In that case, an offer to keep the kids at your place while a sick homeschool parent takes a rest, makes a hospital visit, or even runs some errands will be greatly appreciated. Such a thing is highly noble and can help someone in need.

  • Rally your support group

Sometimes just a group of people can assemble to do something that a single family couldn’t do. For example, enlist your homeschool group’s help to plan meal rotations for a week or two. They can stock the freezer with meals or purchase gas cards and gift cards to local restaurants to help during an illness phase.

  • Help with household chores

Visiting the sick family’s house to help them do a couple of their household chores such as laundry, running the vacuum cleaner, or washing some dishes may endear you to your homeschool friend forever. So naturally, such help will be highly regarded and appreciated.

  • Offer to do the runs

For instance, you can offer to help a sick homeschooling family by running to the medical store for them, getting them the groceries they need.

  • Paperwork

Suppose your country requires filing paperwork for homeschooling. In such a case, it can be beneficial to offer as much of that as you can for a homeschooling family experiencing sickness and might want to be helped.

  • Pack a bag

If your friend or any of their family member’s illness requires long days at the hospital, then you can probably pack a travel bag for them. Fill it with all the necessities such as snacks, magazines, pens or pencils, quarters for the vending machine, activity books (word searches, crosswords, or Sudoku), a grown-up coloring book (I love those things!), and some crayons or colored pencils.

Final Words

Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that have the most significant impact. If you have a homeschooling friend or anyone in their family experiencing prolonged illness, then you must try one of these ideas to reduce some stress and offer possible help.


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