Types of Guitars6 min read

Music Oct 3, 2021
types of guitar



Types of Guitars6 min read


Questioning a way to pick a perfect acoustic guitar for yourself or what factors to remember before buying? Undoubtedly it is noted that in case you are a newbie or an intermediate guitarist, then you will get confused by means of the various types of acoustic guitars in the market. Some important factors to preserve in mind while shopping consists of deciding between a solid timber or laminate, cutaways or electronics, nylon or steel strings.

Features – Shape, size and purpose

Right here we have a list of five trending kinds of acoustic guitars to pick from. However, we’ll communicate about each feasible issue and function be it the form, length, motive or every other essential element! Until then it is advised to simply relax and keep calm!

  • Classical guitars 

One aspect that makes classical guitars one-of-a-kind from others is that classical guitars own nylon strings. Also, they’re manufactured by many popular guitar brands such as Yamaha, and Cordoba. You might have observed endless variations between a classical guitar and a metal-string acoustic guitar. Such guitars come with a wider neck and convenient fretboard to render an extra spacious surface region to play with. 

In terms of scaling duration, a classical guitar is quite broader and longer as compared to a metal-string acoustic guitar. In terms of Style, a classical acoustic guitar has a slotted headstock along with open-geared tuners. 

If you are a person who loves the smooth and balanced sound of nylon strings just like the Flamenco, fingerstyle, and Spanish gamers, then this may prove to be a fine desire for you. Furthermore, even if you are an amateur and don’t have plenty of know-how regarding guitars, you may simply go for this one over others as it contains strings that are very easy to learn. However, if you are an aggressive strummer or a flat-picker, then you may not enjoy this one.

  • Jumbo Guitar

You may find a diffusion of jumbo guitars available in the market. Based on the guitar body size and form, the Jumbo guitar is considered to be one every of the most important and the loudest guitar shapes ever made. Ever since its emergence in the 1930s, it was mainly designed for players who were seeking out a big sound. And later on, its presence got even extra highlighted with the upward push of the 20th century. 

In case, you are a crowd performer or someone who loves to reach out to a larger audience but not using an introduced amplification, then choosing this guitar can prove to be your quality wager! Additionally, in case you are an aggressive strummer or want to have a high bass overall performance, then this could be a perfect preference.

However, in case you are a small-scale player or an amateur who’s looking for easy portability and storage, it isn’t suggested to head for this guitar because of its larger size.

  • Travel Guitar

The fashion of opting for travel guitars is quite in trend amongst present day players these days. The majority of such guitars include a full-sized fretboard and full-sized scale duration. 

It’s far usually found that laminated wood is used in travel guitars. This is accomplished to make sure that they’re lightweight, temperature, and humidity-resistant. Despite the fact that they produce a totally effective sound, you can’t compare it with a full-sized acoustic guitar. 

You might have guessed it from the name itself, such types of guitars are desirable whilst traveling. Irrespective of the vehicle you are opting for or how long will you travel, it is right for every medium. It’s far pretty transportable as well as easy to carry along.  

If you are a wide-scale player or a crowd performer, it could be difficult for you to play it because of its portability characteristic.

  • Concert/Grant Concert

In modern times, a live performance guitar is turning out to be very popular due to its feature and performance. You may also call it an ‘O’ sized guitar. They have a slender body with a typical width of 13.5 inches. Because of its narrow waist, this form of guitar proves to be perfect for people who like to play the guitar while sitting down. Some of the first-class features that it has included the presence of a little shallow intensity with a barely quieter tone and less bass response.

As the name indicates, it’s far slightly larger than the concert guitar. Adding on, it produces a melodious and giant sound. It isn’t much heavy to carry around due to its comparatively perfect length. Therefore, it seems to be an excellent choice for small-scale players as well as beginners. Even in case you are an aggressive strummer and are searching out something extraordinary, then this could be your fine wager!

  • Baritone Guitars

The baritone guitar is almost similar to a regular guitar except for one characteristic, that’s it has a longer neck and a heavier body.

Guitarists are typically determined to tune Baritone guitars to A as opposed to E like in the case of everyday guitars. This is done to ensure a decreased range of music and a totally particular sound in return. In olden times, such types of guitars had been quite famous to fill out positive songs. 

A special characteristic possessed via the baritone guitars is the specific and interesting sound produced through them. Surely, they may be very promising and best for humans that simply want a distinct and new sound for notion. Moreover, they have also proved to be effective for folks that want such guitars as a second opportunity for positive sounds, for a studio to consist of or due to any other possible reason!


Thinking about all the elements referred above, we hope that now you might be capable of picking up your perfect suit! Being a guitarist is an amazing feeling to have. And a guitar maybe your excellent buddy at some point of this journey of yours. Consequently, it’s far very crucial to look for something great and opt for the proper one. 

There are numerous folks who look for guitars having already mounted pickups. Alternatively, few people find it irresistible the opposite way. They don’t like to have the holes drilled or to run wires into their guitar.

The desire that you are now aware of various factors to be saved in thoughts before deciding on your ideal guitar. Consequently, it’s suggested to investigate nicely before you go to the market, so you can make sure whether you’re getting one that suits your wishes as a participant or not. With this type of perception, we wonder that you may have decided which one to don’t forget over others!


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