Halloween Musical Activities5 min read

Activities for Kids Sep 10, 2021
Halloween Musical Activities


Halloween Musical Activities5 min read

Every year Halloween comes with great excitement, fun and enjoyment. Isn’t it? Halloween is no doubt a bunch of hocus pocus! Many people will tell you after growing up that Halloween isn’t a real thing and to stop believing in it. Indeed, the actual reality is quite opposite. Once you grow up as an adult, you understand the fact that the stuff that really scares us is nothing but part of the air we breathe.

Coming to the celebration part, Halloween is observed to be celebrated on 31st October each year in most of the western countries. You might feel that you know what Halloween is all about, but greater chances are that you might not exactly know everything about it!

History of Halloween

In olden times, it was believed that on this day, the line between the living and the spiritual realm was merged. In simple words, ghosts from beyond could visit the living and monsters could find their way into people’s houses. People believed that by celebrating this day, they could get rid of as much evil as possible. Special rites and rituals were helpful in order to keep monsters, witches, and evil fairies far away from them. People used to dress up as monsters to throw evil vibes away and to disguise themselves. The core belief that people this practice was to avoid getting kidnapped or consumed by the actual monsters and evil spirits.

Halloween is officially considered an official holiday for all. People indulge in the darker, creepier side of life, sing and dance together, play Halloween games and eat loads of candy. Filled with a lot of fun, some spooky vibes, and whatnot! But talking about the historical times, the holiday was regarded as quite religious in nature and extremely significant to the culture of the western world.

Modern day Halloween

With the rise of the 20th century, Halloween became a holiday dedicated to outlandish costumes, games and musical activities. The traditions of the Halloween kept on evolving. People tend to be very excited for this fun-time and organize their planning, costume, invitation and decoration almost a week before!

Musical activities to turn your Halloween special!

The mind-boggling arrangements made and melodies of the musical activities mentioned below evoke tempting as well as surprising feelings. As we can imagine, some of the musical activities which can make your Halloween party even more memorable and fun are mentioned below:

Keeping the Beat with a Halloween Stuffed Toy

This game is specifically designed for toddlers we are just new to the concept of Halloween and who need to understand basics such as keeping the beat. Before the actual day of celebration, make sure to search for Halloween-themed stuffed animals such as teddy bears with vampire capes. If you don’t have such toys at home, you can get them from the nearest stores. For the entire setup, you just need two things- stuffed toy and a bouncy children’s song, which need not be necessarily linked to Halloween, but it should be get the attention of your child’s span. As the song gets played, find the beat or clap to it before giving the toy to the participants. Your main aim should be show them as to how the beat can be matched by either bouncing the toy on one hand or against the knees.

Musical Symbols presentation with Jack-o-Lanterns

This is a Halloween activity full of fun and is quite informative as well. The best thing about this game is that it can also be conducted with just one kid. For the game arrangement, you need to prepare a chart with music symbols, glaze papers and other crafts supplies so that kids can make jack-o-lanterns. Each paper that gets created by them needs to have a matching symbol. Once you tell them what each symbol represents in terms of musical presentation, the next step followed would be to select the notes of any song or lullaby such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Or ‘’London bridge is falling down’’ The goal for the kids here is to match the linked jack-o-lanterns to the notes of the song as it plays in the game.

Halloween Hot Potato

This is a very famous music game- Hot potato. But the twist here is that instead of using a potato we can use a witch or a ghost beanie baby replica. They really make really great Halloween game props! Let your kids have one or more than one props use and then tell them to listen to the Halloween music and pass the beanies in a circle. As soon as the music stops, the player who gets stuck with one in their hands is out.

You can make this game more fun by picking one kid to sit in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed. The kids in the circle are then told to pass the ghost stuffed animal behind their backs and once the music stops, the person in the middle has to guess who has it. If they guess the right answer, then that person has to go in the middle, if they guess wrong, that same person stays until they get it correct.

Pumpkin Patterns

This game is pretty easy and quick to plan. Basically, it is a matching game. The pumpkins kept around have rhythms on the back side of the jack-o-lantern. You can create a duplicate of each pattern so that kids could match them up or create multiple sets that were usable with more than one grade level. Kids are then guided to turn the pumpkins so that the rhythms are face down and take turns turning over pairs of pumpkins. If a match is found by them, they keep it. The person with the maximum number of matches wins the game. Often, they will have enough time to play this game multiple times before time is up.


With a list of such intriguing games and activities, undoubtedly you might be excited to begin the celebrations from the present day itself! Make your Halloween much awakening and thrilling with your friends, family, neighbors and relatives. Make this 31st October of yours full of joy and happy vibes. It’s a chance to gather together and have some spooky fun with your loved ones!

Happy Halloween 🙂

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