How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Castle?3 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 29, 2021
How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Castle



How to Make a Giant Cardboard Box Castle?3 min read

If your kids have been studying history and all about kings lately, why not sit down with them and make a handmade castle?

It’s never a bad time to make a giant cardboard box castle, right?

So, let’s get right into it!

What supplies do you need to make a cardboard castle?

To make your giant cardboard box castle, you will require the following materials

· Three big cardboard boxes
· Duct tape
· Box cutter (or very strong scissors)
· A can of spray paint (of a color of your choice)
· Markers (to add details to your castle)

How to make a giant cardboard box castle?

Before you get straight into making your castle, we have a little pro tip for you: make sure that you remember which box is which so that you will know what you have to do with each. You wouldn’t want to forget, put them together and then have to take them apart because you mixed them up, right? You could always remember your three boxes as the base of the tower, the tower and the drawbridge.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow in order to make your cardboard castle

Step 1: Cut one side each from your ‘base of the tower’ box and your ‘tower’ box in order to make one giant bottom floor of the castle.

Step 2: Now cut one side from the ‘drawbridge’ box. The idea is that your kid should be able to crawl through the drawbridge and into the bottom of the tower and then stand up.

Note: The ‘drawbridge’ box will have two of its sides cut out from it.

Step 3: Now cut the parapet into the ‘tower’ box and the ‘drawbridge’ box lids. Make sure that you don’t cut any sides off the ‘tower’ box.

Step 4: Cut a window into the tower.

Step 5: Next, duct tape the parapet inside the corners of the boxes.

Step 6: Now comes the fun part: spray painting! Spray paint your boxes. Your kids can decorate the outside as well as the inside of the boxes by adding details like stones, cracks and vines with markers.

Step 7: Now assemble the towers. Remember that the window has to face the same side as the drawbridge.


· You could always add more boxes to make another tower on the opposite end.
· If you want to make a drawbridge that moves, punch two holes into the top of the drawbridge and two holes into the box. Then weave some yarn through the holes, knot the ends, pull and there you have it – a real moving drawbridge!

An opportunity for learning

Building a castle helps to provide a lot of opportunities for learning. You can teach your kids the different castle terms. You could tell them stories of some of the greatest kings that ruled the world. You could turn on a historical documentary in the background. Make learning history more fun for everyone through this craft activity.

We hope this craft activity helps your kids to not just learn something new, but also to have a lot of fun!


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