What Makes You a Good Parent?5 min read

Parenting Aug 30, 2021
Good parenting



What Makes You a Good Parent?5 min read

Parenting is the only “job” which involves no formal training, very little background knowledge and the “outcome” involves the people we value most- our kids.

What Can Be Described As Good Parenting?

A good parent essentially means incorporating positive behaviour and mindful virtue, we are teaching both our children and ourselves to be more empathetic, enabling us both to understand the world where we live. Parenting beliefs are crucial since they help shape and mould the personality and values of the child.

Ask anybody around and they will give you their own versions of parenting advice. But only you are one who knows what’s good for your little one and what’s not. Nobody will help your child whenever s/he will face any difficulty, except for you.

Hence we are here with a list of 6 incredible co-parenting suggestions and facts that you must definitely take into consideration for a better understanding of parenting perception. Just remember that you are the best, and you know the best for your kid!

Let not the other people’s opinion bother you

Everyone has an opinion about what you should do, but only you know what can actually work for you. You are the only person in this whole world who actually knows what is right for your kid and what’s not. You don’t need to worry about what people think about you. Keep just one thing in mind- You will never be able to satisfy others! Therefore keep a check on your kids and live your life to the fullest. Know that you will never let your kids let down intentionally.

Kids are supposed to be crazy!

All the kids in this world are unpredictable and have little minds that aren’t fully developed. They will test your patience beyond measure, and make you wonder what in the world is wrong with them. Wondering what solution to adapt for this problem? But let one thing be very clear that there is no perfect way to handle every situation- and no two kids are the same. Many times you will have to take a step back and regroup, and that is perfectly okay!

The stakes of uncertainty are pretty high

Undoubtedly, there is nothing in this world which is more important to you than your child, and there is no room for major mistakes. It is obvious to worry about the fact- what if you are going to do it wrong, and end up leading them to failure? You might worry and think that something bad will happen and they will get hurt. But in spite of all the uncertainties you go through, remember one thing that no one is perfect, children don’t come with a handbook and as long as you are doing your best, and learning along the way, to let your worries go as best you can.

Developing as a good person first

Our children see us as their ideals and this fact is enough of a reason for us to focus on our development too. If we preach and practise kindness in the way we live our own lives, then only we will be able to provide our offspring with the necessary model for mature and future functioning. The level of maturity we incorporate among us as a parent is far more important in determining the healthy development of our children than any techniques prescribed by child-rearing experts.

Let your kids realize that you really love them and they do love you as well

Some parents who grow up with an image of themselves as unlovable are often resistant to having beautiful and flexible moments with their children or to having their child look at them with love. At such times, it is quite evident to observe parents responding negatively to them. We should make sure to be able to express our feelings for kids and let them feel secured, happy and protected. If we do not take this opportunity and deny it to them, they will suffer emotionally. We should try to be receptive to our children’s spontaneous expressions of affection and love toward us. This may seem a very simple and easy thing to say, but in reality it may be the most difficult task faced by us as parents.

Building a positive child-parent bond

Having a positive parenting bond between the child and the parent builds healthier relationships between parents and children. Following this area of direction, you as a parent would choose to become even more sensitive, flexible and practically more motivated to choose the path which you would want for them to follow. When you’ll decide to get engaged positively with your little one, being with them always, giving them enough time and skills that they are in need to cope with the world, that day your child will learn to not only follow rules, but also to respect those rules and regulate them in their own life.
It is something which makes your kid explain that s/he needs to ask permission before they go outside as it is your job to keep them safe. And you can only keep them safe when you know where they are at all times. If you don’t know they went outside then you will not be able to keep them safe.

You also help yourself to understand why children are misbehaving in the first place.


Your efforts for being a better parent means that you are already a good parent. Your child will learn from what you are more than what you teach. Beyond any reasonable doubt, the journey isn’t going to be very easy. It will make you sacrifice many times and choose to do what is right, over what is simply more convenient than the rest. There are endless perspectives of how parents should raise their children. Some parents want their children to be raised in a comparatively strict environment while others prefer a more liberal approach.


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