How to engage your child to learn new things while having fun?7 min read

Child Development Aug 17, 2021
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How to engage your child to learn new things while having fun?7 min read

Summer vacations are the time when children wish to have fun and enjoy their hearts out. However, their parents have a different plan for them. They want them to utilize this time in doing something productive and add new skills to their skillset. In contrast, children always want to play and enjoy themselves. Do you also have children who always want to play and you are worried about their learning? If yes, then we might be able to help you. The little developing minds of children cannot pack a lot of information at a time. Thus, there is a considerable needed to involve your child in co-curricular activities by which they can both learn and enjoy at the same time. Today we have brought you numerous co-curricular activities for children which will satisfy both you and your little one. These activities will be like a treat to your children, and they might also not even realize that they are learning something.


Delightful Co-curricular Activities for Children

These days, most children are more interested in digital games than traditional studies to learn new things. Therefore, parents should organize brain workout sessions for kids which will not only help them to learn but also brainstorm and extend their creative boundaries. Parents can also opt to take their children to join online summer camps. In online summer camps, children learn many small but essential skills. But in the times like today, the pandemic doesn’t allow them to do so. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have come up with a list of co-curricular activities parents can do with their children and make learning a fun process.

Pipe Cleaner Constellation

Children love watching stars, and when they find some patterns in stars, they become happier. This activity is quite similar to making constellations. This needs use of pipe cleaners and tiny beads of star shape. You can tell your child to draw constellations with the help of stars and pipe cleaners. Later you can name those constellations in our solar system with the help of a marker. In this fun and learn activity, unknowingly, children will learn about the various constellations in our solar system.

Wordcraft Sticks

Craft sticks are readily available in the market. You can get them to do this activity. If not, you can paint any leftover ice cream sticks at your house to form your craft sticks. In this activity, your children will learn so many new words. You can paste the craft sticks one after the other to form a word. After that, tell your child about what rhyming words are and tell them to come up with two rhyming words for the word you made. Once they do, you will realize that your kid has learnt what rhyming means and even spelt two new words. By playing this fun activity, children will learn new words. We are sure that your child is going to love this and learn so many new words.


Learning music is the best co-curricular activity that you can arrange for your child. Music not only helps them to feel better on most days but also helps sooth their mind and have a positive approach towards life. Music gives peace to the mind, and also when children learn the notes of music, they discover a new language. Moreover, playing instruments develop critical analysis skills among children. Some children prefer playing music while others love singing. In both fields, the children can look for their future. Currently, music and musicians have a huge demand in the market. Learning music is a mental exercise; therefore, you can tell your child to join online music class.

Learning Shapes Using a Geoboard

A geoboard is a board on which shapes can be created and erased easily. You can get a geoboard for your child. This will help them in learning about different shapes. It is a tray-like structure that is secured with rubber bands. The kid can use the rubber band to make shapes and simultaneously learn the names of figures. Let the kid explore new shapes using the geoboard.

Sidewalk Chalk Letters

This is another exciting game in which your child’s brain and body work at the same time. By this activity, you can help your toddler to spell different words. Unknowingly they will learn plenty of spellings, and their vocabulary will widen. You can play this game on your rooftop or even in a garden. First, you need to draw a big box with six into six grids. The complete package should have 36 spaces inside it. Now you have to write different letters in a puzzled way. Finally, tell your child to find words from the drawing and make some new words. Your child will be more excited when they know that they can jump on the letter to spell them. You can also create other variations such as:

  • Telling them to jump on the vowels and consonants.
  • Use ABC to spell your child’s name.
  • Use words to spell the names of their family and friends.

These are some of the exciting variations which your child will love to play. Unknowingly they will learn so many new words and their spellings. This activity is among the leading co-curricular activities for kids. You can engage your child in learning with the help of this small activity.

House Treasure Hunt

If you want your child to grow his reading and understanding skills, you can play the house treasure hunt game with them.
Firstly, you need to get something your child loves a lot so that they can be willing to find it. You can use their favourite soft toy or even a bag of chocolates. Hide it someplace inside your house or backyard. Now make a map or a rough sketch of your whole house. Next, give the drawing to your child and let them understand and read it. You can hide small chits in every place so that they can read them and get slight hints to find the treasure.
By this activity, your child will develop understanding and reading skills. Moreover, find the treasure as their favourite thing; they will be the happiest and ask you to play the game again. This co-curricular activity for kids is full of fun. In most of the online summer camps, they organized these small games to entertain children.

Fraction Flowers

If your child finds it difficult to cope up with Maths, this is the game for them. Fraction flower is an exciting game, and is full of fun.
It would be best if you had some coloured paper and markers to do this activity. Right some fractions on a circular piece of paper and then cut them into similar parts. For example, you can cut a circle into eight slices and write 1/8 or 2/8 on some circles. Now let your child guess how many fractions will be required to fill the whole circle. This activity will help your child learn numerous fractions, and when they perform this activity, the concept of fractions will be pretty clear in their minds.
This activity will help your child in understanding the practical approach behind Maths all by themselves.

Musical Kitchen

If you are highly fascinated with music and want your child to learn music, then this activity is the best to perform. Use steel and Aluminium utensils to complete this activity. Fill some of the tumbler half with water and some with no water. Now tell your child to play with these utensil instruments with the help of a spoon or a knife. You will watch your child enjoy this activity. Also, they might develop an interest in playing music. If they acquire some interest in music, you can make them join an online music class.

In essence, when you try playing these games with your children, you will notice that they not only enjoy the fun and learn a few interesting concepts but also spend quality time with you. When you engage your child in these activities, your child will be quick. In our childhood, we always want to play. So this is what we have arranged to learn while playing. This will make your child develop a curious mind, and they will become a fast learner. We hope that we were able to help you and that you carry out these activities with your children and make them learn about so many new things while they play.


Happy Parenting !


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