Game Schooling5 min read

Parenting Nov 7, 2021



Game Schooling5 min read

How to add more games to the homeschool routine?


Building a homeschooling schedule must be fun and exciting as a part of your journey of discovery. Isn’t it? Keeping that crucial fact in mind we have introduced this guide for you all to make your way even easier.

All of the learning that we incorporate must be approached in this way, but it’s a bitter fact that such a concept is rarely ever found in schools these days.

You might have heard of homeschooling at least once in your life. It isn’t just all about homeschooling at home itself. But there’s a lot more than this.

As a parent or a guardian, you are the one who’s completely in charge of how your kids must learn. Just keep in mind that the sky is literally the limit. And therefore, to make your own choices less complicated and more than innovative, do keep a check on this article! Here we have enlisted a number of concepts to make homeschooling fun.

Then how about merging the concept of homeschooling with gaming? Isn’t it amazing!

Who should consider Game schooling?

  • Wondering whether you should enroll your kid in a game schooling plan or not? Worry not! Just keep reading and you’ll definitely get your solution!
  • If your students need practice with “soft skills”.
  • If you live in a family where everybody wishes to increase their family bonding time.
  • If you are a person who is aware of the benefits of game schooling and know how positively it can impact your child’s well-being.
  • If your kid loves to play games. Here in this article, we have tried to cover so many types and subjects that they can find at least one they like, or tolerate anyhow.

Some practical ways to adopt homeschooling

Here you’ll see some of the practical ways to invest game schooling in your homeschool schedule.

  • Teach your kid just a simple trick. Suppose he learns a new concept with his homeschool math curriculum and after that, he works through his lesson. Later, you can plan a yummy treat for your little one and play a math game that uses the new math concept that he’s studying.
  • In this practical situation, if your kid is practicing his reading lesson with you or his teacher then after the lessons are completed, you can play a sight words memory game to help him master these words. We are very much sure that he will love these activities!
  • You can learn by having fun with several space-themed games. Before you start an activity, it is suggested to play a game. After this, you can talk about some of the things that you’ll learn throughout the activity. We suggest you to play one of these games once or twice a week.

Some other tips to follow

If you ask us about the rules for Game schooling for your kids, there is a simple answer to your question. And the answer is that there are no rules!

With this approach, there is no one way to Game school, but you’ll learn a lot from such games for your kids.

Your kids can let off some steam and do their favorite thing if you plan to pull out a game. Especially when coping with time in distance learning is too much. Just have a look at these simple and fun loving gaming options that you can choose for your kids.

  • Take out your board games or card games to use straightforward educational games
  • Switch to homemade learning games
  • Make sure to include simple fun board games as part of the homeschool routine.
  • Just concentrate on reading or following verbal directions
  • Teach your child to take turns
  • Comprehend the concept of playing and learning
  • Teach them to be able to both win and lose with grace
  • Make sure to include both educational as well as character building in this process.

Now you’ll ask why we are emphasizing more on the concept of gaming and not homeschooling. Then the simple explanation to this is that games help to introduce and hone early literacy, critical thinking, cooperation skills, verbal communication, problem-solving skills and whatnot!

What are the benefits of Game schooling for kids?

There are endless benefits to list down. We literally have a range of various benefits.

To mention some of them-

  1. There is math and reading, and other core subjects. Apart from that, there are also many other games that teach what we call “soft skills” in general.
  2. Soft skills basically include things like memory, visual discrimination, motor skills. To get in touch with other benefits, just keep calm and stay in touch with us!
  3. With the help of game schooling, you can also teach subjects that you aren’t sure how to teach. Name the subject and we have the linked games for it! Music Theory? Chemistry? Art? There are endless games for them! So don’t worry.
  4. Apart from the mentioned skills, game schooling also helps with other social skills and many of which are growth mindset-based. For your reference, we have mentioned some of the factors along-
  • Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration (this would help to know more about games that allow teams or groups)
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Resilience


  • No matter whether you’re a beginner to the concept of homeschooling or a veteran homeschooler, you’ll find new trends and curriculums popping up all the time. Therefore, we can conclude that it can feel almost impossible to keep up with everything!
  • But with this guide, we hope that the tricks and suggestions might have inspired you to try these ideas out little by little or maybe even use them to adapt your entire homeschool routine.
  • Just remember that it isn’t possible to gather all the success at once, it will certainly take time.
  • But the amount of laughter and joy that will be produced as part of the homeschooling process will be fun and make all of the effort worthwhile. It isn’t just a journey meant for your children, it is a learning process for parents too. Many things will work and others will not be embraced at all, no matter how well you plan them.
  • Therefore, it’s important to focus on the positive part and wait for your kids to manage their lives as well as their journey.

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