Helicopter Parenting6 min read

Parenting Sep 26, 2021
helicopter parenting



Helicopter Parenting6 min read

Do you also take an interest in your child’s life and act overprotective? Do you also feel that your child must share every tiny detail of their day with you? Do you indulge excessively in your child’s behavior and work? Then let me tell you you are helicopter parents. Being a helicopter parent can backfire and cause harm to your child. Your child will be less developed, and they will have a sense of loneliness in their life. All the helicopter parents don’t know that their excessive indulgence can harm the child as they say it overreacts. Most times, helicopter parenting results in drastic results of a child’s low cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Today we will learn everything about helicopter parents and how they impact the lives of their kids. So let’s find out everything about helicopter parents.

What is Helicopter Parenting?

Helicopter parenting has no relation with the actual helicopter. However, helicopter parents are always available and ready to do anything for their kids. As a parent, they never allow their child to see the real world with their own eyes. Instead, they stand in the way to protect their child and indulge in their matters. Therefore, helicopter parenting style affects a child’s learning and results in poor self-regulation.

In the eyes of parents, every child is an apple of the eye. However, every child needs to understand the actual scenario of life and do their things independently. Facing challenges and difficulties helps the child to explore more about life, and they learn better. On the other hand, when parents use helicopter parenting styles, they never know properly as they always rely on their parents. This results in low confidence and self-esteem of a child. Moreover, most parents do not prefer helicopter parenting, but those who do have poor results.

Pros and Cons of Being Helicopter Parents

There are multiple pros and cons of being helicopter parents. Let us understand everything about them.


Here are the pros of being a helicopter parent:

Ensures Safety

When the guardians are hyper-involved in their lives, one element they continually learn is the child’s location. Here, parents understand where the infant goes, when they will leave, and how long they stay. Helicopter mothers and fathers additionally make sure that their child is no longer somewhere barring their understanding which offers them a risk to pick out the humans the baby will come to meet. Born out of the intuition to defend one’s offspring, this is a seasoned helicopter parenting style.

Rarely Finds Trouble

Adults who have skilled helicopter parenting have been confirmed to be much less likely to get in trouble. However, with their dad and mom making most of the vital selections and fixing their crises, youngsters who develop up beneath helicopter parents have very little freedom to talk of. Thus, while space is indispensable in the developing years to make a well-adjusted adult, these adults make their choices simply like their mother and father would have, thereby heading off trouble.

The Parent Stays Happy

Evolution has made it so that parents have an innate want to preserve their kids safe. It has been referred to that this parenting fashion makes parents happier and satisfied. Since the parents are stored in the loop of their child’s life, they tend to be much less stressed. Growing up in a surrounding like this, teens will probably replace their parents about their personal lives.


Here are the cons of being a helicopter parent:

Struggle To Be Independent

Without permitting the teens to have a developmentally gorgeous stage of freedom, helicopter guardians create adults who grow to be codependent. Moreover, since the parents have refused to let them remedy their problems in the early years, the teens find it challenging to make sound judgments in adulthood. They are more significant in all likelihood to conflict to stand on their very own toes as adults and fail to take care of themselves. Thus, being unable to take care of oneself is a signal of a deficit in parenting.

Creates Sneaky Children

An ability that most young people with helicopter parents strengthen is how to not get in trouble. These adolescents hold away records about themselves or their things to do to break out harsh criticism. This tendency to cover facts from human beings in their lives is contained in their personal lives. This trait is no longer a right one to have in a practicable friend or a respectable partner. No, remember what it concerns, sure kids who develop up with helicopter parenting compulsively want to disguise facts and can in no way have faith enough.

Makes Children Less Confident

If guardians search to increase kids who are assured in their decisions, helicopter parenting is not proper. On the contrary, it turns out, this shape of parenting makes the mother and father overly imperative about their children’s judgment and thereby lowering the children’s self-confidence. Besides, constantly attempting to meet their parents’ excessive requirements takes a severe toll on their self-confidence. So another cause behind a lot of the criticism for hovering is that it makes kids experience grossly inadequate.

Tips to Stop from Becoming a Helicopter Parent

So now we have come across pros and cons, and you can call yourself analyses that the cons are heavier than the pros. So what can be done to stop being a helicopter parent? Below are how you can not be a helicopter parent.

Don’t Monitor or Guide Constantly

When your child is somewhere outside, then let them enjoy themselves on their own. If they face any problem or any difficulty, don’t drag yourself. Every parent wants to care for their child, but it does more harm than good. Using constant GPS tracking for calling them, again and again, might develop negative thoughts in their minds. Trust your child and let them fight with their problems. After all, they have a very long life, and they need to develop decision making and self-independence skills. Telling about right and wrong to your child is your duty but never force them or be harsh. Let them be independent.

Give Space

Giving space is highly crucial in the growth years of a child. In most countries, parents lack personal space for their children. So they always try to overindulge in the life of their kids. However, this might leave your child with developing a misconception and hostile behavior towards you. Also, kids never learn social skills when you start to interrupt their personal lives. This is why giving accurate space without being rude is crucial for every parent.

These two are the basic steps that every parent must take to stop being a helicopter parent.


The bottom line is being a protective and caring parent is essential. But there is a fragile line between being protective and being over possessive. Try not to cross the line and keep guiding and motivating your child. Give them time and space to understand life so that they can fight with every problem. Moreover, they need to deal with the world in their own way, so they need plenty of skills. Finally, give them independence and don’t be a helicopter parent.


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