How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Pirate Ship?4 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 29, 2021
How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Pirate Ship



How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Pirate Ship?4 min read


It’s always a good time when we can incorporate models into our unit lessons. But when we have the opportunity to go big, we go big! During the previous Pirate Lesson, we constructed a Giant Cardboard

Box Pirate Ship. If you are not the least bit crafty or industrial, you can make it extremely simple. You can easily replicate this pirate ship or make a better one for your next practical learning lesson with just a little time!

Fun Fact

Which pirate ship was the fastest? Golden Age of Pirates dot org contains a wealth of information. Sloops and brigantines were the fastest and most commonly utilized ships in general.

What all Supplies do you need for Making a Cardboard Box Pirate Ship?

  • 2 large moving boxes
  • Duct tape
  • 1 can of spray paint
  • Box cutter or strong scissors
  • 2 short PVC pipes for cannons (keep in mind that this is completely optional)

How big is a piece of cardboard to make a boat?

Cut a small piece of cardboard to 12 inches by 4 inches. Score vertically in the center and glue around the bow point for reinforcement. Reinforce the rear corners in the same manner. Cut braces with the flutes of the cardboard vertical for the most support.

How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Pirate Ship

Step 1

Make a long cardboard panel out of the box’s sides. Do the same thing with both of your boxes. The boxes will serve as the ship’s sides (there will be no bottom to the boat). Half of something like the box’s “flaps” should be cut off the top, but all of the bottom ones should be left intact. Simply maintain in rhythm with the images shown below.

Step 2

To make a point, duct tape the whole front two box panels together. Your boat’s bow will be made out of this. Don’t try to conceal the duct tape; instead, run it all the way down the front of your ship.

Step 3

Tape the two back pieces together to form the back of your boat. They’ll form a rectangular shape. (Take note of the black tape wound around the boat’s red surface.)

Step 4

Round panes and/or gun holes should be cut out. Spray paint the PVC pipe black if you’re going to use it for cannons. You can also wrap yours in duct tape, but we don’t recommend it because it will take up all of your time. Without glue, the “cannons” will fit and stay in the box. To make them look like cannon windows, we wrapped them with duct tape. It appears to be quite cruel in close-up mode, but you can’t see the tape if you stand back far enough.

Step 5
Time to paint your ship!

Use the paint spray to paint your ship. This is something you can accomplish because it will save you time and work.) You can also use this method to paint other cardboard cut-outs in the future (windows, cannons, etc).

Step 6

Play the part of a pirate. Find out what the difference is between a pirate and a privateer. Your hands-on learners will enjoy the opportunity to role-play English and Spanish throughout the Golden Age of Piracy as time passes. Surf the internet and categorize all the islands if you really want to understand more about the Caribbean Sea. For dress-up fun, you may easily find a few pirate accessories at a craft store.

How do you make a cardboard boat float?

Cut 12-13-inch-wide strips of cardboard in half with a sharp knife. Then fold them into a 90-degree angle and attach them inside the boat’s bottom. Get another piece of cardboard the same size as your boat to reinforce the top sides.

Some Helpful Tips For Your Young Ones

• Take two measurements and cut once. (Or otherwise, you may make a lot of mistakes while calculating.)
• Spray paint last and do it in the grass rather than on your sneakers. (We’re sure you’ll get chastised if you spoil them!)
• For easier access and escape, cut a panel towards the back of the pirate ship.
• Use the extra piece to make an anchor. Make a hole on the top and throw the anchor out with yarn.
• To make moving the pirate ship easier, fold the panels flat together.

Even if you aren’t studying pirates, you can always utilize the pirate ship for a navigation/navigators lesson or just have fun with the enormous cardboard box pirate ship.


A cardboard ship makes a fun addition to any house, classroom, or office. With a little imagination, you can leave the laddie existence behind and sail away on a cardboard ship. Aspiring sailors can quickly and inexpensively construct a Spanish sail ship out of cardboard. If you have all of the necessary equipment, you might be sailing in about an hour.

If your children want to set sail in risky waterways or search for buried wealth, they’ll need a suitable watercraft. You can’t send them off unprepared, so we’ve put together a list of the best guides for building a pirate ship out of cardboard boxes.

So, get your eye patch, hooked hand, and spyglass ready—we’re about to start building a ship. Remember to put your little swashbuckler to work! If he or she does not cooperate, he or she will almost certainly have to walk the plank.


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