Free educational resources you might not have heard of5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


Free educational resources you might not have heard of5 min read


We certainly understand the fact that education comes at a high price! The massive amount of school fees and other expenses carried out by the private schools and the amount spent by the government on each school proves that. Wait a minute. Did you make the same discovery? If that’s the case and further if you’re interested in saving your pennies while still nourishing your little one’s mind, then here we have a list of 9free and inexpensive educational resources you might not have heard of.

Here we are with a list of 9 intriguing educational resources that will blow your mind completely!

1. Educents

This platform was recently launched. It is basically a daily deals site that offers discounts of up to 90% off on almost all educational products. Educente was founded by a family of educators and homeschoolers who aim to make education more affordable and feasible for everybody around. Moreover, the staff at Educents offers high-quality, well-chosen deals which are absolutely worth taking. The simple math behind availing of such amazing discounts is that- the more the number of users sign up, the bigger discounts their company is able to negotiate with the customers! Talking about some of the recent deals announced are- Green Kid Crafts, Houghton Mifflin, Reading Kingdom, and many more.

2. Khans Academy

This academy is a free world-class educational platform for anyone anywhere who really wishes to learn and grow as a better being. Currently, they have uploaded more than 4,000 videos on their platform. These videos include topics that are related to math, biology, chemistry, physics, finance, and art history.

Apart from this, they also have an additional category for teaching SAT. Every video included is a digestible chunk and doesn’t last for long in terms of duration. The approximate timespan for every video lasts for about 10 minutes and mind that they are specially designed for viewing on a computer (though you can opt to watch it on your tablets or smartphones as well) What we believe is that as time passes by, more and more inexpensive educational resources will come on their online platform.

And as a result, it will allow you to invest your money wisely and take a vacation with the rest of it!

3. Guest hollow

Before beginning, let us tell you the official website to get access to their official website- One surprising thing is that this great site is run by a homeschool mom itself. She has designed the module where you’ll find a free curriculum for history as well as for science. Believe it or not, but the history curriculum is absolutely amazing. In fact, the human body curriculum will help you to know almost everything about your body. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Scholastic

This resource is one of the most unique educational websites designed especially for young kids. You’ll commonly find this site directly from the publishers of popular educational magazines. Worry not! You can easily find scholastic in schools or public libraries. The scholastic module contains activities organized by grade level K-12. Thereby kids age between 3-15 can find learning activities geared toward them.

5. Cool math

You can call this category “an amusement park of math and more.” Your children can play online math games that will eventually help them to learn more about the real-life application based on addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, borrowing, decimals, money and much more. Cool Math is designed for children who are 13 and plus. In case your kids are below 13, don’t worry! They have an additional column for children who are below 13. The designated website for the same is- If your kid’s age group ranges between ages 3 through 12, then this site is probably for you. The games section also offers “brain training” games for all ages.

6. Exploratorium

We know that it’s quite hard to narrow the list of science websites as there are tons of helpful resources available on the internet. But specifically, San Francisco’s Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts website helps to teach kids about science and art in ways that you can’t even think about! They just don’t stick to hardcopy material, but also let kids tinker with gadgets. They’ll go below the sea, learn how to implement practical knowledge on the field. It also lets them learn about the science of gardening, animals, and living cells if you ask us to name a few.

7. Disney Jr.

If your kids are fond of Mickey and friends (clubhouse) then they will definitely fall in love visiting Disney Jr. Games section. In some other popular sections, you’ll find there are- coloring pages and educational videos for learning. Basically, all the games there focus on memory recognition, hand-eye coordination, color matching ability, and other similar skills that help in developing the minds of the younger generation.

8. Nick Jr.

You’ll find various printables, games and other fun activities for your young kids at (only if your kids don’t mind TV characters) The games which are shown there allow young children to explore their creativity on another level, play dress-up games, learn about the ethical music sense, putting together complex puzzles. Not only this, but they also help kids to work on numbers and shape recognition as well! We recommend you to definitely try this one though.

9. National Geographic

Here this resource will help your child to learn more about the flora and fauna, watch animal behavior, and what nature actually looks like in extreme conditions. Further, they can learn about different countries, try science experiments, and much more on the nat geo ‘kids’ section. The corresponding website for the same is As we mentioned before as well, you’ll also see a “Little Kids” section designed for the younger explorers to explore and learn more about our mother Earth.


The educational resources mentioned above will prove to be extensively helpful for you, as a parent, as well as your kids. Further, if you are starting out your kid’s first homeschooling journey and are looking for some beneficial programs to get your kid enrolled in, instead of buying the “full kit”, you’ll get solutions to all your problems. This can prove to be a bonus for homeschool parents with kids having different learning styles.

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